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11 inches down – Universal Contour Wrap

I got a pressie of a Universal Contour Body Wrap from my dearest. It couldn’t have come at a better time – I booked myself in for the treatment in my local beauty salon the day before I left for my holiday.

As I’m sure many of you know, the Universal Contour Wrap is designed to help you lose inches for up to one month. The reason I selected this treatment was because of all the water storage issues I had. It involved being wrapped in warm muddy bandages from neck to toe, donning a big body suit to help contain the water loss and sitting back in a comfy chair and watching a movie for an hour. I should point out that this is by no means a luxurious treatment. I did get to select a dvd (I opted for The Queen) while I waited for the mud to do it’s work.

Every inch of me was measured before the treatment started. It took about 15 minutes to apply the bandages and I requested extra focus on my hips and thighs. I then sat for an hour while it worked its magic. When my therapist returned the floor was flooded. The suit couldn’t contain the water.

I found a stock image for the wrap -there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was posting pictures of me wrapped in bandages.

I was then measured again and I was delighted to hear that I had lost 11 inches. Granted it’s just water, but hey, 11 inches is 11 inches. My abs looked defined and most of the water loss came from my tummy and hips with a little reduction in my upper arms (aka the bane of my life). I initially thought that I would have to shower off the remaining mud but the therapist rubbed it into my skin and asked me not to shower for a day or so to allow the mud to continue to work.

I paid €75 for my wrap but it was on special this month. I remember a few years ago this wrap cost in excess of €100. It’s well worth the doe but they recommend a course for the best results – a little outside my budget I’m afraid but the results from one treatment were great. My thighs and tummy looked much slimmer going on holiday. I had the treatment two weeks ago and the results have lasted.

My local beauty salon, Jule Beauty in Malahide, is the best I’ve been to. It feels more like a little spa rather than a beauty salon. They use Yon-Ka, Image and Dermalogica skin care – I’m a fan of all three. The staff are so professional and always make me feel at ease. When it comes to Birthdays and Christmas pressies I usually opt for a voucher. I mentioned before that I went for a pamper afternoon during the Winter. It involved hot chocolate and biscuits between sessions…heaven.

Have you ever had one?

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Beauty Salon treatments – Your thoughts?

I am up bright and early with a spring in my step this Saturday morning. Why am I a crazy woman up at 7am on the weekend?

I’m off for some much needed beautifying this morning. It was booked as a surprise present for me. I am heading off for a massage, facial and manicure. It may surprise you that I’m not a salon regular. I had more facials as a teen than in my adult life – When I was 14 when my mother freaked out about the emergence of  visible pores on my nose. She sent me in to Sherry in the Shelbourne Hotel for some emergency blackhead removal – they were just pores Mam, calm down :)

I’m a fan of home beautifying. I enjoy the buffing, scrubbing and filing. I happily apply my own false tan, whip up some body mask from ingredients in my fridge and smear on homemade goodies as part of a DIY facial. I also occasionally use shop bought products but my point is that it’s always done at home.

But for today I am happy to put my beautifying into the hands of some professionals.

This lead me to wonder about the rest of you. I would be really interested to know what your thoughts on salon /spa treatments are – do you frequent the salon? If so, what for? What am I missing out on?