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Amazing Hair, Nails & Skin

IMG_8555The benefits that omega 3 and 6 has on your skin, hair and nails are well known. I thought I would share two products I have been using simultaneously, one that I take in capsule form and the other I smear all over myself : )


I have been using Mama Mio Omega Body Oil which is said to be superfood for your skin. I read somewhere ‘say goodbye to lizard skin’ and was sold. The skin on my legs is so dry at the moment. I also have post-pregnancy skin recovery going on so moisturising is very important. I should point out that you obviously don’t need to be pregnant to use this, just have crispy skin like myself : ) omega-body-oil_29Nov11_rgb__89055_zoom This oil slides on your skin so it’s much quicker to apply that a cream. The best bit about it for me is that it is a dry oil, I hate feeling sticky. It’s smells of sweet almond and jojoba, which is really just soft and natural if you have no idea what I’m talking about. It is recommended that you use it once a day on damp skin after your shower. I pay extra attention to my tummy since my skin is in the process of firming up there. I also make sure to apply it to my bum, hip and thighs for the lovely stretchmarks. It’s available from Debenhams, pharmacies and online and costs €27.


I have always taken an Omega supplement, even as a child. Over the years I’ve learned that the quality of the oil is of vital importance. Now I’m a firm believer in buying within your means so I have tried all different kinds of oils over the years. When I was expecting I raved about Mor EPA, it ended the dreaded ‘pregnancy brain’. I have since switched to Udo’s Choice (which is also suitable for pregnancy). P070026_L Omega 3 and 6 help combat  wrinkles, acne and inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, cracked heels, dandruff, and even balances oily skin.For me it’s all about strong glossy hair, strong nails that don’t split and flake and radiant skin. When I forget to take my supplement for a week or so I notice a change in my all three, get grumpy and go pick up some more. Udo’s have a 6 Week Glow Challenge on their website, where you can log your results and get €4 off your next bottle. I will be doing just that. It’s available in oil and capsule form. The oil can be drizzled over salads of added to soups and smoothies. I tried this before with Viridian Beauty Oil (€13.45), which I also love. It’s a balance of 3:6:9 fatty acids and helps plump the skin amongst all of the other benefits for skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. 500 Ultimate Beauty Oil 200ml I have only tried the Udo’s choice capsules not the oil but it sounds just as good. The capsules are oils start at €14.99 which is a pretty good price for good quality supplements. Does anyone supplement? 

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Pukka Ayurveda Nourishing Facial Oil Review


My skin type is always changing. It used to be combination oily, then sensitive and dry. Recently it has normalised but I still have a tendency to dryness and the odd spot here and there. I’m starting to be concerned about ageing so have been dabbling in different types of products that will hopefully help with dryness and protect my skin from ageing. For the Continue Reading

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Best Product Ever! Olay 3 Point Serum Review

Ok, stating that something is the best product ever is a tall order. I thought I better qualify.

First of all, here is the beaut in question…

Olay 3 Point Serum is the best product for me for the following reasons:

1. It cleared all of my spots. Yes, all. This is a happy side affect of this product. I know this is an anti-ageing product but this is not why I use it at all.

2. It makes my pores look normal, rather than irregular and swollen. It also reduces blackheads

3. It calms my red areas.

4. It doesn’t dry my skin out

5. It firms my skin and leaves it feeling taught.

4. It’s amazing when used in conjunction with Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cream Wash. I highly recommend using these together.

5. It’s cheap – at least when you buy it on ebay, like I do. (The seller I used – Link!) I also bought a little set to try it out which contained a full cleanser (which is amazing – review to follow) and a few other samples (from this seller here Link!)It was a good way to try out 5 Olay products, two of which are firm favourites.


As I mentioned on Facebook, I ran out of my sample bottle last week and ordered some more on ebay. In the meantime my skin started to misbehave. The new serum arrived yesterday and my skin already looks less spotty today.

