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NEW 1 Hour Tan: Karora Express Bronzing Mousse


KARORA Supreme Bronzette Express Bronzing Mousse 150ml (bottle and box)


The new tan from Karora, Express Bronzing Mousse, has a quick self-tan development time that allows you to decide how bronze you would like to be. US beauty editors recently referred to it as the “Versace of the tanning world”. With an endorsement like that I had to try it. Well that pic of the girl in their ad…wow, I would love that colour. I would also like that body but I fear it would cost me more than the price of a bottle of tan!  :)

The velvety mousse is easy to apply with a tanning mitt and develops in an hour. Like all rapid tans you will get a better result the longer you leave it on but in one hour you will have a healthy glow. I like products like these since I detest the smell of fake-tan. This way I can rinse it off in rapid time and have the colour without 7 more hours of tan smelling skin. Leaving the product on for two hours gives you a hint more tint.

For a darker bronze it is recommended that you leave the mousse on for three hours. That was fine by me. I applied it in the evening time when I knew I was going out later on. I used a mitt to rub it in at 5pm, had my dinner, did my hair, makeup and chose my outfit. Then I rinsed the tan off at 8pm, applied some nicely scented moisturiser, got dressed and walked out the door and into a taxi  by 8.30pm.

The tan is said to be custom colour so it suits your natural skin tone. It’s not orange, very important. If you have an Irish skin tone like me you will not look ridiculous this Autumn/Winter. The scent is quite delicate, nothing too over-powering. Like any tan worth it’s weight in gold it does have the usual  dha smell whilst developing.

As far as application and developing time goes here are the recommendations:

1 hour: Light Tan

2 hours: Deeper tan

3 hours: Rich dark bronze

The tan also contains botanical extracts, aloe, acai berry, green tea, argan and bergamot oil to renew the skin and help improve your complexion.

The bottom line

I love it!! Sweet lamb of divine this is my new holy grail tan. It goes on better than any tan I have tried, pure luxury. Best of all you can’t possible mess up the application. It doesn’t dry too fast so you have time to blend with the mit. As I mentioned I left it on for three hours and showered it off and the colour was so beautiful! I couldn’t believe it. I had quite a few compliments on my tan too which is always good. I know you’re probably wondering how it lasts. Well for me it lasted 5-6 days before fading. I should point out that I shower twice a day and run regularly so I really put the tan to the test. I moisturise every day and exfoliate once a week so I didn’t change this step at all. Will I repurchase? 100% yes! I think my St Tropez Mousse affair may have finally come to an end.

In the interest of balance I’m trying to think of a downside. It’s definitely one of those tans that you apply at home and stay there until you wash it off. The tan developer needs to be fairly decent to product such a gorgeous colour in such a short time. Most tans need over-night application to get a tan this deep and well I just can’t stand the stink that long. You can also feel the product on your skin after application. For me that just means it’s rich which is necessary in a tan for those with any dry skin. Fast drying, tans tend to cling to me in the wrong sort of way. I’m re-applying this evening so I will start with an exfoliation, then apply, wear my shorts and tea-shirt around the house for 3 hours and rinse. Voila, done for another week.

A bottle costs €29.99 for 150ml. To me that’s a fairly decent price although I tend to compare all tan prices to my St Tropez Mousse which to me is splashing out. It’s available from Doc Morris, McCabes Sam McCauleys and pharmacies around Ireland. It is of course available worldwide.

 Favourite tans at the moment?

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Spray Xen-Tan: My first Spray Tan (at LA Make-up Academy Dublin)

I had my very first spray tan a few weeks ago. The fact that a beauty blogger has never tried one seems strange to people. To be honest I never gave it a second thought.I have been experimenting with tan since I was sixteen and I like to think that I can now apply it properly. This is the main reason I never saw the point in me having a spray tan done. Why pay to have it applied when you can apply it as well yourself? I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I had a Xen spray tan in LA Make-up Academy on Chatham Street. A lovely girl called Lorna looked after the application that day.I was expecting it to be an uncomfortable experience, as most experiences are when one is standing almost naked on front of a stranger. Not so.

Lorna was very friendly and explained everything to me like the spray tanning newbie that I am. The tanning room itself was calming and pretty. There were candles lighting and hot cloths at the ready for make-up removal if I so wished.

I was informed that I could leave my make-up on as the tan can be sprayed on top and still develops. I held on to my own underwear bottoms and passed on the paper thong, I just couldn’t.

The application took about 5 minutes during which I was required to place myself in certain poses to ensure even coverage. Ok, I felt like an eejit, but they see this all the time!

I dried myself off for a few minuted using the air from the compressor and got dressed. I choose an old dress that I was happy to ruin in the name of a good tan. It was also loose so it wouldn’t leave any lines or marks. I was also told to avoid water and  exercise that would cause perspiration until I could shower the tan off in the morning.

