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Kohl Eye Trend – Who’s on Board?

I have a love hate relationship with Kohl. When applied well it can look sexy but when applied with a heavy hand and left unblended it can look very harsh. (thinking of a group of your girls I saw on their way home from school the other day!)

In Summer I avoided Kohl like the plague. I wanted fresh open eyes for the season. But I am happy that the trend has returned for Autumn / Winter. I’m in!

If you look at this shot taken at the Gucci show you will notice the lack of ‘smokey eye’. Yes! Thank Jesus! If I hear the term ‘smokey eye’ one more time I’m going to loose the plot all together.

Basically the artist applied kohl around the entire eye without breaking the line. A word of caution – if you have small eyes, even slightly smaller than average eyes, this look will make them look like raisins. So experiment with a kohl pencil to find a look that suits your eye shape. I would never just copy a trend look without questioning whether or not it suited my features.

What works for me is kohl on the water line, top and bottom, but without connecting them. No rat like eyes for me thank you very much. I am not blessed with the large eyes like this model. But what works for my eyes and features may not work for you. The only way to figure that out is to experiment.

For the Gucci show the entire face is neutral and soft. There is very little eyeshadow to speak of here. After looking at a few of the backstage photos I could see a little bit of pewter shadow added close to the lashline on the inner corner of the eye. Sometimes simple is best.

I shall be rocking the kohl look sans the damned smokey eye this evening, who’s with me?

Fashion & Accessories

Zara visit

I was in Zara today…drooling! haha I saw so many things that I liked. As you may already know, I’ve been trying to control my shopping addiction lately so that I can go mad in the US next month! :) But I couldn’t resist a look.

I love this wool varsity blazer. The fit was fabulous the price however, was not. €100!! Since I bought 2 varsity blazers from ( a few months ago  couldn’t possible allow myself to buy another.

Especially since I haven’t worn the navy one! Blazers are an essential in my wardrobe. I wear alot of pretty dresses and skirts with statment shoes. Blazers add necessary structure to my overall style. I’ve found myself thinking about this item since I left the shop, this is not a good sign for my bank balance! I saw these shoes on display in Zara’s window.

Although I really like them, anything with a strap high on the instep of the foot won’t work on me. I’m quite short so adding ankle straps make my legs look  shorter. I am goin through a little obsession with grey shoes and boots lately. I’m not entirely sure why, I’ve just been drawn to them! My bag in the picture is by Kathy. It was a present from Chicago last year. It’s one of my favourites.  It’s quite heavy to carry (even without anything in it!) but I love the colour and the shape.  I find it quite annoying when the base of handbags are too wide, they’re almost uncomfortable to carry.

zara perfume

I also tested  ALL of their pefumes :) I adore perfumes so of course I gravitated towards this section. I didn’t like most of them but after testing 7 I found one I loved, Lirio de Agua . It’s minimalistic, elegant and classic. According to the sales spiel it was created from orange leaves in top notes, orange blossom in a heart and white musk in a base. Amy x