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Sunday’s face, outfit, nails…

So it’s Sunday. I have no plans, as of yet. I tore myself away from my latest True Blood book to get dressed and slap on a wee bit of well, slap. I kept it very simple today.  If I do go anywhere it will only be to the cinema. I also have some videos to record this afternoon.

The face:


The film ‘The Core’ is on in the background. I love that film. I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek. I’m wearing Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab, MAC Florabundance Lip Glass, Benefit Coralista on my cheeks, Emani on my eyelid, MAC Sable under my eye, The Body Shop eye liner in Carbon and The Body Shop Curvy Mascara.

And the outfit…


Shoes and tights are from Topshop, belt is from Zara, dress is from Penneys (€15 bargain!) Hairband is from Claires.You can see my decorated bedroom in the background. It turned out quite well. It needs  a few finishing touched though. I’m annoyed that I need tights today but it’s lashing rain.

And nails…


Catrice Nail Polish in Sophisticated (€1.49)

What are you wearing today? Have you any plans for your day of rest?

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  • Laurie

    Hi Amy!
    I love your dress, and the price tag, of course! Your room looks lovely, can you please do a room tour on youtube of it ? I’m lounging at home today wearing a navy hoodie and grey tracksuit ends,(So Glam!) no make up today, I’v decided to let my skin breath a bit, I’v got a mug of tea and I’v rented “did you hear about the morgans?” on DVD, Relaxing is good for you, outside and inside!. (If your wondering who came up with that theory, it was me) I send hugs!!x x x x

  • http://fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle.blogspot.com Liesl Ehardt

    Adorable outfit, Amy!

    Liesl :)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Liesl Ehardt Thanks Liesl :)

  • Laura J

    Its nice and sunny were I live so I am wearing I pink floral dress from dorothy perkins, a white cardigan from primark and heels from faith. My make up today is Revlon colourstay foundation, Nars orgram blush, Nars laguna bronzer, too faced eyeshadow duo in boy toy and Mac lipstick in hot gossip.

    Your room looks so great in the background please do a blog post showing us your new room

  • Kerry

    I’m wearing some leggings and a grey denim skirt, a hot pink studded tank top and some black flats ;D I just chilled out, listened to music and watched YouTube videos, then went to the cinema with my Mummy to see Dear John! I loved it, great film :) x

  • UnPetiteAmie

    Love the dress! I can never find anything in penneys then i always see people wearing lovely stuff, grrr :P

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @UnPetiteAmie It’s a bit hit and miss alright. I usually pick dresses that people think are boring then I add a belt and stuff

  • http://cupcakeswithcherries.blogspot.com Daisy

    I adore that dress! So simple but so gorgeous. Really like the nail polish too.

    I am recovering after a busy weekend with old Uni friends- am watching YouTube videos and may even have a (very late) nap! x

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Daisy I love it, sounds like a great day! I may watch some YT videos too x

  • http://thebeautyjungle-ellie.blogspot.com/ Ellie

    Your outfit is cute! :)
    I am wearing skinny jeans from Topshop, a pink and grey bows cropped cardigan from New Look and my lovely Miu Miu flip-flops :) xx

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Ellie Cardi sounds gorgeous! Jealous of your miu miu’s! x

  • http://vaguelyinvogue.blogspot.com/ Ms. Wedgie

    I love that dress, it’s so pretty! You’ve made a much bigger effort than me…i’ve got my scruffy Sunday jeans on!

    I’m watching The Core as well!! Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’m gonna watch Fifth Element later! :) YAY


    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Ms. Wedgie The 5th element? I’m in! We’re such nerds, I love it! haha Enjoy x

  • http://agatasgateau.blogspot.com/ Agata

    i love your dress + nail polish! :o <3

    im wearing a tube skirt and a shoulder embellished top but i refuse to move anywhere today.


    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Agata Oh to be able to wear a tube skirt :) We are so cute – dresses and skirts and we’re going nowhere haha x

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy, Aoife again:) i love your dress! did you get it in Pennys recentlly? will i be able to get it? thanks x

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Aoife I got it about 2 weeks ago in Penneys in Pavillions. I’d say you’ll get it, don’t think it was popular haha x

  • Brandi Stagg

    Today is finally a beautiful day here, so it is bathing suit by the pool day. Neutragena healthy skin makeup and naturally curly hair. Sorry your having bad weather, but the outfit rocks!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Brandi Stagg I am unbelievably jealous!!! haha

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