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Iron Away Puffy Eye Bags with Benefit Puff Off

An iron on the top of an eye gel? Obviously I have to know if it works. When I heard about the iron I first thought gimmick! I assumed it would be plastic and look tacky but actually its like a dainty little monopoly piece. It’s not the iron itself,  its that it stays cold, like applying the back of a cold spoon to your eye puffs. Although the shape of the tip works much better with the shape of your under eye area… Continue Reading


Lust List (June!)

You know how much I love putting Lust Lists together :) This month I have my eye on…

Illamasqua Blush in Katie – This one comes so highly recommended by so many of you that I’m surprised I haven’t picked it up already!


Benefit Sun Beam – a golden bronze complexion Highlighter. This is deemed liquid sunshine in a bottle. Sounds gorgeous! Since I have a nice tan now I can’t help but wonder if this product will add that extra oomph to my complexion. (€26.50 at


Illamasqua Lipstick in Obey – Is there a blogger on the planet who hasn’t raved about this lipstick? I dragged my heels on this matte beauty… mainly because it is a matte. But I don’t think I can resist much longer. Apparently it is very creamy and opaque with very good staying power. Hmm, probably don’t need another lipstick like this, but they make me smile. (€17)


By Terry Touche Expert Advanced Concealer – Cult status at this stage and yet I keep repurchasing YSL Touche Eclat. This is  next – sounds unmissable.

What is on your lust list at the moment? Any thoughts or recommendations on the products I mentioned?

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Benefit High Beam – Really worth it?

I have had Benefit High Beam in my possession on and off for the past seven years. It’s one of those products that I have completely ignored on my blog and in YouTube videos. Why? Because I accept it as part of my permanent collection. It doesn’t make me feel excited yet it works.

I’m a fan of Benefit’s beauty boxes so I have picked up a few mini size versions of High Bream over the years. Other than my very first bottle which was full size, mini’s have kept my going. I thought it was high time I reviewed this product!

I dabbled briefly with Moonbeam, which is warmer on the skin than High Beam. Although it looks lovely on my skin, warm and glowing it didn’t provide the fresh, well-slept look I get with High Beam. That being said, I would use Moonbeam when I have a tan, as High Beam is much pinker.

I apply it with my ring finer to my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose. On occasion I have mixed a little , very little, in with my foundation for some extra ooph. Texture wise, this is a liquid. It is not oily, greasy or creamy. More like a lotion. It would work well on oilier skins which is rare for a liquid highlighter. The finish is sheer, and provides subtle illumination.

As a highlighter this product isn’t earth shattering but it is very good and most of all it is reliable. If you don’t like powder based highlighters this might be a good option for you. High beam is pinker than all of highlighters I have in my collection. It will work well on fair skin but certainly isn’t for everyone. On the right skintone this product looks pretty and luminous. On the wrong skin tone it shows as a silvery, frosty pink.

A con to this products is definitely how it works on fine lines and pores. I find it tends to emphasize them a little, although it doesn’t seep in. For this reason I always apply it to the top of my cheekbones only, avoiding the outer eye area like the plague and also steering clear of the are of skin where my cheek meets my nose.

It is expensive (€26.50 / £18.50) but I can’t imagine you would run out considering the size of the bottle. If you love it then it’s good value for money. I wouldn’t un out and buy it but if you find yourself at the Benefit counter it’s worth asking the mua to apply it for you and see what you think. I’m a big advocate of try before you buy -less chance of buyers remorse.

I’m intrigued by Benefits latest addition to the ‘beam family’ – Sun Beam. This sounds like my cup of tea. Anyone tried it?

What are your thoughts on High Beam?



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Holy Grail Product #3 Video (and Holy Grail 1 & 2)

I received an email from a lovely YouTube subscriber who wanted to know where the rest of my Holy Grail Product Series was. Good question. I got a little side-tracked :) I promised to finish the series. Here is product number three, few more to go after this one. I have listed Holy Grail Product #1 and #2 below also. Hope you enjoy!

Holy Grail Product 3

Holy Grail Product 1

Holy Grail Product 2

I would love to know what your holy grail products are!

Amy x



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Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker Review

I’m a huge Benefit Cosmetics fan. There are very few of their products that I don’t love – Boing Concealer being the only one. And even though it didn’t suit my skin type I had to admit that the coverage was amazing.

Well, I now have another product to add to that list, unfortunately. Some Kind-a Gorgeous…

I bought a Benefit sampler  kit at Sephora in December so that I could try this product but also for the mini Hoola bronzer that came with it.


Shade – Medium

Smell: Not great!

Texture: Smooth, velvety

Finish: Cream to powder formulation. Matte, powder finish.

Packaging: Very cute

Coverage: I expected medium coverage based purely on my experience with similar products. It’s lighter than this. It does even the skin tone which is a foundations main job after all. I needed too much concealer afterwards.

