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Style: Mixing Patterns for a Quirky Look

If  you’re like me and you freak out at the thought of wearing two patterns together this might be useful to you. Generally I wear a neutral item of clothing with a print rather than two prints, the later scares the bejeepers out of me. But this is so boring for me.

Since it’s Spring and I’m a huge fan of colour (there is only one black item in my closet) I decided to experiment with mixing patterns since I enjoy a quirkier style.

I started a little bit of research and then I came across this tip which will totally help me get dressed this season!

  • Neutrals like black, tan, gray, brown etc can be combined together in any shade.
  • Neutrals can be mixed with any color or pattern
  • A neutral item with a gentle print, like pinstripe, can be treated in the same way a plain neutral can
  • Patterns can be mixed together if the same colors are present within the color palette and once the prints don’t match (a tad too Grannyish)

I don’t like rules but I like to incorporate tips like these into my own style. Mixing prints isn’t everyones cup of tea but it is fun! The picture above is what I came up with, mixing tops with skirts.

Fun! I will post some pictures of what I come up with from my own closet.

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