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Sale Shopping

Christmas sales are in full swing. This means that I have been on the hunt for the ‘good sales’. The ones that don’t take old stock from a decade ago, put it on the rack and expect us to pay €10 for it, I don’t think so! In a good sale I expect to see this seasons stock on sale, not random bikini tops (without bottoms) from 1999…Ms Selfridge, take note!

With that in mind here’s a little guide to the Christmas sales

  • Boots have halved the price of all their Christmas gifts.
  • Debenhams sale is worth a look, good bargains. If you don’t fancy queuing check out their website.
  • McCabes pharmacy is selling off their perfume gift sets at a reduced price
  • A-Wear seem to have a good sale on at the moment, at least it doesn’t appear that they have dragged out old stock from 1992!
  • H & M have quite a number of sale racks. Granted they seem to be summer stock, but I did pick up a pretty lemon blouse and a nice scarf.
  • I always enjoy the Next sale. They discount a lot of their stock. I got quite a few nice staple pieces last year. (Although I haven’t heard great things about their sale this year)
  • are having a 50% sale at the moment. I’m off to have a look in a few minutes, can’t wait!
  • I have been informed that Jane Norman have 50% their sale stock
  • River Island have some good offers on at the moment, but the nice stuff is going fast!

I know where I’m heading :)

Did you find any good bargains in the sales?

Fashion & Accessories

Fashion Finds

Hi everyone,

After my nice break I’m back to blogging regularly!

I’m having difficulty getting my holiday photos from my camera, lost the cable! Uh Oh! So I decided to blog about some items that I am hoping to add to my wardrobe this week.


I ordered both of these, one in navy one in grey. I know,I know, self control is the order of the day. I’ll probably send the one I like least back. They look like they fit well. They cost £40 each.



I saw a girl in a shopping centre wearing these and I had to ask her where she got them, they looked amazing sexy on. They’re from Aldo. Will start the search tomorrow.

From I love these dresses, it’s so dainty!


So these are the items I will be hunting this week. When I started typing this entry I was only thinking about the blazers, by the end I bought 2! What is wrong with me?! :)

Amy x