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Nails of the Day…

I’m traveling today so I wanted to wear something cheery but durable on my nails. I opted for pink, surprise, surprise. It’s actually quite different to all of the other pink polishes I own (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic

Some swatches (2 coats of polish and all taken in natural light)…



Ignore the state of my cuticles, they have never been in such a bad way. You may have heard me mention the matching Lippy in a recent post. They are so pretty together…

Click here to see swatches of the Lippy and photos of how it looks on.

I’ve said this so often but I love Butter London nail polishes. They quality is excellent, the application is a dream. The finish is beautiful and they last a few days longer for me than my usual polishes. Another pro is that they dry quite quickly too.

You can buy Butter London lacquers from here or they are also on sale in Avoca or Fran and Jane (I also heard someone mention they picked one up in Oasis).

Any Butter London recommendations?

Lips, Make-up, Swatches

Lippy by Butter London Primrose Hill – Review & Pics

Butter London make gorgeous nail polishes, this we know. But I hadn’t heard anything of their Lippy’s until one arrived through my door a few weeks back. It’s in Primrose Hill Picnic, what a whimsical name. It’s a bright pink and I’m just in love with it!

Before I get to the review I’ll add some swatches and show you what it looks like on my mug. The great thing about this Lippy is that it can be worn in its intense form or a little lighter. I photographed both.



I applied two layers for the intense look. Now I have I have heard it said that there is no point in a lip only picture when swatching lip products, that you want to see what it looks like with the rest of the makeup. Here goes…

Now on with the review.

Texture Lippy’s remind me a lot of the Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. It is thick and well, tar like. This means it adheres very well to the lips. This isn’t one of those sheer, smoosh it on over everything glosses. You need a mirror to apply since the colour is intense and you want to keep it within the lip line.

Pigmentation Amazing. ‘Nuff said.

Finish It looks like you have gone to the bother of applying both lipstick and lipgloss but you haven’t. It looks creamy, opaque and glossy. It’s more lipsticky than lip gloss if you know what I mean.

Staying Power I have found this to be the most long lasting gloss I’ve come across. I would put this down to the texture – which you will either love or hate. It will be reliable on a night out or special event, for a gloss.

Price and where to buy €17 from here. Well worth the price tag in my opinion! Top notch stuff. Butter London is also on sale in Avoca or Fran and Jane.


What do you think?

Nail Polish/Care

Butter London Backstage Basics

A girl can never have too many nail polishes! Butter London are amongst my favourites. Their shades stand out a little more for me than other brands and the packaging is gorgeous.

A sample of their Backstage Basics kit arrived recently and I have been thoroughly enjoying it :)


Each kit comes with the basics and your choice of coloured nail polish.

  • Powder Room Acetone Free Lacquer Remover
  • Hardwear PD Quick Topcoat
  • Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat
  • Lacquer of your choice
  • Nail File

The basics included…

The coloured lacquer in my kit was Primrose Hill Picnic, a bright, cheery pink. Very Amy.

I should point out that all their nail polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

Application wise this goes on like a dream. It’s creamy and smooth without the mess. The dry time is pretty decent too. I often find myself reaching for a Butter polish when I’m in a hurry because I can rely on the dry time. I also have a gorgeous sample of the matching Lippy Butter – post coming tomorrow!


  • Everything you need under one roof
  • Would make an amazing present
  • You save a significant amount by buying the kit instead of purchasing the products separately


  • I can’t think of any. Once you’re willing to part with the cash that is

Would I repurchase?

I can’t imagine I’m going to run out of base or topcoat soon but I would absolutely buy this kit for friends and family. As soon as I saw it I found myslef wondering who’s birthday is coming up next and what Butter Lacquer I would choose to add to their kit.

Repurchase: Yes, I probably won’t finish the products in this set, but these would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

The kit costs €51, which is fair enough when you consider the price of these these polishes on their own. Each polish retails at €15 with the base and top coats retailing over €20! If you see the dollar price online you may have a heart attack – I saw $25 mentioned but upon further investigation I learned that this is without the lacquer. It would make a gorgeous gift or a great way to get your nail basics. You can find them online here , from Avoca or Fran and Jane stores.

Any thoughts on Butter London?

Nail Polish/Care

Butter London Nail Lacquers – Muggins & Jaffa

My name is Amy Dillon and I am a nail polish addict :)

My two favourite nail polishes at the moment are both by Butter London. They’re polar opposites yet I find myself reaching for them regularly.

1. Muggins – a greyish lavender. Muggins didn’t go on as smoothly as Jaffa and definitely needed a minimum of two coats – I usually apply three for opaqueness. I like the murkiness of this shade. It’s very versatile.


2. Jaffa – An orangey red shade. This has become a firm favourite for my toes. It looks great on short nails. Two coats of Jaffa was plenty. It has a lovely creamy consistency and finish.

I love the Butter London packaging, elegant and sophisticated. The caps are weird though, the black lip pops off and then you have to twist the cap. I should also point out that the bristles are round rather than flat. Some people have issues with this although personally, I don’t care once the application is easy.

You can get Butter London polishes here in Ireland from They cost €13 each.

Have you any Butter London recommendations?