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Switching to Brighter Nail Polish – Eyeko Coral Polish

It may still be freezing out but the sun has been shining. On cold days I love a bit of colour injection. Today I opted for a bright coral.

Eyeko Coral Polish is creamy and easy to apply. It may be a bit extreme for some and I really have to be in top form to pull it off. It will look beautiful on holiday and during the Summer.

Here’s some swatches if you would like a look. The photos were taken in natural day light.

I feel cheerier already! Excuse the messy application – I’m a disgrace :)

What do you think of bright nails?

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  • Lyndsey

    I LOVE this colour!
    My nails today are looking beautiful in Revlon Tropical Temptation.
    I am now a total convert to bright nails in winter, as I think it cheers up a cold and miserable day.

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