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Steamcream: An All in One, All-Over Natural Moisturiser


I was busy smearing myself with Steamcream this morning and it occurred to me that I have never mentioned this stuff! Steamcream is a freshly handmade cream which is made using high-quality, natural ingredients which are fused together by steam, hence the name.


The stand out thing about this cream for me is the texture. It’s unbelievably smooth and yet still rich. It can be used on your body and your face. I tend to use it on my hands and body most but when I’m very dry I have smeared some on my face. I just steer clear of my break-out zones.


The tins are a real selling point for me. You know what I’m like for anything limited edition. I also love products that look pretty on your dresser so I don’t have to bung then in a drawer out of sight. I had a tub a few years back and when the cream was finished I washed it out and I now keep my earrings in it. It was too pretty to bin.


I have the Shu tin which has been launched with the Thalia version for Valentines Day. The cream in each pot is exactly the same, they just add new designs.

It costs €16.50 with free delivery from their site. It’s expensive if your just thinking of it as a body moisturser and affordable if you think of it as a face moisturiser. It’s also a good price for a natural product since they tend to be more expensive. It has worked a treat on the dry skin at the back of my arms so I will get ages out of my tub.

Anyone tried it?


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