Staying power: It doesn’t last long on my combination skin. After a few hours it felt like I needed to powder, yet on application this products left a powder finish on my skin. My chin was oily by lunch and there was no product left there, although it did cling longer to the normal areas of my face.

Price: Expensive. I also think I would fly through the standard pot.I would recommend using your fingers instead of a sponge to make it go further.

Shade range: Awful. Only three. I never complain about Erase Paste only having 3 shades because Medium suits me perfectly. But if you aren’t lucky enough to fit in to the three shades you have to make do being a little off or mix products.

Other issues…

  • The product seems to oxidise on my skin after application. It’s not really a problem if you’re prepared – applying evenly and not being too heavy handed.
  • Came off on my shirt and was hard to wash out
  • Seeped into fine lines – fine lines I hadn’t noticed until I tried this :(

It has to be said, some people really love this product! Maybe it’s just not designed for my skin. Would love to know if you have tried it and what you think.

If you can get your hands on a Benefit sampler pack in Sephora I would recommend trying before buying. For those of you on this side of the water, ask the artist at the Benefit counter to apply some for you and wear for the day before you buy.

Have you tried this? Do you like it? Thoughts on cream to powder foundations?

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Spring Fragrance Review: Benefit Garden of Eva

I have been wearing Garden of Eva from Benefit’s Crescent Row collection for the past few weeks. This is my first experience with a Benefit fragrance (any fragrance recommendations welcome!)

Garden of Eva is described as a crisp citrus floral with notes of pear, watermelon, ozone accord, muguet, rose, jasmine, violet leaves, freesia, sandalwood, musk and cedar. It’s basically a fresh, clean and pretty scent. It’s a perfect fragrance for spring. It’s quite soft so in my opinion it’s more suitable for day time wear.

When I read the description of the notes in the fragrance I was expecting something exotically floral. It’s not that sort of perfume at all. It’s much cleaner and rather innocent. It is perfectly named.

As with all Benefit products the packaging is also a winner…

Each fragrance from the Crescent Row collection comes in a cute little box making them idal to collect – although I will try to resist :)

Even the gift box was adorable!

It costs €44 for a 3oml bottle which is what I would expect considering it’s a Benefit product. The fragrance itself mellows within a few minutes and wears quite well on my skin.

I think that this will be my go-to Spring fragrance.

Have you tried any Benefit fragrances? Any recommendations?

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Haul Video…

Time for a little haul :) I picked up some Laura Mercier, Benefit and some Make Up For Ever products with a few other Sephora goodies.

Thanks for watching! x

Glitz & Glam Swatches Link!



Too Faced Pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer
The Best of Make For Ever kit
Sephora Glitz & Glam
Benefit mini kit
Make Up For Ever Matt Velvet Foundation
Snag Free Hair Bands


*Disclaimer: All of the opinions expressed in this video are entirely my own. I have not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this video.

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Glitz & Glam… (swatches, pics, first impressions)

This was the third Christmas running that I meant to pick up Sephora’s Gllitz & Glam kit whilst in Chicago. The first year I forgot, the second year they were sold out but finally this Christmas I got my hands on one.

If you haven’t heard of this kit it’s basically Sephora’s best selling glitzy products. One look at all that shimmer and highlighting and I was sold!

What’s in the kit? It includes an array of  bronze shades and complexion-illuminating products. Not for lovers of matte skin.

  • 0.13 oz Benefit High Beam
  • 0.12 oz Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow in Pug (smoky pewter)
  • 0.02 oz Bare Escentuals bareMinerals All Over Color in Glee (soft mauve plum)
  • 0.07 oz Sephora Collection Eye Shadow in Starry Sky 07 (black with silver glitter)
  • 0.125 oz Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Charge It! (opaque metallic 24k gold)
  • 0.24 oz Tarte Celebutante Dry Oil Shimmer (champagne)
  • 0.07 oz Josie Maran Argan Oil Illuminizer (light bronze)
  • 0.10 oz Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gloss in Paiette (sheer light pink with iridescent shimmer)
  • 0.12 oz Ultraflesh Gold Standard Mascara in black
  • 0.08 oz Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla (pearly nude)


Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla, Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gloss in Paiette


Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla (top), Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gloss in Paiette


Tarte Celebutante, Benefit High Beam, Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil

And some swatches….

Left to right: Tarte Celebutante, Benefit High Beam, Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil

Ultraflesh Gold Standard Mascara in black


Left to right: Bare Escentuals BareMinerals in Glee, Buxom  Pug, Sephora Starry Sky 07

And the swatches…

Left to right: Bare Escentuals BareMinerals in Glee, Buxom  Pug, Sephora Starry Sky 07


I am thoroughly enjoying this set. As I said, not one for the matte lovers obviously. The stand-out products for me are the Buxom eyeshadow in Pug, Tarte Celebutante Dry Oil and the Josie Maran Argan Oil Illuminizer. I love Stila Lip Glazes and have quite a few in my collection but I will definitely use Vanilla. The Tarina gloss is so pretty but based on first impressions it reminds me of Victoria Secret Beauty Rush glosses (which I love so no harm). Although this is a sampler kit, there is plenty of product. I would imagine that I may not even get through some of these before the expire.