I left the building a deeply bronzed yet tacky (as in sticky) woman. It was an extremely humid day in Dublin and the sun was shinning. This didn’t bode well for the no perspiration rule. I made a quick dash for the car.

I have to say that I was a little tanned to begin with. I had the tan applied about 4 weeks after I came back from holiday. I was amazed by the colour. It was olive based rather than golden or orangey and it lasted about six days with daily moisturisation.

I have recently tried the Xen bottle tan (more on this tomorrow) but it’s nothing like the spray tan result.

I will definitely get another one for any events of holidays coming up.

What has been your experience with spray tans?

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How to apply fake tan to your face

I often get asked how to apply tan to your face without it looking false or seeping into pores and lines. These are a few tips from my experience, please feel free to add your own tips my commenting, I’d love to read them.

To avoid the tan seeping into lines moisturise your face with an oil-free products right before application. Pay particular attention to the hairline and edges of the face, again it can look weird if the planes of the face are identical to the skin at the sides of the face. You want to avoid making your face look flat.

Keep the face a tiny bit lighter than the body. It looks a little fake if your the exact same tone all over as it’s normal for the skin on the body to be a slightly different shade to the face.

I would apply the tan to my face using a damp cosmetic sponge – thin, light coverage whilst working fast. This way you can apply a second night for a deeper colour but aren’t left with tan seeping into lines and pores.

So basically moisturise and use a damp sponge haha

What are your tips?

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I can’t live without exfoliating gloves!

I am recording my May favourites later and was gathering the products I needed when I realised that there is one item that I have relied heavily on last month. No fancy creams or expensive make-up just exfoliating gloves.

I have tried quite a few brands of exfoliating gloves but my favourites are from Infinity (have no idea who they are). I found them at my local pharmacy for €2.99. The Penneys version are a bargain at €1.50 but I find them a little too abrasive.

I exfoliate like a mad woman before a sun holiday to prepare my skin. I have tried so many exfoliators. Currently in my bathroom I have L’Oreal Exfotonic (love the smell of this one), St Tropez Body Polish, Fake Bake Scrub, Soap and Glory and a few more that have made their way onto the shelf. I like them all but they don’t work near as well as exfoliating gloves.

I find exfoliating products are great for maintenance of already smooth/exfoliated skin but the gloves are Continue Reading

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Academie Bronz’Express: The results

If you read my last post you know that I was doing some late night tanning with Academie Bronze’Express. You can have a read of that post to see what my initial thoughts were based on packaging, consistency and scent.

Now for the results:

  • The lovely scent that was there on application disappeared in the first hour. It was replaced by an extremely subtle scent of fake tan, probably undetectable by most.
  • It dried instantly. Now I know St Moriz and St Tropez mousse dry fast but this is unbelievable. This means you have to work fast which is fine for tan application pro’s but maybe not so great for beginners.
  • It added colour right away so you could apply it in the day time if the scent didn’t bother you and have a hint of tan right away.
  • As I mentioned in last nights post I exfoliated like a mad woman the night previous to application so I had no problems with the tan bonding to dry skin. There are some tans that are more forgiving if you have not exfoliated. This is not one of Continue Reading
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In the middle of some fake tanning…

I have just covered myself in a new tanning product, well new to me, and thought I would share. Tonight’s  weapon of choice is Academie bronz’express.

I got this in a gift bag from TV3 for being a guinea pig on their Celebrity Salon programme (Celia Holman Lee gave me a facial). I was delighted, I have never tried any of Academie’s products before.

I was expecting this to be rubbish to be honest. It looks watery and like it might sting skin. I know, I’m very judgemental. I decided to stop judging and start trying.

I scrubbed the bejaysus out of my skin last night in the bath so I am looking very pasty Continue Reading

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Save your Pasty Legs…Foundation for your Pins

As many of you know I was was at the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday. I was an honour to get into the top 5 in the Fashion/Beauty category (I will post some photos in the morning). In preparation for the night I decided to apply some St Tropez. Since becoming a brunette I have been relying heavily on the stuff. The application went without a hitch.I showered in the morning, didn’t check out the tan and jumped in the car.

When I put on my dress I realised, to my horror, that my legs were not the same colour as my upper body. I looked ridiculous. I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Leg Makeup in Medium (thank you Andrea). I tried this years ago but it was in the wrong shade for me and I never gave the product another thought. Silly me.

It’s supposed to be like a foundation for the legs rather then just a tanning product. It masks rashes and imperfections on your skin without the plaster wall look. I sprayed it on my legs and rubbed it in with my hands. I then added some Continue Reading