Summer Lush goodies…

The postman brought me some Lush goodies this morning. I love when I tear back the envelope and the scent washes out. Inside there were two things:

1. Keep It Fluffy bath ballistic (€3.50)

Smells floral like the dear departed B Never too Busy to be Beautiful; Vanilla, rose and jasmine. I usually find the scent of bath ballistics get up my nose and make me sneeze all day but this one is softly scented. There’s nothing worse (in bath terms) than an over-scented bath product so I’m looking forward to trying this one.

2. Grass Shower Gel (€6.50)

I love the smell of freshly cut grass but when I saw the name of this one I assumed it would smell synthetic. Not so. It clearly has to be a synthetic fragrance but it doesn’t smell overly artificial. It’s quite uplifting. It contains Wheatgrass Juice, Neroli and Bergamot oils but also Methylparaben and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

I’ll keep you posted on these. Have you tried either of them?

What Lush products have you tried lately?

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  • Bianca

    Oh, I’m a bit annoyed with Lush now. I tried their skin care and it broke me out really badly, like deep sitting, hurting acne!! I tried Paradise Regained and Vanishing Cream and the Tea Tree Toner….oh and their Enchanted Eye Cream. The eye cream didn’t do anything for me.
    I have their Trichomania shampoo bar and it smells very nice of coconut and leaves hair shiney. It’s my best Lush find so far. I’m not sure though if it’d try much Lush again. Many of their things are very fragranced which is not good news for sensitive skin. Looking at the ingredients, they are actually not as “natural” as they claim. I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. I really wanted to like them because there’s such a hype about Lush on yt.

  • Elisa

    I love the Mange Too massage bar. I need to deep moisturize my legs after shaving because they get all itchy and sensitive and this does the job extremely well. It also smells gorgeous, very similar to Honey I Washed The Kids, but better! I think it’s the biggest massage bar.

  • Kerry

    Mm, sounds nice :) I love the Comforter bubble bar, it’s a gorgeous summer scent!

  • Ulrike

    I just placed an order at lush and ordered my second pot of ultrabland cleanser. I love this stuff. It removes all my make up so easily and gentle and you only need the tiniest amount. The last pot lasted for 6 months, so it’s even very good value for money.
    Other products that I love and used a lot lately are the sweet lips scrub and the joy of jelly showerjelly. Love!

  • Elle

    I love Lush stuff, but have yet to try either of these two yet. My absolute favourite item from them is Flying Fox Shower Gel, I have probably gone through 4 or 5 bottles over time. Therapy massage bar is also fabulous.

  • Andi

    I have never tried any Lush products. In all honesty, since I have been moving more and more towards organic- my body is having allergic reactions to many of the chemicals found in these sorts of products.
    I have also become ultra sensitive to scent. Currently, I can only wear perfume on the back of my neck- odd?

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