At $40 this is a complete steal. Don’t be mad that it’s not available in Ireland :) I had a few questions about the kit so I thought I would do this post despite it being a Christmas kit. I have also picked up sephora kits after Christmas on ebay – unwanted gifts I assume. This one is worth a look.

Bring on the disco ball!!


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So good yet so bad – Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Benefit Boi-ing concealer. I bought one a few years ago and used it up, to be honest at that stage I was a little indifferent to it. My skin has changed a lot since I last tried it.

Enter pic from Benefit website (since I don’t own one!)

I passed the Benefit counter in Dublin airport recently and decided to have another look at it. The sales assistant encouraged me to try some on so I happily smeared some over the blotchy areas. It was creamy, easy to apply and had fantastic coverage. It’s pitched as an industrial strength concealer, which I wanted. It’s expensive enough though (€20 in Dublin airport / £16.50 / $18) so I wanted to be sure.

I popped off for something to eat having decided that if it looked good after an hour I would go back and buy one. But when I went to check how it looked before my flight it had disappeared on some parts of my face, smeared on others and caked over my blotchy areas. I looked a million times worse than I had when I first approached the counter.

The result was probably down to my skin type and the fact that I was wearing Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation underneath (I doubt Bo-ing would set over a foundation of that consistency without powder if you have any oiliness). I reasoned that the coverage was great initially and that I just needed powder so I boarded my flight and settled on picking one up when I reached the US.

It wasn’t to be.

I landed in O’Hare airport only to find my face was covered in spots, an allergic reaction I presume. The reaction took at least 48 hours to die down. I was not a happy bunny!

This may be a fantastic concealer for someone with normal or normalish skin. The oils in my skin ate through it in one hour without powder. I also have sensitive skin that is prone to over-reaction (the one downside to making YouTube beauty videos and being a beauty blogger) so other people are probably unlikely to end up spotty after using it.

This one is definitely not for me. I have used Benefit’s Erase Paste and quite like it so I think I’ll stick to that for now. I find it very surprising, and annoying, that Benefit concealers only come in three shades – light, medium and dark. With the difference in skin undertones and enormous variation in skin colour I can imagine that many people do not fit into three categories.

Have you tried Bo-ing? Are you a fan?

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Boots Exclusive – Benefit Sha-La-Lovely Christmas Set

Finally an exclusive that’s available on this side of the water!

The kit contains

  • Boi-ing concealer in 02
  • Creaseless cream shadow
  • Three powder eye shadows
  • Badgal Lash Mini Mascara
  • Eye Bright
  • Concealer Brush
  • Double Ended eyeshadow brush
  • Full lesson.

I like the idea of having so many products in one box. I could pop this in my handbag with a lipgloss and save myself lugging around a half tonne of products.

I bought the Benefit Realness of Concealness kit a few years ago. Although I loved it, I found that I used up the boing concealer within a few weeks. I would love if the concealer pan in Benefit palettes were slightly bigger since most people would use a concealer up much faster than eyebright.

The set costs €36 / £25 – definitely not a drugstore price but if you like Benefit products or wanted a little introduction to the brand then this could be a good option for you. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of Badgal mascara. I’m also not sure I like the idea of eyebright  in pan form. The pencil is so easy to use and is one of my favourite products but in a pan? Surely that will be too much work.

It’s also a Boots exclusive. Nothing like the word ‘exclusive’ to start the queues forming although it’s worth thinking about whether you need everything in the box before you commit. I always consider the price against the value of the products and how much use I could get out of them. Then I ask myself if there is any other product(s) I would prefer to spend that money on. If I still want it at this stage then it’s a good buy. For now, I think I will pass on this one. The other Benefit sets I was talking about before appeal to me more.

Have you ever bought a Benefit set?

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Ooooh…Benefit Christmas Sets

Benefit Christmas collection time! Here is a little look….


Her Name Was Glowla

  • Coralista
  • High Beam
  • Moon Beam
  • 5 Shade Shadow Palette
  • Bad Gal Mascara
  • Life on the A List Gloss (full)
  • Fluffy/Angled duo brush

The Fab Lane

  • BADgal Lash Mascara
  • Hoola Bronzer
  • That Gal Primer

Beauty Wonderland

  • Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker
  • BADgal Lash Mascara
  • Sugarbomb

Beauty Be-bob

  • High Beam
  • Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite
  • Ultra Shiners in Back to the Fuchsia Lip Shine

All You Need is Gloss

6 X 3ml

  • I’m with the Band
  • Almost Famous
  • Life on the A-List
  • Who are you Wearing?
  • Back to the Fuchsia
  • 24K

Some Beauty to Love

  • CORALista
  • eye bright
  • BADgal lash
  • That Gal

I think I’ll buy the Fab Lane in the US this December. My Hoola bronzer is on its last legs anyway.

What are your thoughts?