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Pink Foundation Tools – Breast Cancer Awareness


Pink Oval Blender

Blank Canvas have gone pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month! The F20 Foundation Brush and Airbrush Blender have been pinkified!  €1 from each sale, from now until October 31st, will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

“The ultra-glam Hot Pink F20 Flat Buffer is made of short, soft and lustrous fibres, ideal for applying liquid or cream foundation to deliver a flawless HD finish.  The densely packed flat top sythetic fibres manoeuvre easily around the face and help blend foundation seamlessly, resulting in a look that appears almost airbrushed! And speaking of airbrushing, the latest beauty tool trend, the oval airbrush blender, is also available in pink at Blank Canvas Cosmetics. This nifty little latex-free sponge is soaked in warm water to expand and then used to apply foundation in a stippling motion, reaching into every corner and crevasse.

And don’t forget ladies, when you’re getting ready for that big night out and you’re touching up your make up, give yourself a touch up and regularly check for abnormal lumps and bumps around the breast area. Keep safe, think pink!”


  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Flat Top Kabuki Brush in Hot Pink: Price €13.99/£11.80
  • Blank Canvas Cosmetics Oval Pink Airbrush Blender: Price €6.99/£5.90
  • Available to purchase online at 
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Review: Vortex Professional Brush Kit by Ren Ren for Sedona Lace

I have been dabbling with the Vortex Professional brush kit by Ren Ren for Sedona Lace. Thought it was time to share my thoughts. I’m sure you have all heard of Ren Ren! She is an amazing self-taught make-up artist come beauty blogger.

Let me start by saying that this isn’t one of those collaborations where a blogger/vlogger puts their name to a product that has no thought put into it. It’s clear Ren chose good quality, practical brushes. They are soft and supple yet sturdy. The bottom line is that this kit is great value. It comes with a brush belt for $79.95 or without for $69.95 – I say go for the one with the belt. It’s really soft and doesn’t feel at all cheap.


A closer look….

Left to Right:

Synthetic Blender – EB 13 : Use it for eyeshadow, eye base or concealer. Great for blending out the crease of the eye.

Pointed Crease – EB 15 : The tapered top makes this brush ideal for crease work and small eyes.

Universal Blender – EB 09 : This is a blender brush for eyes. I prefer to use it for crease blending but sometimes use it for all over application.

Detailed Shader – EB 21 : A small shader for more precise work. Good for smudging the lash line and packing on colour.

Flat Synthetic – EB 11 : Great for concealer and liquid eyeshadows.


From bottom:

Bent Liner – EB 19 : Great for those who have difficulty applying liquid liner. Gives a clean edge.

Brow Spoolie Duo – EB 17 : The angled brow side has more stiff bristles to help get the shadow into the brow naturally. The spoolie side is to blend out harsh lines.

Capped Lip Brush – LB 23: Comes with a lid that balances the brush for application when popped on the back.


Left to right:

Jumbo Fan – FB 01: This brush is designed for even distribution of powder based products- from catching eyeshadow fallout to applying bronzer.

Tulip Contour – FB 03: This one is a contour brush but also doubles as a cream foundation blender.

Flat Top Buffer – FB 07: This flat top buffer is designed for foundation application.  The top helps buff in powder, liquid, or cream foundation and gives an airbrushed finish. I like to use this damp.

Dome Contour – FB 05: Great for contouring. This is a dense brush which buffs in contour shades.  I also like to use this for liquid foundation when I want a bit more coverage.

The set comes with a brush belt which is a good deal. It’s soft and supple. My favourite thing about it is that it can be worn around your waist and zipped up. No other brush belt I have is that convenient.

You can have a closer look at the brushes on Sedona Lace’s website.  Link!

What is your favourite brush set?

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Blush Earthy Palette & Brushes…

Blush Pro sent me a palette and a mini brush set to try out. Here’s a little lookie…

The 88 Earth Toned Palette…

And the 7 piece brush set….

The little brush set is actually usable. I wasn’t expecting this to be honest. The little round fluffy brush is lovely. It has even got its own position in my brush belt.

I look forward to giving the palette a try.

The palette and brushes are available from Blush Cosmetics. The brush set costs £12.99 and the Earth Tones palette £8.99


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Laura Mercier Christmas 2010

I’m a fan of Laura Mercier products. They are expensive though so I tend to wait until Christmas and ask Santa :) Well I am very good after all!

I was having a little snoop at the Christmas collection for this year. I’m excited about the travel brush set. The palette also looks nice although I have never tried Laura Mercier eye shadows. Maybe you could advise :) *Update – I hear the palette is quite small!

Eye Colour Sampler (Limited Edition)

Portable case with a double-ended Eye Colour/Smudge brush with 8 shadows.

Shades Include: Sparkling Dew, Chocolate, Latte, Pink Tulip, Ultra Violet, Pink Copper, Mica and Black Ice



Travel Brush Set (Limited Edition)

Four double-ended Laura Mercier brushes and a Finishing Brush presented in a zipper case.

Set includes: Brow Definer/Brow Grooming and Finishing Brush, Secret Camouflage/Camouflage Powder, Flat Eye Liner/Smudge, All Over Eye Colour/Ponytail.




Mini Lip Glace Set (Limited Edition)

Five-colour collection for sparkle, gloss and shine.

Shades Include: Sparking, Violet, After Hours, Bare Beige and Rose


Do any of these stand out to you? Do you like Laura Mercier products?

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My Favourite Make-up Brush

I was cleaning my brushes this morning and I found myself wondering if I had to pick a favourite brush what would it be.

The MAC 187 Duo Fibre brush wins hands down. Sure there are other brushes in my collection that are essentials and much more necessary than this one. But this really is my favourite, even if it’s not a staple.

This brush makes foundation application flawless. When used properly it can leave the skin looking airbrushed.

The brush is made from 2 different fibres of different lengths. The white bristles seem quite porous so using this brush to apply foundation directly to the face is not ideal as it gobbles up a lot of product. The flawless effect comes from the blending.

I like to apply my foundation sloppily with my fingers and then blend with this brush.  My foundation has never looked so close to natural skin. I am a happy girl!

It can be use a brush like this with any foundation type. The downside is that it is expensive but I am happy to report that I love my Sigma SS187 just as much and it costs a fraction of the price.

What’s your favourite brush?

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Sigma Complete Kit

I have heard nothing but positivity about the Sigma brushes over the last few months. Many of you recommended them and a few messaged me to say I needed them. Who am I to disagree?

So, I bought the Professional Brushes Complete Kit (I blame you!) They cost $69 for 12 brushes from here. You can also buy the kit without the brush roll for $20 less.

I know this is more than many people are willing to spend on brushes but when you consider the cost of MAC brushes this feels like robbery.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Sigma yet, they create dupes of MAC brushes; A Mac 249 Brush is a Sigma SS 249 etc.

They arrived a few days after Christmas and I have been trying them out every day since. I am going to record a video on my experience with them but for now let me tell you that they are worth every penny, and more. They are now mixed in with my mac brushes because they are such good quality that I can barely tell the difference.

I absolutely love these brushes! They are the same quality as my MAC and Make Up For Ever brushes.

And yes Irish ladies, they deliver to Ireland. (For you ladies who are not Irish, good companies hardly ever ship here. Completely ridiculous!)

What are your experiences with Sigma brushes?