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NEW | CC Illuminating Foundation & Eye Roll On from GOSH | Review


I know I have been a naughty blogger and haven’t posted in ages. I had some site issues combined with some holidays and well time got away from me. The good news is that I have been testing heap loads of new products in that time and have engaged in a spot of shopping, ok so “a spot” is an understatement but you knew that! I have a lot to share and have been preparing blog posts like the good little obsessive beauty junkie I am. So enjoy today’s makeup musings and I shall be back in the morning to tell you about an amazing lifting treatment and something called ‘the Cinderella effect’. Disney princess’s completely grab my attention.

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Foundation Brush Review – Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I have been meaning to pick up  some Samantha Chapman Real Techniques brushes to try them out. The Expert Face Brush seems to be getting a lot of coverage with YouTube beauty guru’s so I was delighted to have the opportunity to test it out.

Real Techniques brushes are designed by Samantha Chapman (Pixwoo on YouTube). She is an amazing make up artist and I’m sure she wouldn’t put her name to any product that didn’t meet her high standards.

My thoughts

The Expert Face Brush is very firm without being hard or rough. It’s so smooth. I first tried it on my sister when we were recording a tutorial. It has a broad, dense head. I loathe face brushes with long bristles so the density and shortness really appealed to me. It makes it easy to control and amazing for blending product into the skin

You can use this brush for liquid or cream foundation although I have just used the former since I’m not a fan of cream foundation. I pop a few splodges of foundation on my face and then blend with the brush in circular motion. It leaves your skin looking airbrushed. There are no detectable make-up smears in daylight or under bright lights.

The brush also stands on its bottom which is great for my make-up station – it also reminds me to clean it! The quality of the brush is excellent. It’s made as well as any top notch brush I own. It also has a aluminum handle which is light and makes it easy to use. The bristles are made from taklon – yes, I have no clue what that is either but though I would check it in case anyone asked :)

Price & Where to buy

You can buy this brush from Cocktail Cosmetcis Link! It costs €12.36/ £9.95 / $15.23 which is an absolute steal for the quality of this brush. Think I might try more of her brushes.

There is also a video on how to use the brush –  will leave it below to save you the trip :)


Has any tried this? What’s your favourite foundation brush?

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May’s Lust List

As you may already know I’m mad about notebooks and lists. My longest list by far is my make-up wish list. No surprise there but there are usually a handful of products I’m on the urge of buying but am reasoning with myself for whatever reason. Here are a few I am lusting after, and am considering buying. Let me know what you think of these – if you think they’re worth it or not.

Let’s get started!

Sleep-In Rollers I saw these in the window of my local Nail & Beauty Bar the other day and was intrigued. I googled them as soon as I got home and I discovered that they are huge amongst the desperate scousewives community – I’m afraid I’m out of the loop on this one as I have never seen it. I was very interested in waking up with big hair though. They cost €21 for 20, apparently that’s plenty for even thick hair. Not an issue for me – I’ll probably have some left over. I’m off to check YouTube for videos on how to put them in. Majorly sexy obviously.


Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star Amber Diamond Powder

This has been on my list since last November. I had evey intention of buying it at Sephora in Chicago but the sales assistant talked me into Too Faced Pink Leopard Highlighting bronzer instead. I love highlighters but I have quite a few. I’m not sure if this is going to stand out enough to warrant the purchase. It’s €40.25 on Debenhams website with free delivery to Ireland at the moment. It’s usually €44.73. I’m finding it hard to resist. Do I need it?



Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF15

This one is top of my foundation wish list. I filled in the questionnaire on Chanels website to see which foundation was most suited to my skin type and this one was recommended. I have been meaning to try it out anyway so I’m delighted it suits my skin – medium coverage for combination oily skin in need of a radiance boost. That’s me. Have you tried it?



The Balm Nude Tude Palette

I was talking about buying this on Twitter and Facebook last week. I actually ordered but found out the following day that my order didn’t go through. I held off on ordering again, I’m not too sure why. I suppose it feels like a complete over-indulgence to buy something you have so much of – neutral shadows! Let’s face it, I need this like a hole in the head. Yet, I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s the matte shades that really appeal to me. The shades seem quite unique when I checked out the swatches too. Of course I may be just justifying myself :) €33.8o from Feel

What should I splurge on? What’s on your Lust List?

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Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker Review

I’m a huge Benefit Cosmetics fan. There are very few of their products that I don’t love – Boing Concealer being the only one. And even though it didn’t suit my skin type I had to admit that the coverage was amazing.

Well, I now have another product to add to that list, unfortunately. Some Kind-a Gorgeous…

I bought a Benefit sampler  kit at Sephora in December so that I could try this product but also for the mini Hoola bronzer that came with it.


