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Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

I know it’s strange to be talking about tinted moisturiser in the middle of Winter. It is traditionally a Summer product. However, I fancied a break from foundation today.

I bought the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer 6 months ago in a Stila set for $16 from I was mainly interested in the eyeshadows and gloss and never gave the tinted moisturiser a go.

I squeezed out a little on the back of my hand and patted it on freshly cleansed skin. I don’t really like the texture of it, it felt quite greasy on my fingers, like Sun Block.

Two hours after application my skin doesn’t look greasy at all. I don’t really see any trace of a glow or of product for that mattter. I ended up slapping on some MUFE HD Foundation on my chin because the stila product seemed to draw attention to my imperfections.

Now I know it’s a tinted moisturiser and not a foundation but this really had zero coverage. It’s definitely one of those products designed for a glow. It would be a great product for someone with really clear skin. I do like that it has SPF15.

Would I buy it again? Not a chance.

I would love to try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. Have you tried it?

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