Stick on Eyeshadow??

Stick on eyeshadow? Wow. Is it just me that’s wondering about eye-shape and incorrect positioning?

Applying eye make-up is my favourite part of my make-up routine so stick on shadow would just take the joy out of it for me.That being said, if I was in an extreme hurry and they provided good pigmentation, long lasting results and accurate placement for my eye shape I might consider giving them a whirl.


The zebra print would be an absolute no no for me. I just wouldn’t!!

I have read a few reviews and they general consensus is that the product is just ok. My main concern is how the product would work on different eye shapes. For example, people with hooded eyes apply shadow to different areas than a person with almond eyes, otherwise their eyes appear smaller and more hooded.

Color On Shadows are $16 for 5 / $50 for 20. I had a look at the site and I don’t think they ship over seas, otherwise I would be all over this in the name of an experiment :)

What are your thoughts?

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  • Anja

    The zebra print ones are just hysterical! Never really tried this type of product though.

  • R M

    you can get them in tkmaxx stupid dey dont stick to the eye very well..

  • Lieenie

    I saw these a couple of years ago in Target in Oz. Don’t remember the brand but they were just a smoky eye effect.
    So no matter what the size of your peepers they just went from dark to light & the box said to blend the shadow with your brush anyway.
    They looked a bit mad.

  • Francesca

    Personally, I think these are ridiculous. Having said that, I would love to try them, just to see how exactly they would work. The first thing I thought of was the fact that everybody’s eye shape is complete different. People with little time in the mornings etc to apply a full face of makeup will revel in these.

  • Laura

    I actually think they sell these in Penneys. It’s probably a different brand but the same idea.

  • Mise

    I don’t know about this particular brand Amy, but I did try Avon stick on eyeshadows a few years ago and they were a complete disaster. As you said no two people are going to have the same eye shape, so there’s just no way they can work.

  • Mandy

    Avon have a version of these and I’ve used them quite a bit….very handy for last minute application or if you just can’t be bothered to fuss over your eyes. I enjoy applying eye make-up to but these are pretty good and are long lasting. The one I’ve used is very like the purple one in the pics there. I think the Avon ones are around €12….

  • RatedAmazing

    The Zebra Print ones are quite hilarious to be honest! I was also wondering about the eye shape and positioning! I would absolutely love to give them a go just for the laugh but I haven’t found any companies that ship overseas either! Love your Blog and YouTube Videos!

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