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Stocking Fillers from The Body Shop

Tis the time of year to start out Christmas shopping. Here are some stocking fillers from The Body Shop if you fancy a nosy.

For Little Princesses: Born Lippy Fruity Lip Balms €16.50

“Little madams will love the sweet fruity flavors of these glossy lip balms. Presented in a giant lollipop stick, there are five lip balms to choose from: strawberry, raspberry, shimmer satsuma, watermelon and passion berry. Each contains Community Fair Trade beeswax from Northern Cameroon, which helps to condition and moisturise lips. Liptastic!”


For Little Adventurers: Animal Soaps Gift €6.00

“Turn bath time into playtime with this bag of five colorful animal soaps. Little boys and girls will love getting in a lather with the elephant, rhino, bear, whale and turtle. It’s all good, clean fun! “


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  • Susan

    Any suggestions where I can buy the body shop lip balm lollipop. Cant find it in store or on line. Thank You

  • Jac

    I have been buying those lip balms for years, they’re amazing!

  • pharmacy tech

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

    • Amy

      Ah thank you so much!

  • Beautyjunky86

    never mind the kids, I want a giant lip balm lolly ^_^

    • Amy

      Haha my thoughts exactly!

  • Esther

    I have the little animal soaps from last year still but I can’t bear to use them because they smell so good and they are too cute!

    • Amy

      I’d be the same! I had to bear a few years ago and kept it on the side of my bath instead of using it haha

  • Lieenie

    I love the animal soaps! They may be bought for My little friends!
    Apparently two year olds hate baths. They might just do the trick to get them in the bath… now just getting them to stay in there….

    • Amy

      Lol Bathroom catastrophes are a toddlers prerogative!

  • Ciara

    I love the way both are for “little” people, yet I still want them!!! :P

    • Amy

      I agree, the reference actually made them appeal to me more haha

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