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Monday’s Most Wanted: Ted Baker Laptop Case

My lovely Mammy bought me a gorgeous purse from Ted Baker for Christmas (pic below). I absolutely love it! This morning I stumbled upon the matching laptop case… Uh Oh!

Said gorgeous purse…

And now the matching lap top case…


You can get the purse here – Link! (£95)

And the case here – Link! (£49)

You can see why I need both right? :) At least the case is far cheaper than the purse. Hmm… How often do I lug my dear mac book around though?! At most I bring it my mum’s house and I also have it out when travelling. Think that just about justifies a splurge.

On another note, I always wondered what my Mother’s fascination was with luggage. She once asked for a suitcase for Christmas and I thought she had gone mad. To me that was the same as asking for a nice hoover. Lately though I have found myself lusting after some nice luggage pieces, what has become of me?!

Shall I?

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This week I would love…

This week I would love…

Topshop The Mimi Bag by Marc B (£42)

I love the champagne of this bag. I’m a huge fan of the shape too. I don’t have a similar bag so I feel I can justify the purchase. It’s also great value. I found it on Topshop’s website (hence the lack of euro pricing). Sometimes when I find something lovely online, I am disappointed when I see the item in the flesh. In my experience this is is usually down to finish or the materials used. I hope I’m right about this one.


Estée Lauder Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector

The illuminating component of this cream doesn’t really appeal to me – I have too many illuminating products. What stands out about this product is that it apparently helps prevent discolourations while helping fade the look of existing discolourations. This sounds great to me. It could very well be too good to be true but we’ll see. If you have tried products like this before let me know what your thoughts are.

French Connection Rusty Trilby (€37)

I came across this gorgeous trilby on asos’s website. I love.

Saying that I would love these goodies unfortunately doesn’t mean I will indulge. I try very hard to control myself :) Generally, if I find myself thinking about a product or item repeatedly I tend to cave and pick it up. That way I avoid impulse buying and spend my money on things I really want.

What have you your eye on this week?

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Some accessory shopping…

I’m accessory mad! At the moment I’m obsessed with bracelets. I’ve taken a break from anything that jangles when I move – I only end up removing them anyway.

Here are a few little items I have picked up…

I bought the first set in Penneys/Primark for €3. I bought a second set as I love the colours. They looks amazing with a tan. They also bling a little and I am partial to a bit of blingin’!

The next one, I love! I found this in Jane Norman, not a shop I frequent but I was bored. It was reduced to €3. They also had them in pink.

The third set came from Penneys too for €3. I love the colours and I like that they won’t jingle :)

The final set are from Dorothy Perkins. Again, not a shop I frequent, but I was glad I did when I found this bracelet set reduced to €2.50 from some ridiculous price. I have been wearing these a lot – they go with everything! And despite the charms, there’s no jingling :)

I’ve also been wearing this set separately – so pretty!

And lastly, a cheapy fun ring from Penneys for €3. I had on a grey nail polish and when I tried this one it looked very pretty.

I enjoyed sharing those, makes me appreciate them more :)

Have you any accessory addictions?

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Who needs Ray-Ban’s when we’ve got Forever 21

I’m not a label snob in the slightest. Don’t get me wrong, I love quality products and I like a bit of luxury on occasion but I wouldn’t buy a designer piece that had a label on show for the world to see. I find that tacky for some reason.

That being said I have had my eye on a pair of Ray-Ban aviator glasses for a while.

They cost €170 on Debenhams website and I saw them on sale in the US for $139 (which is €100!) – why do we have to pay €70 more for them huh?


Anyways, like many of you, €170 for a pair of sunglasses is not an option for me right now. I just couldn’t justify it – pay my electricity bill or buy the sunglasses sort of a scenario.

I felt a little better however when I found this pair at Forever 21 in Chicago (I saw them in Forever 21 Dublin too).

This pair cost me about $3. Granted they need a bit of a polish but they look great on – just as good as the gold Ray-Ban aviators.

Considering I don’t like designer labels on show these might just suit me better. They most definitely suited my wallet better and at least we’ll have electricity :)

Best of all – if I sit on them, I won’t cry!

Do you spend money on quality sunglasses or are you a cheap-and-cheerful sunglasses sort of a girl?

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Video – DIY Jewellery Organiser, Storage ideas & Collection

Thanks for requesting this video! I recorded it quite a while ago and didn’t get around to uploading. I left more instructions on how to make the  accessory holder below.

What  you need to make accessories storage thingy:

  • sheet of MDF – really cheap from local diy store
  • Cheap mirror or mirror frame (I got mine in a diy place) You could leave out the frame if you like
  • Cans of Spray colour if you want to change the colour of the MDF
  • Electric drill – borrowed :) I measured with a ruler and marked with a pencil before drilling the holes evenly spaced. I made sure the distance between holes matched the space between the metal prongs on the hooks.
  • Pop in your display hooks (got mine on ebay)

Thanks for watching!

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New summer accesories

I love accessories. They are my weakness. I can’t go anywhere without picking up something I don’t need. Here are a few bargains I found this week…

P1020924I picked these up in Superdrug for €1. I wore them in my Products I’m loving:May video. A wee but tacky? Yes, but pretty on!

P1020926These headbands come in sets of two in Penneys. As far as I can remember they were €1.50. I love headbands at the moment.

P1020962I need to wear hats in the sun otherwise my scalp gets burned, sunstroke is not a good look! This hat came form the mens section in Penney’s. It was only a couple of euro. I’m a bit annoyed that I paid €40 for a similar hat in Zara. Ah well, now I have two!

Have a great day everyone!

Le grá,




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Outfit of the day… Sunny day in Dublin

It’s a sunny day in Dublin (this almost never happens) so I settles on a skirt today…

1. Accessorize 2. Zara 3.Zara 4. Penneys 5. Zara 6.Penneys

I picked up this skirt in Zara the other day. It was about €25 as far as a I can remember. The belt comes with it. I find it very hard to find a skirt that’s the right length for me. I’m small so most knee length skirts come half way down my shin, not a good look. This skirt may be more of a mini on someone taller. Ah, to be taller…

Both bracelets are from Penneys (Primark). I like Penneys for accessories, I have it on good authority that they have the same stockist as some big high street players.

I love this flats, they go with everything. My only regret is not buying a second pair. I will wear these until they fall apart!

What are you wearing today?

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Outfit of the Day (3)

I am crazy about ditzy floral print. I am so happy that it’s in style but to be honest I’d be wearing them regardless. I like throwing on a waistcoat to give more shape to my clothes. I am a UK size 8 but I am petite so I can look dumpy very easily. My biggest problem is trying not to get lost in clothes. I haven’t really figured this out yet. I think I’ll ask Anna. As you can see I am wearing practically no make-up, mousse shadow and mascara.

These are my best buy this year (so far). They are made from the softest leather and they go with everything.

Those of you who watch my haul videos will have seen this bag. This was a bit of a staple purchase. Although I’m a handbag junkie I didn’t own a very neutral one. I usually love unusual bags and this one is quite boring. For some weird reason I like it.

I have layered a plain Abercrombie vest top under my shirt because it’s friggin freezing! I adore this bangle. I picked it up in a crafts fair in Spain.

1.Forever 21 2. Bershka 3. River Island 4.Mango 5 Top Shop petite Baxter skinnies 6. River Island

This ring is a little big but I find myself wearing it regardless.

My waistcoat is from Bershka. I love the pink charm in the button loop. I’m all about the pretty details hee hee

What are you wearing today?