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Make-up Pressies – My favourite kinda’ presents

My lovely friend, and fellow blogger, Lex sent me along a lovely pressie this week. Lex and I both started on YouTube around the same time and share similar interests and taste in make-up so I always know I’ll love what she recommends.

She sent me these three lovelies.

I have never tried Mary Kay products since they aren’t available here in Europe but I have heard good things about some of their cosmetics. I was excited when I saw this cream blush and highlighter – two of my make-up favourites.. a girl can never have too many cream blushes. Highlighters are a more recent addiction of mine, I blame YouTube.

Cream Highlighter  TX23

The cream blush looks insane but I promise you, it’s beautiful on! It’s called Cheek Glaze and it’s in the shade Mandarin. I’ll be back with a full review and swatches later this weekend. It gives a fresh, youthful glow.

Cheek Glaze in Mandarin

Lex also knows my fondness for Sephora’s eye pencils and sent me this lovely mocha shade 502, which I smeared on the second I opened it. I really must learn to have patience. I would describe it as an iced mocha shade – I’ll follow up with swatches and some photos of how it looks on the eye.


On another note, I have really been loving eye pencils as eye bases lately. I can’t seem to get enough of them.

Thank you Lex! You have great taste :)

Have you tried Mary Kay products?

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Video: Product Rave!

I have been loving this product for weeks now – Isa Dora Glow Stick.  I can’t seem to make myself use other cream blushes. Here’s a review and a little demonstration showing how I like to apply it.

I’ll post some photo swatches next, with some pictures of what the lipstick looks like on.

Thanks for watching!

M.A.C, Previews/Launches

Bye, bye MAC Blush Creme – Hello Cremeblend!

I am obsessed with cream blushes at the moment – I sense a video coming :) I know lots of you are cream fans too.

Those of you who had horrible allergic reactions to MAC’s Blush Creme’s  can rejoice! MAC have replaced them with Cremeblends. They are an entirely new formulation so maybe those of you who hated them before might enjoy them now.


They are available in 6 shades, all of which have been added to the permanent collection.

  • Posey  (original blush creme) Warm peach
  • Brit Wit (original blush creme) Dusty, rose mauve
  • So sweet, So easy – (new colour) Bright yellowy pink
  • Something Special – (new colour) Light peachy coral
  • Tea Petal – (new colour) Mid reddish brown
  • Ladyblush – original blush creme – warm neutral coral

The difference

The texture is a little different. Creme blends are a little tackier than the old blush cremes but the colour is practically the same on.


I use the stippling technique to apply cream blushes, be it with a brush, sponge or my fingers. You could use the MAC 188, which is  smaller than the 187, it’s duo fibre stippling brush and it’s made for application of products like this. You can also use your fingers of stipple, to be honest that’s how I usually apply them to my own skin.

I’m thinking of picking up Posey, So Sweet, So Easy and maybe Something Special. Oh and possibly Ladyblush. Well, I do really love cream blushes :)

Uh oh!

They are available in the US already but we have to wait another few weeks here in Ireland.

Which shade appeals to you? Do you like cream blushes?

M.A.C, Swatches

MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush

I have had an on off love affair with MAC’s Ladyblush over the years. Since I use it so often I thought it was about time it got a mention on my blog. Very often my most used products are the ones that are over-looked.



Ladyblush is a cream product that works best when applied over foundation and under powder.

It’s foolproof to apply. I tend to use a duo fibre brush to apply, like the MAC 187. I dip the brush in lightly, be careful a little goes a long, long way. I them stipple the colour on the apples of my cheeks. When the majority of the pigment is placed there I gently stipple the brush up towards my cheekbone. It’s worth bearing in mind that the area you first apply the brush will have the most pigment.

Here’s a little swatch, I took the photo in natural light…

Ladyblush is described as a ‘demure, cool pink flush’ on MAC’s website. I think that’s probably the best description. It’s perfect for fair skintones although you can build the colour up if you have darker skin. I should point out that here is no shimmer or glitter, woo hoo!

I find MAC’s blushcremes very long lasting, although I always apply a sheer coat of powder or some Fix+ to set my make-up.

I have heard that some people have an allergic reaction to Blushcremes so it’s worth testing some on the the inside of you wrist before you buy. That being said, I have very reactive skin and have had no problems. I have heard that they are going to remake the Blushcremes due to large amount of customers who have experienced reactions. I wish they’d do the same with Studio Finish Foundation, I love the coverage but it always ends is an allergic reaction for me.

If you have oily cheeks I think I’d pass on cream blushes and stick to powder and I would definitely keep this one away from large pores – it will make them look like potholes!

What I love most about this products is that it gives that appearance of a natural flush, that kind of ‘lit from within’ effect. I like to pair it with a bronzer, usually Bourjois, Prestige or Benefit Hoola.

On another note I would just like to let you all know that normal blogging has resumed :) I’ll have my 3 posts per day tomorrow. It’s been crazy lately but I am back in the swing of things. Thanks for all your support.

What are your thoughts on cream blush? Any recommendations? (cos you know I needs more!)