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My Perfume Order finally arrived!! – Banana Republic Classic Edt

My FragranceX order finally arrived. I could launch right into a moan session but more of that later. The fragrance I was waiting on was Banana Republic Classic.
One word – j’adore!
This is predominantly a clean, fresh and light scent with citrus top notes. I have heard others say that it reminds them of freshly laundered clothes and a crisp breeze. It has respectable longevity, not amazing, but acceptable for an eau de toilette.
This is a real all-American fragrance  – it takes me right back to sipping coffee on Michigan Avenue and watching the world go by.
The drydown is a little masculine – green with sandalwood, which I happen to love. Then again, I have been know to dabble in men’s fragrances – Diesel For Men makes a sexy perfume, ladies often ask me what perfume I’m wearing. It has just a hint of masculineness.
When describing fragrance I find clothing comparisons useful :) If this perfume were an item of clothing it would be a classic mac. Simple, chic and can be worn anywhere.
I ordered my bottle from FragranceX for under $15 for 30ml. House of Fraser in Belfast wanted £40 for the same bottle.
Robbery I tell you!
Anyway, I can’t really recommend FragranceX since they took 7 weeks to deliver the perfume. It was cheap, but it came at a price. I would be a little hesitant to order from the again. When I tweeted after six weeks to say that I had not received my order, so many  people responded with similar complaints. A few claimed never to have received their order at all.
In fairness to them they are quite transparent about this. I knew when I ordered that my order would be shipped via unregistered post, but seven weeks from the US to Ireland? Come on!
I’m in love!

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Harajuku Lovers G – the most fun perfume on the planet?

I mentioned in my Spring favourites video that I have been covering myself in Harajuku Lovers G edt. When I was tidying up after recording the video I couldn’t help but notice that this bottle stands out a mile from every other perfume in my collection. Yes I am talking about the tacky packaging but also the scent itself.

I am usually attracted to sheer light perfumes, Stella is my absolute favourite. When I wear it I feel like Amy, if you know what I mean. When I wear stronger more opulent scents like Thierry Mugler Alien or Dior Addict I don’t feel like  myslef. So this little perfume is a weird one for me.

I don’t like the bottle at all but I have to say it suits the scent perfectly. It’s fun and frivolous. It contains notes of mandarin, coconut, apple skin, freesia, magnolia, and coconut cream. In other words it’s tropical heaven. The downside for me is that doesn’t last very long on my skin, two hours max. I have a little bottle though so I throw it in my handbag, minus the Continue Reading