Shade – Medium

Smell: Not great!

Texture: Smooth, velvety

Finish: Cream to powder formulation. Matte, powder finish.

Packaging: Very cute

Coverage: I expected medium coverage based purely on my experience with similar products. It’s lighter than this. It does even the skin tone which is a foundations main job after all. I needed too much concealer afterwards.

Staying power: It doesn’t last long on my combination skin. After a few hours it felt like I needed to powder, yet on application this products left a powder finish on my skin. My chin was oily by lunch and there was no product left there, although it did cling longer to the normal areas of my face.

Price: Expensive. I also think I would fly through the standard pot.I would recommend using your fingers instead of a sponge to make it go further.

Shade range: Awful. Only three. I never complain about Erase Paste only having 3 shades because Medium suits me perfectly. But if you aren’t lucky enough to fit in to the three shades you have to make do being a little off or mix products.

Other issues…

  • The product seems to oxidise on my skin after application. It’s not really a problem if you’re prepared – applying evenly and not being too heavy handed.
  • Came off on my shirt and was hard to wash out
  • Seeped into fine lines – fine lines I hadn’t noticed until I tried this :(

It has to be said, some people really love this product! Maybe it’s just not designed for my skin. Would love to know if you have tried it and what you think.

If you can get your hands on a Benefit sampler pack in Sephora I would recommend trying before buying. For those of you on this side of the water, ask the artist at the Benefit counter to apply some for you and wear for the day before you buy.

Have you tried this? Do you like it? Thoughts on cream to powder foundations?

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Light Touch Foundation by IsaDora

I am a self-professed foundation addict. Ironically, I wear very little of the stuff but I do like to try them…all of them.

I’m a fan of  the natural but flawless foundation effect. This is notoriously hard to come across. I have found Nars Sheer Glow meets these requirements for my skin type but it hasn’t stopped my search for a more affordable option.

With that in mind I have been testing Light Touch Foundation by IsaDora.

The shade I have is 54 Almond which doesn’t really suit the undertones to my skin although the colour isn’t far off. I recommend testing the three closest shades to your own skin before you buy.

The foundation itself is for natural radiance and designed to be a protective moisturiser It’s very sheer, not unlike a tinted moisturiser. Although this is not comparable to my beloved Sheer Glow, it does stand on it’s own. I found that it evened out my skin tone, which is what a foundation should do primarily. It didn’t provide a whole lot of coverage though but then again it’s designed to a ‘light touch’ product. It’s not one for those of you who like medium to full coverage.

My skin is far from perfect and so I require a little more coverage on my chin (thanks the heap loads of scars from old spots!). That being said, I like to keep my overall base sheer and build the coverage or add a concealer to the dodgy areas.

This is fragrance free, tested for sensitive skin  and contains SPF15 which is always a bonus.

This is a good day to day product for those who like sheer coverage.

IsaDora is available in pharmacies nationwide, including Unicare. It costs €19.95.

What do you think of IsaDora?

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Mismatched Foundation – Hate it when that happens

I packed Chanel Pro Lumiere for my trip to Chicago. When I got there, the low humidity and -20 degree temperatures meant that my delicate Irish skin needed about three layers of moisturiser to look human. Unfortunately Pro-Lumiere did not adapt well to these extra layers.

I decided to buy something cheap and cheerful in Target to get me through the rest of the trip. I settled on Revlon Photoready, which I love.

It only cost me $9 in the Target which is about €6.50! Holy moly it’s expensive here in Ireland, three times the price.

That being said we have a major benefit that here in Europe that they don’t have in the US. We have testers. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to choose an appropriate shade without testers. At least in the US when someone buys the wrong shade, opens and tests it they can still return it – that isn’t acceptable here. Boo hoo!

Anways, I settled on shade 004 Nude which seemed to have a yellow base rather than a pink. When I got back to my hotel room and tested the foundation it about two shades too light. I had to get the metro to the nearest Target so I wasn’t about to head back over $9.

All of this made me realise that I really miss having Photoready in  my collection. I’m going to Boots tomorrow to test the shades they have and settle on one that suits my skin right now. The Natural Beige shade I wore in the Autumn is now far too dark. Maybe Nude will suit me in a month or two when my skin lightens a little more.

Do you like Photoready? What foundation are you using now?

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The ins and outs of Stippling

The stippling technique for make-up application is quite popular at the moment. I was asked by a reader to explain the ins and outs of stippling and what I use.

Just in case your new to make-up, stippling is a blending technique used to blend make-up. Many of us have stippling brushes in our make-up collection but you don’t actually need one to stipple. Stippling is really just patting so you can stipple with a make-up sponge or even your fingers.

