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Issues with Blue Nails!

I once hated blue nail polish with a passion. Blue is one of my favourite colours and yet I couldn’t bring myself to wear it on my nails. For some reason it felt unnatural, like a blue Smartie! It also reminded me of being fourteen and those memories really don’t need to be conjured – Think mini disco’s wearing a skin tight dress inspired by Posh spice – only to realise many years on that I looked rather skankish rather than classy. Let’s not even think about the fake tan!).

I’ve had a change of heart and now can’t get enough. I picked this Collection 2000 one for €3.50 in Boots. It’s in the shade Blue Hawaii. I thought it looked a little garish to be honest but was attracted to its brightness. After application I decided I quite like it.

(Ignore the state of my cuticles! Manicure desperately needed this evening)…


I like Collection 2000 polishes in general. They’re cheap, come in a great shade range and add new shades regularly. That being said, I find the finish a little hit and miss. It depends on the shade but most of the polishes I have bought are well loved (on my third bottle of Button Moon). They’re quite easy to apply although I would prefer if the brush was tappered or a little smaller. Lasting power on this shade was ok, nothing to write home about though. It started to wear after 3 days on my nails and chipped on the fourth. I should point out however that I was lazy and skipped the top coat.

Anyone else like blue nails at the moment? Any recommendations?

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Mint Mojo – thumbs up or thumbs down?

I have been loving pastel nails, like most of you, over the past few months. However I have just come across a polish that has destroyed my faith in this trend. Enter Collection 2o00 Mint Mojo

It looks like a palm green. It was easy to apply, cheap (€2.49), two coats were enough for perfect coverage and it lasted a few days without chipping. The brush is a little wide for my nail bed which meant the polish kept getting on my fingers but that was easily remedied.

This shade does nothing for my skin tone and looks quite cheap on me.I much prefer Button Moon which is more of a blue pastel, here’s a photo for comparison.

On the up side, my faith in Collection 2000 polishes has been restored.

What are your thoughts on pastel polish?

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Collection 2000 Lilac Ice

Collection 2000 Maxiflex large nail  polishes are on offer in Boots (buy 2 for €6). So of course whilst picking up a prescription I needed to get some. I have tried some of their smaller nail polishes and although I loved the colour range I wasn’t overly impressed with the consistency. I assumed that the larger and dearer ones would be better quality.

One of the shades I picked up was Lilac Ice. It looks exactly how it sounds, a frosty lilac shade. It’s a very pretty colour and the consistency of mine is a little better than the small bottles. It dries to a smooth finish which is good, I hate the feel of gritty nails.


It says on the bottle that it’s designed to last 5 days, too good to be true? Yes. This polish needs a top coat as it started to chip at the tips after a day or so. I applied two coats in this picture…



They are definitely not amazing quality but they’re cheap and I do love the colour. I would buy another shade just for the colour fun. When I pass the pretty colours I just can’t resist. Must…stay…strong.

Collection 2000 polishes are  a little hit and miss for me. The other shade I bought was also Maxiflex but was thicker and harder to apply. A little consistency would go a long way.

Have you tried any Collection 2000 polishes? What is you favourite polish at the moment?

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Pastel Nails for Spring

Pastel nails are in this Spring. With that in mind I decided to pick up an Easter inspired nail polish.

I settled on Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Button Moon (33). It’s a very pretty pastel aqua colour. I’ve never tried any of Collection 2000 nail polishes before. They are very cheap (under €3) and are often on special in Boots.

I always buy the same shades of nail polish, the classic shades really.  So trying a pastel green/blue is quite daring for me.

What do I think?

The colour is very pretty and I like that it’s a bit different. My nails remind me that Winter in over and Spring is here. Catching a glimpse of my nails actually made me feel quite cheery.

The application wasn’t exactly plain sailing. The consistency of the polish is quite thick. The bristles are not very smooth so it was difficult to get the polish evenly down to the cuticle. It dries very fast, which is usually a good thing but the polish dried a little streaky. After the first coat it looked awful. The second coat saved the day but it’s a long way from a flawless finish. The bottle is also very small and because of the consistency I can’t imagine I will get very many applications out of it.

Bottom line, they are cheap and pretty. They are great for a seasonal polish change and a bit of colour injection. I wouldn’t rely on this polish though as the finish is a little hit and miss. They are also as bit thick and gloopy. Barry M and Rimmel polishes are much nicer. This polish isn’t amazing but it makes me smile!

Have you tried any of the Collection  2000 nail polishes? What do you think of them? What polish will you be wearing for Spring?