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I was in the queue in my local supermarket when from across the isle a selection of Barry M product attached to a magazine caught my eye. I’m such a magpie. I quickly added the magazine to my shopping basket as I was called to the till, without even checking the magazine’s title. Like it was even relevant to me.

When I got home I realised that the magazine was Shout, a teen magazine. The mag was hastily shoved aside while I ripped open the Barry M freebies that came with it. There were four items – a nail polish, a body shimmer, a gloss and an eye/lip pencil.






I assumed the magazine would cost a couple of euro when I flung it in the basket but upon inspection of my receipt I realised that it in fact cost €7.50. Oops. I’m also not sure if the magazine is still available as I bought it last week.

I really like the gloss and it will definitely be used but I’m not mad about the pencil. I used the highlighter a few times this week too, it has a soft sheen rather than gllitter.  I have yet to try the nail polish but I think these products are special editions for the magazine rather than items in their main line.

Magazines are a great way to try out products you were hesitant to spend your money on. Last year I got quite a few great freebies with magazines – L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream (which I didn’t like), Benefit Bad Gal, Benefit eye pencils, Barry M Kohl, Neals Yard Goji Berri Face Cream (brilliant stuff) and so much more. Magazine freebies aren’t offered in the US so we’re lucky over here. That being said, we probably pay much more.

Have you come across any magazine freebies that you have fallen in love with?

Nail Polish/Care

Savile Row by Nails Inc – Free with Glamour Mag!

If you don’t already know, with this months Glamour you get a free full size Nails Inc nail polish. I have three of their polishes in my collection, all three came free with magazines. I actually like them all but I doubt I’d have run out to get them if they weren’t free.

There are 4 shades to pick up (see below). With my magazine I received Savile Row. This is my sort of shade! Perfect for the Winter months.

Nails Inc – Savile Row

And here’s a little swatch – this picture was taken after one coat…

Nails Inc Savile Row

Nails Inc polishes are priced between £11 and £15 on their website… steep! Think I’d rather save my money for OPI. Their nail polishes tend to be creamy and easy to apply and the packaging is quite nice. I just won’t be parting with €18 for one bottle!

Here are the four shades available with Glamour …

L to R: Hampstead Heath (red wine), Warwick Street (baby pink) Saville Row (blackened purple) Jermyn Street (mauvey-grey)

Jermyn Street is looking a lot like OPI Metro Chic – maybe I will pick up another Glamour :)

What shade do you like most?

Bath & Body, DIY Skincare - Make Your Own

DIY Thigh, Bum & Hip Scrub

lemon essential oilThis scrub contains oils that are perfect for bums and thighs. This is amazing for sloughing off dead skin on these areas, revealing fresh skin. The combination of cornmeal, which acts as a great natural scrubber, oils and massage stimulate lymphatic drainage which helps the body eliminate toxins.

All you need:

– 2 tbsp Grapeseed oil
– 6 Drops Juniper Essential Oil
– 3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
– 80g Cornmeal (from your local supermarket)


Mix the oils by shaking them in a bottle or jar with the lid on. Shake well. Pour the oil over the cornmeal and mix until it looks like a gritty paste.

Apply it to damp skin and massage well for at least two minutes. The more energy you put into the massage the better the results. If you want to increase the effects you can use a muslin cloth or massage mit instead of your hands.

You can also use this scrub on your upper arms and feet.

This is one of my favorites. It stimulates my circulation and lymphatic system. It also leaves my skin baby soft for weeks. If your skin is in a bad way and in need of some rescuing try this twice a week for a few weeks.

I keep on top of exfoliation weekly so I only resort to this mask when my skin is in a bad way, usually once of twice every season.

Have you any exfoliation tips you can share with us?



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Help! I need a name…

I used to have natural bath bomb in my soap store but I didn’t like the bomb idea. I wanted something more elegant and luxurious so I started experimenting. Here is what I came up with….

It’s like a bath bouquet. I need your help naming it. As you know my soap store is now called Pink With Natural Potions & Lotions and my soaps names are inspired by fairy tales, legends etc.

Although they look just like bath salts they actually contain an element of bath bomb. When you sprinkle some in your bath they fizzle a little. They also contain…

  • Salt from the Dead Sea – known for it’s skin healing abilities
  • Epsom salts to draw out impurities from the body
  • Sweet Almond Oil to nourish dry skin
  • Rose petals
  • Pure essential oils for sensitive skin.

All natural as usual. I need some help with the name. I’ll give a full size away to the the person who comments with the best name for this goodie. (Click here to see the names already used for my products) I’ll also throw in a natural soap of your choice.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Amy x

General, Giveaways / Competitions

CLOSED! FREE Giveaway – Rimmel Eyeshadow “Intense”

Hi ladies,

This week I will be giving away my favourite Rimmel eyeshadow in Intense. It’s a stunning purple which is bang on trend this season.

To qualify to WIN you must

  • Follow the site (google friend connect in the right sidebar)
  • Leave a comment on the give-away post (open all week)
  • Tweet about the competition (or blog post on your site)
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel – click here
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Last weeks winner is Tanbeautyq (11/02/2010 at 22:34). Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered last weeks giveaway. Good luck this week :)

Winners will be announced at the end of each week. Open Internationally.

Good luck everyone!

