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Video – Cheap Foundation Comparison

As you know, I am addicted to trying foundations. I am asked a lot about cheaper brands and affordable products so I am on a mission to find us the best one. I picked up Bourjois and 17 Even Better foundation in Boots a few weeks and decided to road test them for you and do a little comparison. Turns out one of them is great. Here’s the video:


What’s your favourite “drugstore” foundation?

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No Fancy Make-Up for me Today!

This weekend I decided to set myself a drugstore make-up challenge. I only allowed myself wear products that I bought in Boots, Superdrug and CVS. I wanted to keep it quite natural. Here is the look I settled on:

and the look…

PIC_0067 PIC_0069
  • No 17 Get Even Foundation in Natural
  • Beauty UK Palette No 2
  • Eco Tools Brushes
  • Rimmel Recovery Concealer
  • Maybelline Mousse Blush: Peach
  • Prestige Sun Minerals in St Tropez
  • Prestige Sun Minerals Highlight
  • Bourjois Blanc Diaphine
  • Natural Collection Lip Liner in Almond
  • Annabel Eye Liner
  • Revlon Sable Eye shadow
  • Wet n Wild Mega Shine
  • Essence Gloss
PIC_0075 PIC_0073

I really enjoy using the Beauty UK Palette. I applied the orange shade to the lid and the aqua under my eye. I used Revlon Sable in the crease to blend out the orange and Bourjois No 40 on the inner corner of my eye. I think the No 17 foundation requires a post of it’s own.

My make-up lasted as long as it usually does with more expensive products. I’m converted. For today anyway!

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Sale Shopping

Christmas sales are in full swing. This means that I have been on the hunt for the ‘good sales’. The ones that don’t take old stock from a decade ago, put it on the rack and expect us to pay €10 for it, I don’t think so! In a good sale I expect to see this seasons stock on sale, not random bikini tops (without bottoms) from 1999…Ms Selfridge, take note!

With that in mind here’s a little guide to the Christmas sales

  • Boots have halved the price of all their Christmas gifts.
  • Debenhams sale is worth a look, good bargains. If you don’t fancy queuing check out their website.
  • McCabes pharmacy is selling off their perfume gift sets at a reduced price
  • A-Wear seem to have a good sale on at the moment, at least it doesn’t appear that they have dragged out old stock from 1992!
  • H & M have quite a number of sale racks. Granted they seem to be summer stock, but I did pick up a pretty lemon blouse and a nice scarf.
  • I always enjoy the Next sale. They discount a lot of their stock. I got quite a few nice staple pieces last year. (Although I haven’t heard great things about their sale this year)
  • are having a 50% sale at the moment. I’m off to have a look in a few minutes, can’t wait!
  • I have been informed that Jane Norman have 50% their sale stock
  • River Island have some good offers on at the moment, but the nice stuff is going fast!

I know where I’m heading :)

Did you find any good bargains in the sales?

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Make-up on a budget


I am often asked about what make-up to buy if you’re on a tight budget. I get asked this question so often from Irish ladies that I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think there is any one great drugstore brand. I tend to pick and choose from each brand. After much testing (haha) I have decided that each brand has their strengths and weaknesses; for example Natural Collection make great lipsticks but poor eye-shadows.  Revlon is my overall favourite drugstore/pharmacy make-up brand. However, it is more expensive in Ireland (colourstay costs €17! Add a few euro to that and you could buy yourself a high end foundation)

  • Concealer: Essence Trio, Maybelline
  • Nail Polish: Essence, Rimmel
  • Powder: Rimmel Silky Loose Powder
  • Lipgloss: Essence, Bourjois 3D
  • Foundation: Revlon, Boots 17, Rimmel, Max Factor
  • Blush: Collection 2000
  • Mascara: Collection 2000 (purple tube) if you’re after Dior Show but can’t afford it. Maybelline Lash Stilleto is my favourite.
  • Lip Liner: Natural Collection
  • Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel
  • Eye liner: Loreal
  • Highlight: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer
  • Bronzer: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer , Barry M, Rimmel, Natural Collection
  • Eye-shadows: Ok this is the one area I recommending spending a little more. I am happy to buy cheaper brands for most make-up items, but not eyeshadow. The reason for this is that they tend not to be very pigmented or long lasting. I do love Barry M Dazzledusts though.

What are your favourite drugstore items?

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Revlon Tropical Temptation – Perfect for a Summer Holiday

I’ve been wanting to buy this Revlon nail polish for months! I saw it in Cosmopolitan Magazine in February and I loved it. However, when I went into Boots to get it, it looked insanely bright under the harsh lights and I chickened out!

I’ve had it in my hand at least 6 times since then and always put it back on the shelf.

Yesterday I decided to give in and just buy it and I love it!! :) Perfect for summer! It’ll be perfect on Holiday!

What’s your favourite nail polish?