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Hair Extention Options

I have made my piece with my shorter hair. However, there are some days that I’m really not feeling the cut. On those days I would love to have the option of hair extensions. It might only be once a week or so but I miss the variety that same with having longer tresses.

My clip-ins take too long to put in on a daily basis now because I have to focus so much on hiding the short hair underneath. I also only own one pack, which was perfect when my hair was long and I just wanted to add some thickness but now one pack won’t cut it (pardon the pun).

I’m not sure what direction to head in so I added some information in on the types of extensions I’m considering. Opinions and advice are very welcome!


One-Piece Hair Extension


I googled ‘one-piece hair extentions’ and came across the ones above, there from

And the Jessica Simpson version…



Jessica Simpson Pony Tail

The pony tails cost less than €30 if you buy online (again, I just googled places that sold her range). They’re not made of human hair so styling isn’t an option but it looks fun for occasional use.


Clip-Ins: As I mentioned before, I have Pink Label hair extensions which have one major flaw for short haired girls – there are 3 wide wefts (that don’t reach the full way around my head) and one small for the nape of the neck (sell below). This means you have to be very creative about layering them to hide short hair. It takes far too much time. If I buy more clip ins I will opt for a pack that contains 8 wefts, a few of which are narrow. In retrospect I would also only buy single row extensions as my hair is fine. Thick hair extensions may look amazing in the pack but they don’t suite fine, thin hair – you’ll see the top.

Halo / Flip-Ins: Ok so this is a bit of an eighties phenomenon but it has been revived. I couldn’t find any images of the halo / flip-in I’m afraid but a salon sent me their before and after picture (below). They are basically one hair piece on a wire, the wire sits on the front of your head like a halo. The good thing about these is that they’re easy to pop in, they also go ear to ear which is good for those of us with short hair. I’m just a bit dubious about the wire sliding off my head as you move around. I’d love to hear your experiences.


So what do you think?


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My New Short Hair… finally!

As you know I had my hair chopped off in early December. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I cried for a solid 24 hours after the chop. I know that sounds a little dramatic, I didn’t realise how attached I was to my long hair.

I had hundreds of requests to show you some photos of the cut and I kept putting it off. The time is now :)

Here are some photos of me in Chicago (5 weeks ago)

After 9 hours in the airport…


Squinting in the Estée Lauder make-up chair at Macy’s, Water Tower…

And the back (styled it myself and made a mess of it)…


Scoffing gross airplane food, but scoffing it regardless…

Here is how it looked last week (one month on):


I’m in a state of hair grief but I don’t hate the cut.  After a month of growth the shorter layers became much easier to manage. If I could turn back time I would still get it cut to this length but I wouldn’t ask for such short layers. At least it looks healthier (I’m reaching now!).

What do you think? Be gentle :)

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The Bed-Head Bob – What are your thoughts?

I mentioned on Twitter last week that  I was pondering over a new hair style. I received quite mixed responses. Many of you that had gone for the chop regretted it later.

The bed-head bob always appeals to me. It still leaves you with length at the front and the sexy out of bed angle is a far cry from the 90’s ‘wife of a politician’ bob.   I have never been brave enough!

I came across some photos of celebs donning the infamous bed-head bob and I find myself considering the chop…

Scarlett Johansson


Victoria Beckham



Kiera Knightly


January Jones


I’m just gona’ come right out and say it – I was January Jones’ hair and I want it now!

I know people say that when you have long hair you can do so much with it but the reality for me is that I just don’t. My hair is either straight or wavy, that’s my repertoire (if you could even call it that!). I lack the skills to attempt anything different. My hair is currently just ‘long hair’. It doesn’t have a style as such and it sometimes hinders being stylish.

As I’m constantly reminded by my hairdresser parents –  ‘Life is too short and hair grows!’  I take that to mean – just do it already. If it’s that simple then why am I starting to perspire?!

What do you think?

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How to Create Sexy Waves

I am a huge fan of sexy hair. It takes me about 6 minutes to do but it looks like I made no effort (which I like). There is nothing precise about it, it’s a bit of  a messy do. Enjoy!