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Stila Charmed Eyeshadow Palette

I found an absolute bargain! These jewel tone eyeshadows are silky smooth. They are inspired by India and are adorned with Indian bindis. According to the information on the packaging they are infused with 24kt gold which apparently helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines. I don’t know about that!

All colours are wet to dry:

* Intense teal blue with green and gold shimmer
* Mid tone copper with gold shimmer
* Warm gold with gold shimmer
* Deep burgundy with black and red shimmer

The first three are smooth, pigmented, shimmery and easy to work with. However, the burgundy is a different story. It doesn’t seem to have the same formulation as the rest and is a trickier to blend.

All in all this is amazing value for $10 and  the teal shade has captured my heart.

I bought this from Beautycrunch for $10. They don’t ship direct to Ireland at the moment but my next video on buying products in the US and getting them to the UK or Ireland will help :)

Pretty aren’t they!

What do you think of Stila products?

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  • Charlie

    I love Stila’s Eyeshadows they are really pigmented. I keep meaning to do a blogpost on mine but keep getting distracted doing blogs on what I buy.

  • Leah

    I never knew you had a tattoo!!

  • Laura J

    Do you know where they sell Stilla make up in the UK? I live in London and have not seen it around. The pallet looks nice

    • Amy

      @Laura J I think they took it of the European market :( it’s available in the US

  • carlinn

    Those colors are so pretty! :)

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