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Houston Minty Lip Gloss from e.l.f

I had a few requests for do a follow up with some swatches on the e.l.f Minty Lipgloss. The shade I have is Houston.



A closer look at the shimmery particles…


On the lips it’s a sheer pink shade with a touch of Magenta. The colour in the tube had me all excited but that’s not how it goes on the lips. It does keep a hint of the colour however.



This gloss actually wears quite well, better than most of the cheaper  lip glosses I own. I didn’t touch up for a few hours. Admittedly I wasn’t eating or drinking during this time but I was talking a lot and that usually stretches a gloss too far.

Consistency wise, it’s not too sticky and it’s not sheer, it’s in the middle somewhere which is great.

I like the minty smell and taste – I know that you’re not supposed to ingest it, it happened by accident. I swear!)

Overall it’s a nice gloss and definitely worth the price tag  . But if you get excited by the colour in the tube you may be a little disappointed.

On another note, if elf had been around when I was in school I would have wanted everything they sell. This gloss would be perfect for those on a budget who want something pretty and sheer.

I would happily use this gloss  over a pink lipstick for added dimension. In fact, I’m off to try that now!

You thoughts?

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E.l.f Natural Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

This blog post will be short and sweet. My post on e.l.f’s 32 palette seemed to go down well so I decided to do a similar post for their Natural Palette.

So I tested the palette out yesterday. Here are some photos, swatches and my thoughts…




My initial thoughts are that some of these shadows are chalkier than those in the 32 Palette. The first shade is particular. That being said, they are quite pigmented. It’s not necessary to keep dipping the brush in and applying layers, one will do it. The shadows aren’t very tightly packed so a brush will pick up an awful lot of product.

If you were thinking of buying this I would recommend that you use an eye base to hold these shadows on. I would also avoid applying  the shadows with any kind of fluffy brush, they will end up all over you face. I applied a NYX jumbo pencil as a base and then applied the lid shade with my finger. The colour goes on thick. I then used a dense brush to pack on colour into my crease. I gently blended the edges out with the side of a cotton bud. The end result was very pretty. I will post some photos over the weekend.

The colours are gorgeous, and useful. The golds from the bottom row are particularly pretty and the last brown is very pigmented and creamy. The third shade reminds me of MAC sable (colour wise).

I should also point out that all of the shadows are shimmery, there are no mattes. I’m happy enough with that but not everyone will.

All in all, I like it. It’s pretty. Bear in mind that you will need an eye base and/or fixative spray and be prepared for a little crumbling! This palette won’t be for everyone.

Have a look at the 32 Palette swatches if you missed them.

What do you think?



e.l.f 32 Palette – A little look at some swatches

I have had the  e.l.f 32 Piece Eye-shadow Collection palette for a week now. I have really been enjoying it, a tad unexpected to be honest. Usually palettes like focus on quantity and less on quality, not the case this time around.


The palette itself is a little bigger than a MAC palette and smaller than an 88 palette. There is also a decent amount of each shadow in the pans.



Here are some swatches, I photographed them row by row so they correspond to the picture above.


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4

All in all quite a versatile palette with mostly wearable colours. I never like palettes that have bright yellows and oranges. Even the brighter shades in here are usable.

Inconsistency is to be expected with a palette that costs this little. But I have to say that most of the shadows are pigmented. Some are more smooth then others (partly down to the differences in finish). There are three shades that are poor in pigmentation – you can see yourself from the swatches.

The green, blue and navy on the third row, the rust shade on row two and the silvers on the last row are my favourite. The lightest shades on the first row aren’t great, the same goes for some of the charcoal greys on the last line.

The palettes are also accessible, €10 / £9 from the e.l.f website. They also sell a 100 Eyeshadow palette. Neither seem to be available on US site.

Personally I prefer this to the 88 palette, which I never use. I know I will use this one. I feel a tutorial coming on :)

What do you think?

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e.l.f Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils – Cheap but Quality?

E.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) is one of those brands that we hear YouTube guru’s and bloggers talking about frequently. It’s super cheap and they offer a wide range of products. I was sent two of their $1 Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils for consideration. Here is my tuppence worth.

e.l.f  Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

e.l.f  Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in Grassy Green and Boldly Bronzed

Ok, the good points: The cost $1.The pigmentation upon application is great. The liners are also smooth and very easy to apply to the eye. You can even smudge and blend them with a brush or your finger without any hassle. They provide more shimmer than glitter.

e.l.f  Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

The downside? Yes, there usually is one – they don’t set. If after an hour you absently rub your eye you could smudge the line.  In saying that they do last longer than most ‘drugstore’ liners but only if you don’t touch your eyes at all. I wear contact lenses and touch my eyes quite frequently. I still really like the shimmer liners so I may just powder over a little to keep them in place.

If you’re not a face toucher than these are seriously impressive for $1! You can’t really go wrong for this price. They’re also  more pigmented than most coloured ‘drugstore’ liners I have tried.

I don’t know how suitable these are for use on the waterline (inner rim) but I’m not sure I want to apply a shimmer liner in these anyway. I’ll stick to matte for my waterline for now!

Considering the price of elf products you would imagine that teens would be their target audience, yet they don’t sell in stores, only online. If I was 15 there wouldn’t be a chance is hell that my parents would have allowed me use their credit card to order make-up, regardless of how cheap it was.

These shades are available from the US site now but don’t seem to be on the UK site just yet. I’m sure they’re on their way.

Do you recommend any elf products?

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*As usual – my brutally honest opinion. I have no affiliation with e.l.f.

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e.l.f bargain mascara – better than expected

I have had el.f’s  Waterproof, Lengthening & Volumising Mascara in my mascara drawer for six months now. It has remained unused and therefore unloved. I decided it deserved an opportunity to impress.

I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I’m far from being a make-up snob but when I mascara costs €4 I make some assumptions. In this case I was completely wrong. I shall judge no more.

The mascara is from the studio collection and claims to be lengthening and volumising – a bit of a tall order. Having worn it for a few weeks I would say that this mascara’s strengths lie in its lengthening ability. It didn’t add too much volume to my lashes but it certainly did lengthen.

The wand is long and narrow. I always apply mascara to the backs of my lashes and the narrow brush made this easy.

I have quite sensitive eyes but the mascara didn’t irritate. I would point out that it isn’t really waterproof, more water resistant – It is quite windy today and whilst running with the dogs my eyes started to run like crazy and the mascara smudged a tiny bit. Far from black tear stains running down my face but I needed to point it out all the same. Basically, if you plan on crying or swimming don’t wear this mascara.

I would say that although the mascara is cheap you are buying a much smaller tube than your usual mascara. But since we’re supposed to throw out our mascara’s every three months that might not be a bad thing.

For me it’s definitely a day time formula. There is not enough volume for night-time make-up.

There is also a non-waterproof formula available. They are sold in black and brown.They are available from elf’s website .

What are your experiences with e.l.f make-up?