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Major holiday hair issues…

I’ll get straight to the point. My hair is a holy state.

I blame the humidity, the sea, the chlorine, the sun and the fact that I haven’t allowed my mam to trim my hair since it was last cut – an attempt to cling to every millimetre of hair. Whatever the reason, my gruaig has been so unruly that I have resorted to slinging it in a knot at the top of my head.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  This time last year I had about a third of the hair I have now. I should be thankful for my crazy mop of hair.

As far as packing went I decided to leave the usual mammoth size bag of hair products behind and be ‘sensible’- this is not a word one uses often in relation to Amy Dillon let me tell you. Anyway, I settled on a bottle of Redken shampoo and a mini pot of Wella hair mask. The Redken Colour Extend Sun is great. It contains a UV filter to protect your hair and your colour. It also smells yummy – the main attraction I must. The Wella Brilliance mask is great at home but not intense enough for the sun.

Problem one, where is the conditioner? Problem two, where is the humidity spray? Problem three, where is the sea salt spray for nights when I just can’t be bothered? Problem four, where is the heat protection spray to use with the crapest hair straighteners on the plane? On the shelf at home in the name of sensible that’s where!

I also brought one of those rubbish travel hair dryers that blow your hair in every direction except down. The Corioliss Pro straighteners was lobbed in my suitcase with the aim of using it to both straighten and create waves. It was a bit much to expect from it apparently, it just drags through my hair instead and leads to breakage.

I was on the hunt for a miracle.

I stumbled across a bottle of Palmolive hair conditioner and a small bottle of Frizz Ease yesterday. They seem to have tamed the beast for now. My hair isn’t exactly silky or anything but at least I doesn’t look insane.

Note to self – don’t be sensible next time you travel, be realistic. Oh, and buy a new hair straighteners for the love of god!

What hair products do you like at the moment?

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Hair adventures…

Bye bye orange hair!

This morning I’m venturing down to my mothers house so she can sort out my final layer of highlights. I couldn’t be happier to see the end of the fizzy orange tinge to my hair.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with boxed hair dyes. It was fun at the time, not so now. It has been a nightmare to get my hair back to it’s normal colour. After one round of highlights my hair actually looked quite nice, red with a few soft lights. After the second round, my bare roots lifted blonder than the rest whilst the main body of my hair went a funny orangey colour.

I had the 12 week blow-dry last week so my hair feels silky and strong. No snapping. Today my mum will be adding a few lowlights through the top and highlights to through the main body of my hair. If it’s successful I will happily leave my hair alone.

What have I learned?

1.If you are naturally fair like me and decide to dye your hair red or brown please consider the cost. Sure a box of hair colour costs under €10 but the price of getting you hair back to it’s original colour and state is a very different story.

2. Semi-permanent hair colour isn’t always semi-permanent. If you have any damaged or porous hair the colour can be absorbed Continue Reading

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Colour B4

Why is that when you finally commit to changing your hair it looks great? My hair has been a holy show for 2 weeks now. I have been trying to decide whether to keep it dark for the summer or go back light. I finally came to a decision late last night, the red/brown had to go. Then I wake up this morning and my hair looks great. What’s that about?! Very annoying.

Whilst in the Boots this morning I received two compliments on my hair. Little did those ladies know but I had a box of colour stipper in my shopping basket. I heard people talking about this product online so I decided to pick it up. It’s called Colour B4 (stupid name) by Scott Cornwall.

It cost €12.99. It comes in regular and extra. Regular is for light colours and dye that has been added recently. I chose the Extra which is for dark dye.

Both my parents are hairdressers so I should get my colour corrected professionally or they’ll kill me. But I had to give this a try first. I am a beauty product guinea pig after all. (save the guinea pigs and test on Amy).

Apparently this works by shrinking artificial dye Continue Reading

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New Hair Alert!!

If you saw my earlier post you saw how gross my hair looked. It had faded to an icky faded orange. Enter Boots Semi-permanent dye in Warm Chestnut 6.2 (2 for €7.50) Here are a few photos, I will post some more in an Outfit of the Day post this afternoon…

Ignore the boil on my chin. It is now paying rent! To the side…

and the other side… Continue Reading

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To Dye or not to Dye: Tips on Colouring your Hair

I have been asked so many questions about hair dye, colouring hair at home, considering highights at the hairdressers etc. I decided to pop what knowledge I have (picked up from my Mammy who’s a colourist) into a blog post for you to peruse if you’re toying with the idea of colour change.

Semi-Permanent: My mam calls these Semi’s (I didn’t realise that meant semi-permanent!) These are a good option because they are not a tint so are  less harsh on the hair. Semi’s can be used if you’re going darker than your present colour. As they don’t conatain the harsh stuff (very technical term) used in permanent colour Semi’s don’t cover grays very well. They say on the box (regardless of brand) that these last up to 24 washes. Don’t be fooled, it may last but it definitely will fade! Look for one with no amonia or peroxide.

Permanent: These contain amonia which is exrtremely harsh but allows the colour penetrate deep into the hair shaft. They are completely permanent but will fade. There are studies showing that long term, regular use of permanent dyes increase your risk of  Continue Reading


Pink, it was love at first sight…

purple frogs !

Ok so the title of this post is a line from the infamous Aerosmith song ‘Pink’. Everything in this picture makes me happy. Pink makes me smile. It cheers up miserable dull Irish days, you know those days that don’t get bright.

I have found myself buying quite a lot of pink items over the years. Pink things draw my eye and capture my attention. I was once even referred to as a ‘pink’ (I wasn’t entirely sure how to take that comment, but decided it was probably true haha)

Oddly enough most shades of pink do very little for my complexion but I simply don’t care. Is there a colour that has this effect on you?

I’ve chosen 5 of my favourite pink items to share with you :) Continue Reading