Summer Lush goodies…

The postman brought me some Lush goodies this morning. I love when I tear back the envelope and the scent washes out. Inside there were two things:

1. Keep It Fluffy bath ballistic (€3.50)

Smells floral like the dear departed B Never too Busy to be Beautiful; Vanilla, rose and jasmine. I usually find the scent of bath ballistics get up my nose and make me sneeze all day but this one is softly scented. There’s nothing worse (in bath terms) than an over-scented bath product so I’m looking forward to trying this one.

2. Grass Shower Gel (€6.50)

I love the smell of freshly cut grass but when I saw the name of this one I assumed it would smell synthetic. Not so. It clearly has to be a synthetic fragrance but it doesn’t smell overly artificial. It’s quite uplifting. It contains Wheatgrass Juice, Neroli and Bergamot oils but also Methylparaben and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

I’ll keep you posted on these. Have you tried either of them?

What Lush products have you tried lately?

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