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I can’t let go of Eyeko Lilac Polish!

I have had Eyeko Lilac Polish in my collection for a year now and I still love it as much as I did the day I first laid eyes on it. I am now on my fourth bottle.

I should really move on but I just can’t let go! Here’s a few swatches if you haven’t seen it yet…



What I love most about this polish, besides the pretiness of the colour, is the creaminess. It’s so easy to apply and I never make a mess (I’m dreadful at putting on nail polish, despite years of practice). I find myself reaching for it regularly, even in the ice and snow.

At least it’s Spring now and Lilac Polish looks more at home!

Is there a shade you can’t move on from?

Nail Polish/Care

Switching to Brighter Nail Polish – Eyeko Coral Polish

It may still be freezing out but the sun has been shining. On cold days I love a bit of colour injection. Today I opted for a bright coral.

Eyeko Coral Polish is creamy and easy to apply. It may be a bit extreme for some and I really have to be in top form to pull it off. It will look beautiful on holiday and during the Summer.

Here’s some swatches if you would like a look. The photos were taken in natural day light.

I feel cheerier already! Excuse the messy application – I’m a disgrace :)

What do you think of bright nails?

Nail Polish/Care

Vintage Polish

I had a request from a reader for swatches of Eyeko’s Vintage Polish. It’s one of my favourites!

It’s such a perfect shade for Spring. I must pick up another bottle.

What do you think of green polish?

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Incoming…New Eyeko Make-up!

The postman delivered some Eyeko products this morning. These are among my favourite packages to receive :)



Fat Balm in Cherry

Described as slicks of juicy colour infused with light reflecting particles, Fat Balms are fun – I couldn’t  love the packaging more! They contain jojoba oil and SPF 15 and claim to make lips softer and fuller. You can also wear it on your cheeks as a blush.

Fat Balms come in three fruity shades and three candy hues. Cherry is a sheer red with plum undertones. It’s quite flattering and I really like how it looks on my cheeks.

I have my eye on the Toffee Fat Balm too, it looks delicious!


London Lips Lip Gloss in Portobello

Stamped with iconic London images. Long-lasting, non-stick shine. The have three sheer shades and three cream shades available.


Portobello is a cream shade. It’s a sheer shiny baby pink flecked with gold. I’m in lip gloss love!


Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen in Lip Lover

This is a 3-in-1 twist-up lipstick. The idea is that you don’t need separate a lipliner, lipstick and gloss. Lip Lover is a scarlet red hue. I’m going to brave this shade at the weekend with a very simple outfit.

What do you think of these? How would you wear the red  lipstick?

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Glad to be wrong about Eyeko Vampira!

If you’re a hardcore reader of my blog you may recall me moaning about Vampira Polish by Eyeko.  When Eyeko sent it to me it was nestled in a bed of pretty shades that I loved, Vampira looked miserable in contrast. I may have called it dreary and wondered if it would look tacky since it appeared to have red glitter in it.


I have fallen for Vampira, fallen hard I tell ya! The suspected red glitter is infact red reflects. No gaudiness and no tackiness what so ever.

It’s richly pigment and needed only one coat on my nails. As with any dark coloured polish it needs base coat if you want to stay stain free.

It lasted about two days before it started chip a little but to be honest I left it alone – it added to the rock chickness :) I think it would have lasted longer if I had applied a top coat.

What polish are you wearing today?


Eyeko Cream – Extra Glow (LE)

I have heard so many YouTube guru’s rave about the Eyeko Cream. I always meant to try it but it wasn’t stocked in my local Superdrug.As you know, if something is out of stock/unavailable I must have it.

Ridiculous but true.

Imagine my surprise when the postman delivered a package from Eyeko this morning. Inside was a tub of their limited edition Cream Extra Glow.

It smells a little plastic-y on first contact with the skin but after a few minutes it’s just a delicate scent.

The colour is a soft frosty pink which looks pretty on the skin. I will be wearing it later today so I will post a Face of the Day and photos this evening.

The cream also claims to be a moisturiser and an eye cream. I’ll have to get back to you.

I haven’t tried the basic cream so I’m afraid I can’t offer anything by means of a comparison.

What are your thoughts on glow creams?

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New Eyeko products – My first impressions

I’m back to share some goodies that arrived from Eyeko last week, as promised. I was very late to the Eyeko party. So many YouTubers and bloggers rave about their range so I’m chuffed to have the opportunity to try their products. Here is what I received and my initial impressions:

L to R: Vampira Polish, Tea Rose Polish, Posh Polish, Petite Polish, Coral Polish, Graffiti liners in Brown, Navy Blue and Purple

My first impressions

Vampira looks a tad scary to me at first glance. It’s described as a glossy black with blood red shimmer and that’s exactly how it looks in the bottle. It’ll be interesting to see how this looks on my nails. It looks a little gothic for this time of year.

Tea Rose Polish is just gorgeous. I have already done a blog post and swatch of this one.

Posh Polish is a taupe shade. I have yet to try this one but will report back with swatches when I  do.  To me it looks like am milkier version of OPI Metro Chic – which I love.

Petite Polish is described as a pretty pink lustre. I have it on my finger and toe nails at the moment. Although I like it, it’s very sheer so don’t expect pale pink nails. It’s similar to the effect you get from using a pink toned fresh manicure polish. I will post a picture of what it looks like on the nails this evening.

Coral Polish is well, a bright coral. It looks creamy and cheery. I’ll be giving this one a try this afternoon and will post some pictures.