My skin issues are…

  • Spots
  • Clogged pores
  • Enlarged pores – irregular shape
  • Early signs of ageing (Doubt it matters if you have this issue or not)
  • Combination skin

If you have similar issues I highly recommend you give this a whirl! Like all skin care it’s not for everyone but I am delighted with the results.


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Eye Cream Review – Lancome Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift (new)

I have been using Lancome Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift for 4 weeks now and I’m a happy lady.

What is it?

Essentially it’s an eye cream and concealer duo. It claims to provide a firmer eye contour, minimise crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, diminished dark circles, reduced under eye puffiness and make the eye area more luminous.


I always enjoy the application of this product. I apply the cream morning and night and the concealer part morning only. I pat the cream under my eye focusing on the areas where I suspect crows feet might form in a few years (fingers crossed for a few years and not sooner!)

I have noticed a difference in the fine lines under my eye. They were very minor but aren’t really visible at all now.

The concealer part

The concealing layer is my favourite.I pat it on under my eye, on my inner eye and on the lid after morning application of the cream. Instantly, I look rested and awake. I like this so much that I could see myself getting a little addicted to it. I like that before I even apply any make-up I look rested.

It doesn’t settle into fine lines and there is no need to set it like make-up. It counteracts under eye discoloration and hides any veins and reduced puffiness. I haven’t used any under eye concealer since I started using it.

Scent, packaging and price…

Scent wise, I would say this product smells typically Lancome. If you’re familiar with the brand you’ll know the scent I mean, it’s hard to describe.

I really like the packaging. It has a little mirror in the top which helps whilst applying the concealing layer. The main cream is housed in a separate jar under the concealer layer.

Price? Friggin’ expensive! But worth it in my opinion. It suits my needs perfectly. When the jar in finished I suspect I will miss this, I sense a re-purchase on the cards.

My final thoughts

I like this product for prevention and first signs of ageing. As for whether it would work on more mature skin, I’m afraid I can’t be of help there as I’m in my twenties. Maybe I’ll pass it on to my mum for a few weeks and see how she gets on with it. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m a fan.

What eye cream do you use, if any?

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Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum

I got my greedy little hands on Origins Mushroom Relief Advanced Face Serum. I was excited since this is a product for relief of redness, sensitivity and reactivity – three words I associate with my skin.

Apparently it’s a clinically proven formula so I have high hopes for this one. Two positive observations on first glance is that it has a dark glass bottle which prevents light affecting the ingredients – no plastic contamination either. Also, it has a pump which means no oxygen reaches the product to affect active ingredients.

It contains a blend of Chaga, Cordyceps Mushrooms ans Sea Bukcthorn (I can see you nodding in understanding, just like me). It’s also made without parabens, phythalates, mineral oil, Paraffin, Patroleum etc. Basically no bad stuff.

According to the instructions I must apply the serum to a clean face morning and evening. Doesn’t sound like too much work so far.

There is no leaflet so I’m going to have to pay their website a visit for more information. I’m not entirely sure I should continue using other skin care products at the same time.

This bottle contains 50ml / 1.7 oz but also comes in a smaller 30ml bottle. The 50ml costs £50 and the 30ml £41. It is expensive but hopefully it’s worth the dosh. I’ll get back to you on that one.

On the label it states that Dr Weil donates all his after tax profits to the Weil Foundation. Nice.

Have you tried any Origins products?

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Egg white & cucumber mask for dry or ageing skin

Make your own skincare time. I tried this one myself yesterday.

This mask is great for dry, combination, ageing or damaged skin. It tones, cleanses, reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin – all from ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

You also get the added benefit of knowing exactly what you are putting onto your skin.

All you need:

  • 1 large egg white
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons of grated fresh  cucumber
  • Witchhazel
  • Still bottle water

Beat the egg until it forms still peaks. I’m a weed to I use the electric mixer. Fold in the orange juice and cucumber, stir gently.

Smear the mixture onto your skin and leave for 20 minutes. I wiped mine off with cotton wool pads and bottled water. I like to finish diy masks by applying a little witchazel to the skin as a toner.

It keeps for 1 day in the fridge so I tend to apply the mask twice or share with my mum :)