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Lifesaver! ElevEase – the Shower Foot Rest

I have been enjoying my Elevease Shower Foot Rest for the past few weeks now. You may have heard me raving about it on Twitter and quite a few of you were asking to see it and for a full review.

Elevease is basically a ledge for your shower that you rest your foot on to apply false tan, shave your legs etc.

I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t benefit from this, especially fake-tanners. I also have to add that if you have a bump and find it harder to reach your feet this is fantastic for applying nail polish to your toes!

It fits in the corner of any shower at knee height. It also has a built-in slot to hold your razor, always handy. It comes with instructions and adhesive. I measured the height of mine with a ruler, marked the tiles with a pencil and applied the adhesive. You hold it in place for 3 minutes and then leave to try for 24 hours. Easy.

The chrome version costs €24.99 / $33.99 and the white €19.99 / $26.99 from from if you’re in the US.

Love this one!

Hair Removal

Testing Time – Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction system

It’s time for some testing…again.

This time it’s the Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light hair reduction system. I’m quite excited about this one. The idea of achieving long term hair reduction at home sounds good to me!

I have taken a few photos of the product itself so you can have a closer look at what’s involved.



The system itself is expensive at £331.90 but I have seen the system reduced at times with special offers. If it works I would consider it money well spent. It’s also cheaper than the Philips version by about €100.

I read the information leaflet that accompanied the system this morning over a cup of tea and there are a few things that stood out to me…

  • Smooth Skin cannot be used on blond, grey or red hair
  • You have to cover moles with a white pencil to protect them. The system does not include a pencil. They also recommend using a pencil to mark where you have treated. This sounds a bit annoying but we’ll see.
  • You have to shave your legs before treatment and the pain is minimal if you use the conducting gel
  • You can’t expose the treated area to the sun for 24 hours

I will give full information on how the product works etc in the video review. In the meantime, click here to read all of the information you need about the product and reviews.

I will start testing on Monday and keep you updated on my progress every few weeks. When I have finished a course of treatment (12 weeks) I plan to record a video review.

Come on smoothness!!

Would you consider laser hair removal?

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Musings about Hair Removal – What do you think?

I find hair removal such a chore these days. I’m a bit of an obsessive hair remover and I used to enjoy the process but lately I dread it. With this in mind I though I would have a little rant about hair removal options and get your opinion.

Bear in mind that this is just my experience with hair removal methods. I’m no expert and like everyone else have learned though trial and error… a lot of error!



I can’t stand the long, hairy wait before a waxing. This is enough to put me off! The first time I had my legs waxed in a salon the beautician left bruises, not good. Needless to say I switched to another salon and had no such problems. It’s expensive if you rely on a salons services.

As far as waxing at home goes, I tried it once and it ended in tears. I applied a wax strip  under my arm and then couldn’t get the right angle to rip it off. There was also no one else at home. I ended up peeling it back little by little. The result? Patches of smooth skin mixed with patches of tissue trauma… there was blood! Yes, I’m an idiot.


Home Laser Hair Reduction Systems

I have heard a few YouTube beauty guru’s and bloggers talking about the Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System. It costs a bomb –  £325! (couldn’t find euro price). Apparently it reduces hair growth after a course of treatments. Boots say that it may not work on blonde hair so this would mean that my legs are out of the question but perhaps I could use it elsewhere. £325 is a bit of a risk though! Have you tried it or heard anything about it?

I found a little google image..



Laser Hair Removal

The idea of being hair free permanently is what attracts me to laser hair removal. I know for many, it’s more a hair reduction than a removal but I would settle for that. It’s obviously an expensive option (although I’m seeing ads everywhere for clinics offering 80% reduced price). It also requires repeat visits but then again, any form of hair removal requires maintenance.

The cost is what has put me off laser hair removal in the past. I also have blonde hair  on my legs and I was told a few years ago that laser would not work on me. I did consider under arm and bikini though. As far as I know there is more advanced technology now.

Bottom line – I’m seriously considering it.



I just hate shaving. My skin is sensitive, dry and prone to ingrown hairs so I have to exfoliate  like a crazy woman. Despite a decade plus experience with shaving I still manage to cut myself every time! I don’t mind using a razor for touch ups in the Summer – if I have waxed or epilated and have a few sneaky little guys growing back but I don’t like relying on them. I also hate ladies razors, they never work as well as mens. Mach 3 all the way :)


Hair Removing Mitts:

Yeah right! I bought some of these last year – they did a great job of exfoliating but did very little in the way of hair removing, for me anyway. I’d be interested to hear if these worked for anyone else.



Any of you that read my blog regularly will have heard me rave about the Braun Silk Epil. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts like a mother but the results are fantastic. People told me it would become less painful –  so I waited, and waited, then waited some more. No such luck for me! It’s still torture.

I would imagine that the experience is quite an individual thing – some people think it barely pinches, others run out of the bathroom crying. I’m the latter.  I just can’t bear it at the moment. At least in the Summer you have a goal in mind, right now I just couldn’t put myself through the pain!


Depilatory Creams:

How many of us spend a fortune on Veet and Nair?! I use it on my brows and in summer on the white fluff on my arms (hope no men ever read this post haha). This is my favourite for instant results – smooth, easy, no pain. It has a major downside for me! It only lasts 24 hours before I can feel regrowth. Ok so it might be days before I actually see anything but I hate the feel!

It’s quite an expensive method of hair removal when you consider how much of it you use in one application. I have tried some cheaper brands and haven’t found them as good. If you have come across anything let me know.


I’m a lost cause!

What is your favourite method of hair removal?

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Just a little hair removal update…

It’s that time of year again, skirts, shorts and dresses. Fantastic as that may be there is one downside, obsessive grooming. I’m quick finicky about grooming anyway and rely on my epilator (Click here to see my post on epilating ) but this time of year poses a little problem.

I’m going on holiday soon and want to have smooth epilated legs for the trip. Unfortunately that means there has to be hair there to remove. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the sun in shining and I will have to wear jeans. Ah the plight of the modern woman. At least we don’t have to worry about whale bone corsets and plague!

I could just cave and use the razor but on holiday my skin ends up irritated beyond belief. For me epilating is the best method of hair removal.

Click here to see my post on epilating and my favourite epilator

What method of hair removal are you relying on this summer?

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Epilator: Torture or Saviour?

I recorded a video while back documenting my experience with my epilator (see below). I decided to do a little update on the whole epilating agony in case any of you are pondering this for Summer.

I use the Silk Epil by Braun. It’s expensive but it hurts alot less than the cheaper ones I have tried. I once had a Philips version with an ice pack, it was absolute agony. I nearly fainted!I bought the Braun one in an electrical shop in London for £75 last August. It was one of my best buys of 2009.

I only need to epilate every 2 months now. Towards the end of the second months I usually resort to Veet hair removal cream on some small patches while I wait for the rest to return (Yuck!)

To be honest it’s still agony but it does get a little less painful each time. Every time I epilate there is a patch of hair that stays bald even when the rest grows.The hair growth is much lighter and very sparse. I’m all for epilating until I go down the laser hair removal route. As I mentioned in the video, I hate the ‘in-between’ waxes phase. It’s way too long for me. Silky legs are not a luxury for me, that are a necessity.


Do you epilate? What methods of hair removal do you use?