My preference is to use a sponge. I love the black ones from Make Up For Ever (think they’re called Ellipse sponges), I repurchase these over and over again. I searched google images for a picture of one and could only find the light coloured version. I would have photographed my own except I poured boiling water on it and it shrivelled up :)

It’s a great technique for blending foundation, concealer. I like to use a stippling brush to blend the edges of concealer into the rest of my make-up.

The technique is also useful for layering one product over another. You could stipple on some foundation over your concealer (or vice versa) without disrupting the bottom layer.

As many of you know stippling brushes are also available. These are duo fibre brushes – they contain two different types of brush hairs, in two layers of different length. Some people swear by these and use them religiously to apply their foundation. For me they involve more work for a perfect finish. On an occasion where I have plenty of time to perfect my make-up then I might but on a daily basis I use my fingers or a stippling sponge.


I have the MAC 187. I have also had the Sigma version (F15) €11 , which I have since given to my sister. In my opinion, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two and the Sigma is cheaper so I recommend that one.

A stippling brush is also great for applying cream cheek products like blush, bronzer and highlighters. Although I’m not a huge fan of stippling on foundation, I always used a stippling brush to apply cream blush. It gives that glow from within effect and it looks very natural.

Sigma Brushes

Bourjois, chanel, Foundation, Nars

A Change in Skintype, a Change in Foundation

After a brief fling with Boujois Healthy Mix (review on it’s way!) and a long love affair with Nars Sheer Glow, my skin is demanding a change.

The reason for this demand is that my skin type has completely changed over the past season – I’m putting it down to cold weather and hormones. I have always had combination skin. Normal on the cheeks/forehead and prone to oiliness on my nose and chin. Not any more.

At the moment my skin is

  • Dehydrated – despite tonnes of moisturising products and water
  • Very fine – as Irish skin tends to be. It needs more protection from the elements than thicker skin
  • Prone to congestion – blocked pores on my chin
  • Spotty – on  my chin only, thank you hormones. The spotty areas are very dry, no oil in sight which means no more spot/acne products for me

Nars Sheer Glow is an absolutely beautiful foundation but it just isn’t cutting it since my skin has dried out. I find myself with patches of dryness as the day continues. I will probably return to this old favourite next Summer when my skin is less parched.



Bourjois Healthy Mix is cheap, easy to apply and fresh but it doesn’t provide the coverage I need on the spotty areas at the moment. It also doesn’t last very long on the skin although it is a lovely foundation.


So this left me with the dilema of choosing a foundation, preferably one I had in my collection already. On a whim yesterday I grabbed my bottle of Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation and smeared it on with my fingers after my moisturiser.


Low and behold it looked divine and lasted amazingly well. All day in fact. I loved this when I first bought it but found it took rich for my skin in Spring and Summer. I could feel the foundation on my skin, which I hated. Now that I have dry skin, it overs moisturisation and a barrier from the elements. My skin felt completely protected from the cold.

I think I may re-love it!

A note on my moisturiser of choice lately – I am absolutely in love with Aqua Serum Hydrant and Créme Ylang by PHYT’s. It is designed for thin Celtic skin. They are also organic. I am addicted to their range at the moment… I feel a video coming on!

How is your skin this weather? What foundation and moisturiser have you been using to help?

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Luminess Air Kit

On Friday morning Mr UPS, in his smashing brown shorts, delivered an exciting package. Luminess Air sent me one of their systems to try out. I thought I would give you a little look at what arrived.

I have been wanting to try an airbrushing system for a while so I’m looking forward to figuring it out.















This is the compressor, plug and gun. The plug is two prong so I will have to get a voltage adaptor.















The kit came with four foundation – 2,3,4 and 5. I plan to use the 3 for conceling, the 2 for highlighting and 3 or 4 as foundation contour. Sounds fussy but I’m hoping it’ll be easy.















The Eye Kit box housed a black mascara, a black Calligraphy Liner and a brown one.















Now these look like fun! A primer/moisturiser, a pearlescent highlighter, a bush and a bronzer. The bronzer looks very pigmented with gold reflects. The blush is a pretty pink. I’m not sure about the pearlescent highlighter, I think a very light touch might be the order of the day.















The Eyeshadow Kit is a little alarming. I’m wondering how pecision will be achieved on the eye area so I’m looking forward to experimenting with these. There is an application tips sheet in the box too which should help me a little.















The airbrush itself. Pretty standard and hopefully straight forward.















The kit comes with an instructional dvd (thank god!) and a few brochures with product lists and tips.















Overall I’m excited and a little intimidated. Bring it on! I need to have a good play with this before I am in any position to pass judgement.

What are your thoughts on airbrushed make-up?