I have tried the graffiti liner in black and enjoyed using it – until Poppy got a hold of it and chewed the lid to shreds. It made flicking out eye liner a doddle so I was excited to see other shades. I have tried the brown and purple and liked both. I think today it is time for some Navy Blue action. I’ll also post some photos and swatches of these.

All in all I like Eyeko as a brand. I like the quirky way they are packaged and love the consistency of the nail polishes I have tried so far. Other than liner, mascara (which I love) and polishes I haven’t tried any of their other products although their brightening cream looks interesting.

What do you recommend from Eyeko?

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Today’s nails – Eyeko Tea Rose Polish

If you follow me on Twitter then you have probably already heard me blathering on about this nail polish. Well, here’s some more blathering, and a swatch.

Forgive me, it’s just too pretty not to have a mention on my blog.

It’s Tea Rose polish by Eyeko.

Now it’s no secret that I’m a fan of pink but I’m at an age where one must consider the shade of pink one chooses i.e. I don’t want to look like a cheap Barbie. For me this is a more sophisticated pink but still pretty.

As you can imagine I have a ridiculous amount of pink polishes, I seem to gravitate towards them, but this is a different shade to any in my collection. Maybe I should do a post on my pink polish collection Hmm..

I know, I know, I need a manicure.

I just love it. End of.

Application wise this is a dream to apply –  Creamy, smooth, dries fast. One coat would have sufficed but you know me, I layered another just for the fun of it.

This has become my favourite shade of late. It will definitely be in my July favourites video.

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment?

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Eyeko Grafitti Eyeliner

I’m not sure how I feel about felt tip eye liners. I think people  usually love them or hate them but I’m on the fence. The idea is great in theory but I love the ease of a gel liner and the sexiness of a smudged kohl.

Eyeko sent me their Grafitti Liner to try and I have been putting it through the paces.

The colour is a true black with a little sheen. It works just like a felt tip pen (and we know how much I like pens). I thought that this pen would be hard to use due to ink flow whilst applying the product at an angle (like trying to get a pen to work when you write vertically.  Not so. It was easy to apply in that sense.

It creates a thin accurate line. I applied a thin line along my upper lashes and then coloured in the outer corner and built a little flick. Dead easy. No smudging, no blobbing. There might be a problem if you have shaky hands but that could be avoided my putting your elbow on a table when you apply and look down into a mirror.

Once it dried it didn’t smudge. It lasted about 5 hours on my eye before fading.

This is one for those days when you fancy a sharp line. It would be only fabulous with some red lipstick. I think I would by this in the future for when I am in need of a glamour injection, though it wouldn’t be an everyday choice for me.

It costs £5 on Eyeko’s website (also available in Superdrug).

What is your favourite eyeliner formulation?

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Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

I hadn’t tried any Eyeko products when I go this mascara so I was excited to try a brand that was new to me. I had heard good things about this particular product and their glow cream.

Firstly, I gotta’ say I love the packaging. It is what appealed to me first about this mascara. A lipgloss like tube for a mascara? Weird but intriguing.

The wand is great.  It’s narrow and long. It coats every lash, even the tiny ones on the outer corner. Because it’s narrow it’s easy to wiggle behind the lashes, an essential step for those of us with blonde lashes. I have quite long lower lashes which can be a pain to coat with mascara. With this wand my bottom lashes looked fantastic.

Colour wise, it’s a strong black. It dries with a small amount of sheen, no matte lashes.  One coat gives you defined, natural, long lashes. Two coats on my lashes gave a false lash effect. One day last week I attempted a third coat, it did not go well. One coat is really enough for me for day time and two coats at night.


With two coats on top and bottom lashes it gave a wide eyed doll effect. I do need to point out that when the mascara dries on the lashes it impossible to add anymore layers. You need to apply layers before the first coats sets.

I really like this mascara.  It doesn’t clump or flake and makes my lashes look fuller and longer. For night time, the big manga eye effect is also a winner. It didn’t irritate my very sensitive eyes either. The only downside for me is removal. It is a nightmare to get off without using eye make-up remover.

It costs £8 on the Eyeko website. (they also have Eyeko in Superdrug). This is roughly the same as other ‘drugstore’ mascara’s.

I would repurchase this in the future.

Do you have any Eyeko recommendations?


Drugstore Make-up


I have heard so many good things about Eyeko from fellow bloggers and YouTube gurus. It’s a brand that I have never tried. I picked up the highlighting cream in Superdrug a few weeks ago only to put it back 5 minutes later, after all how many highlighting products does one girl need? Turns out, many. I regret putting it back. It has been swiftly added back on to ‘The List’ (you know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend like you don’t work on ‘The List hee hee).

I have also heard good things about both of their mascaras. One of them in particular captured my interest as it comes in squeezy tube. Intriguing, to a make-up junkie anyway. I visited their website recently and perused their boutique. The deem themselves London’s Cutest Beauty and they certainly are cute. The packaging is completely adorable.

Another reason Eyeko attracted my attention in their prices. I am always on the search for good but affordable products (harder to find than one would expect) for both my younger and budget aware readers. I have only seen their products on sale in Superdrug in Ireland but we can order from Eyeko’s website.

Their Spring nail polish collection looks very pretty, I can’t wait to get my hands on these. Lilac, Vintage and Nude look particularly fresh and on trend. Although I always enjoy and Indigo shade.

Have you tried any Eyeko products? Have you any recommendations for me?

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