Amy x

*UPDATE: Winners – Aine mor (entered 11/4 @ 7.03) Emerdt (16/3 at 11:12) Samia L (22/2 @ 22:14) and Michelle C (18/2 @ 16:21) . Thanks ladies :)

Drugstore Make-up, Face of the day, Reviews

Maybelline Quad – Enchanted Forest

PIC_0110I picked up the Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Enchanted Forrest for a couple of dollars in the US a few months ago.

I have tried a few of the Maybelline quads before and I wasn’t impressed with the quality. But this particular quad came highly recommended. So I decided to give it a go today.

The colours work really well on blue and green eyes. These quads come with instructions on where to apply them. I didn’t follow this. I used the highlight shade on the lid, the lid colour in the crease and then the outer corner colour in well, the outer corner. I used the crease shade under the eye.

the pigmentation isn’t outstanding but it is nice. It’s perfect for day wear. I don’t think they are pigmented enough for a big night out though. They’re soft and easy to apply. Best of all, they are cheap!

Have you tried these yet?

Foundation, Tanning Products

How to wear Foundation with False Tan

I had a question from a reader which I decided to post since there are so many tan lovers out there.

And the question:

“I have blonde hair and fair skin but every foundation I wear on a night out always looks different compared to my tan in pictures what do I do? I see loads of girls with blonde hair and they look fine”

My answer:

The problem could be how the false tan photographs rather than the foundation. My suggestion is to bring whatever foundation you wear onto your neck, face and chest on a night out. That way you photograph evenly. MAC sell Face and Body Foundation for this purpose, Make Up For Ever sells one too.

If you use liquid be sure to powder the neck and chest so the make-up doesn’t transfer to your clothes.

Also check your powder make-up to see if it contains Titanium Dioxide as this would make your face photograph whiter.

It would also help to buy 2 different shades of the same foundation as your false tan won’t be the same colour as it fades each day.

Thank you for your questions :)


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Make You Own Skincare: Yoghurt Hand Mask

This mask is my favourite for smooth and soft hands

  • 1 Tablespoon Rolled Oats
  • 1 Tablespoon Plain Full Fat Yoghurt
  • 1 Teaspoon Almond Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
  • 2 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil

Use a blender or pestal and mortar to grind up the oats. Add all of the other ingredients  and mix well. Apply the mask to damp, freshly washed hands. Relax for 20 minutes. Wash it  off with warm water and finish with some moisturising cream.

I like to do this hand mask at the same time as a cuticle treatment. Click here to see the post in DIY Cuticle Treatment.

DIY Skincare - Make Your Own, Nail Care, Nail Polish/Care

Make Your Own: Warm Cuticle Oil

I am plagues by rough cuticles. I like to whip up my own oil on the weekends. Why spend money when you don’t have to!

  • 60ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 5 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

Warm the olive oil gently until it’s warm (not hot or you’ll scald your fingers off!) Stir in the essential oils. Leave your finger tips to soak for a few minutes. If you cover the mixture when you’re finished you can reuse it a few times.

DIY Skincare - Make Your Own, Skin Care, Tutorials

Smooth Lips Mission

Right, I am sick of dry, flakey winter lips! I find it so irritating that every lipstick I apply looks awful because of the state of the skin underneath. Usually I apply Carmex at night and that does the trick. In Winter it’s not enough, thank you fussy lips!

Why? It’s probably because down to freezing temperatures, icy winds and central heating. No doubt there are thousands of you in the same boat. So I am on a mission to get rid of the dead skin and have smooth lips.

Today I raided the kitchen presses to find something I could use as an exfoliant. I wouldn’t use an abrasive scrub since the skin on lips is quite thin and fragile (I did try it a few years ago and my lip started bleeding, ooops!)

Get to it: I settled for baking soda. I put half a teaspoon into the palm of my hand and rubbed a damp toothbrush on it. I gently rubbed the toothbrush back and forth for about 15 seconds. Rinse and done!

Result: It loosened the  flakey, dead skin and left my lips softer. Brushing my lips seemed to  increase circulation temporarily and left my lips plump for a while, I love delightful side effects.

I’ll be doing this regularly, I love the feeling of smooth lips. I would advise that you do this over the sink to avoid mess.

Giveaways / Competitions

It’s been a busy Saturday

I have had such a busy day today. I thought I’d share :)

I took 3 make-up bookings today. The first one was for a wedding in Kildare. I love bridal work, it’s like a dream job helping a woman look her best on her special day. The second one was for a make-up party, a few ladies looking for a Christmas party look, fun, fun, fun! The third one was for a lady who wants a make-up lesson. I love doing make-up lessons, I’m not entirely sure why but I love working one to one with people, getting to know them a little and creating their perfect make-up look. Chatting and make-up, what more could Amy want?! :)

I also had a mental amount of cleaning to do (boring!!)

I also continued my preparations for the make-over day. I visited a cool studio this afternoon. They film some of Off the Rails and Expose there. How cool! It was a great space, with lots of natural light and a great make-up area. I can’t wait to get some girls in there and get started on some make-overs. I forgot to mention, I’ll be choosing the five girls this week.

Click here if you live in in Dublin and could like to enter.




After a busy day (well bust for the weekend) I’m off for some well deserved R&R :)

Have you any nice plans for the weekend?

Amy x