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Find #2

I was in the queue in my local supermarket when from across the isle a selection of Barry M product attached to a magazine caught my eye. I’m such a magpie. I quickly added the magazine to my shopping basket as I was called to the till, without even checking the magazine’s title. Like it was even relevant to me.

When I got home I realised that the magazine was Shout, a teen magazine. The mag was hastily shoved aside while I ripped open the Barry M freebies that came with it. There were four items – a nail polish, a body shimmer, a gloss and an eye/lip pencil.






I assumed the magazine would cost a couple of euro when I flung it in the basket but upon inspection of my receipt I realised that it in fact cost €7.50. Oops. I’m also not sure if the magazine is still available as I bought it last week.

I really like the gloss and it will definitely be used but I’m not mad about the pencil. I used the highlighter a few times this week too, it has a soft sheen rather than gllitter.  I have yet to try the nail polish but I think these products are special editions for the magazine rather than items in their main line.

Magazines are a great way to try out products you were hesitant to spend your money on. Last year I got quite a few great freebies with magazines – L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream (which I didn’t like), Benefit Bad Gal, Benefit eye pencils, Barry M Kohl, Neals Yard Goji Berri Face Cream (brilliant stuff) and so much more. Magazine freebies aren’t offered in the US so we’re lucky over here. That being said, we probably pay much more.

Have you come across any magazine freebies that you have fallen in love with?

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Weird but Wonderful: Barry M 129 Lip Paint

I blogged about the phenomenon that is the lavender lip look. I was unsure about the trend at the time and was in fact too chicken to try it.

Not anymore!

Today I bought Barry M Lip Paint in 129 whilst in Boots picking up my multi-vitamin. It is lavender! Who’s a brave girl then?!

Barry m lip paint lavender 129

It’s basically a milky lavender shade. I have picked it up many a time only to put it back on the shelf with the same thought – surely it will make me look like a corpse! It was only €6.50 which is great value for the quality of Barry M lip products.

barry m swatch 129 lavenderYou’ll notice that when swatched there is a clear pink base to this lipstick. I think this is what makes the lavender more wearable. I applied it for a quick photo to give you an idea of what it looks like on. I have no make-up other than concealer and mascara on, so be prepared…

Barry M 129 Lip PaintI would point out that this is a very light layer of 129. When I applied it on thickly it went on a little like 101 (marshmallow). It looked opaque and scary as hell. This is definitely one of those ‘a little goes a long way’ products. I applied a clear gloss over the top (Bourjois 3D) too.

Barry M 129 Lip PaintThis lipstick is often compared to MAC’s discontinued Lavender Whip. I would say it is quite similar all right but I prefer the Barry M version. It’s much easier for me to wear.

I am now pondering Revlon’s Lavender gloss. Ok, so maybe not together. I was thinking that it may look fantabulous with Barry M Marshmallow as a base.

This post has made me think about my other neglected Barry M Lip Paints. I think they deserve a blog post. I will get swatching and show you what I have!

What do you think of Barry M lip paints?

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Video: Boots Make-Up Haul

I went in to Boots to pick up a prescription and eyelash tint. I’m afraid I didn’t stop there. I picked up some lovely things from Barry M, Rimmel, Collection 2000 and No 7. Here is the video if you’d like to see what I picked up.

Thanks for watching!

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Make-up on a budget


I am often asked about what make-up to buy if you’re on a tight budget. I get asked this question so often from Irish ladies that I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think there is any one great drugstore brand. I tend to pick and choose from each brand. After much testing (haha) I have decided that each brand has their strengths and weaknesses; for example Natural Collection make great lipsticks but poor eye-shadows.  Revlon is my overall favourite drugstore/pharmacy make-up brand. However, it is more expensive in Ireland (colourstay costs €17! Add a few euro to that and you could buy yourself a high end foundation)

  • Concealer: Essence Trio, Maybelline
  • Nail Polish: Essence, Rimmel
  • Powder: Rimmel Silky Loose Powder
  • Lipgloss: Essence, Bourjois 3D
  • Foundation: Revlon, Boots 17, Rimmel, Max Factor
  • Blush: Collection 2000
  • Mascara: Collection 2000 (purple tube) if you’re after Dior Show but can’t afford it. Maybelline Lash Stilleto is my favourite.
  • Lip Liner: Natural Collection
  • Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel
  • Eye liner: Loreal
  • Highlight: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer
  • Bronzer: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer , Barry M, Rimmel, Natural Collection
  • Eye-shadows: Ok this is the one area I recommending spending a little more. I am happy to buy cheaper brands for most make-up items, but not eyeshadow. The reason for this is that they tend not to be very pigmented or long lasting. I do love Barry M Dazzledusts though.

What are your favourite drugstore items?