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In and Out: April

Here is my April  ins and outs. I’d love to know yours. Spill!


Video making: I’m feeling inspired lately. I have quite a few videos planned and I’m really looking forward to recording them.

MAC pro card: It has not been used in ages!  What is wrong with me? I have been perusing MAC’s website and compiling a shopping list. I’m having trouble narrowing it down… it’s to be expected.

Dabbing lipstick: I’m dabbing instead of smearing these days for a stained look. I want to look au naturale.

Sim 3: Addictive. I bought Professor Layton’s Curious Village but I’m useless at thinking outside the box so that was a waste of money.I wish that Bullfrog would re-make Theme Hospital. That game got me through the awkward teenage years. I also love Sims: The Urbz for Nintendo DS, I have completed it but I’m pondering starting again. Continue Reading


Morning Waffle…

I fancied a chat about rubbish and I couldn’t think of a better outlet than you ladies. Here are a couple of things that are on my mind this morning:

The mother of all breakouts: I’ve been informed “that’s all the badness comin’ out of ye”(read in Dublin accent). That may be true but a girl deserves a break once in a while. I have decided to put the breakout down to two things, hormones and poor diet. I’m quite lazy about eating and find I need to remind myself that my body needs nourishment, man that is so lazy.

Trying to find a decent book: Every book I have read since the Twilight saga has been a huge let down. As a result I have read the saga a few times over.  I don’t even know what genre I like anymore, I’m going through a reading transition. The horror, thriller and crime books I once lived on don’t appeal to me anymore. Any recomendations?

Planning a little visit to MAC over the next few days: I. do. not. need. any. more. make-up! Blah blah blah… After my flit around BT’s in Galway City I feel like giving the aul’ MAC Pro card a bit of a bashing. A light bashing.  Maybe a gentle tapping. We’ll see.

Cupcakes: Love the idea of them, buy them regularly and am always disappointed. I picked up the prettiest little lemon coloured one the other day. It was unbelievable pretty (I’m ashamed to admit that it also went with my dress that day haha). I poured myself a cup of tea and dug in. I regretted it right away. Who puts philadelphia cream cheese on cupcakes? Savoury cupcakes? I don’t get it. That’s what you get for trying to find fine foods in your local Spar Amy!

Redecorating my bedroom: I have felt a wee bit of a revolution building lately. The first stage of that was wanting to change my hair. I realise now that this was a bit of self cleansing project, a means to wipe the metaphorical slate clean. Stage two  is home redecoration. I’m taking on my bedroom next week, I want a country cottage room in my suburban house. Too much to ask for?

Cleaning: This goes hand in hand with my ‘wiping the slate clean’ mentality. Since I’m on the topic, Barry Scott is a liar. Cilit Bang is sh#*!

I’m glad I got this off my chest. What’s on your mind this morning?


In and Out: March

I love reading these posts so please share your current ins and outs so I can have a nosy!


Cream Blush – Is it just me or powder looking hideous in the harsh Spring light here. Cream blush is my new addiction (video coming). I’m trying to get that light, natural flush lately. I’m sure it’s just one of my fads but for now, I love!

Mascara on my bottom lashes – This might be an everyday occurance for many of you but not for me. My lashes are very curly and almost white (enter love for eye lash tinting products) so when I apply mascara to my lower lashes it can look quite dramatic. As a result I tend to save it for night time make-up. But lately I have been wearing 17 Va Va Voom on my lower lashes during the day and I like it. When I do this during the day I avoid liner and instead opt for a soft smudged shadow.

Pastel nail polish – I think you’ll agree, perty nails make us smile! Although I didn’t like the formulation of Collection 2000 Continue Reading


In and Out: February

As you know, I love reading ‘in and out’ posts. Here’s mine for February.


  • Using airbrush foundation with my fingers, the epitome of laziness but works surprisingly well
  • Bright Lip Colour – I’m traditionally a neutral lip colour addict but Spring calls for something more perky. I’m getting brave!
  • House of Tiny Tearaways – I’m just addicted. Cup of tea, a Kellog’s Ginger Bake and Dr Tanya Byron.
  • Blogs – I love reading blogs, beauty, make-up, fashion, style…love ’em all


  • Heavy powder – Harsh day light does nothing for a powdered face, so unflattering. Less is definitely more when it comes to powder
  • Dry hands – A combination of central heating, cold, windy Ireland and dish washing is making my hands feel like crisp packets. I’m sick of putting on hand cream. Dry hands makes the world feel gross. It’s the one thing that puts me in bad form because I hate the feel of everything I touch when my hands are parched. Rant over.
  • My hair – it’s so thin and lifeless now, love the highlights Mammy gave me though

What are you ins and outs? Come on, I have to know :)


In and Out 2

This weeks Ins and Outs:


Taking care of my skin: I have been quite lazy about skin care over the last few years, ahem, decade. It routine consisted of makeup wipes, neutrogena 2 in 1 and spot cream. Although I was enticed by lovely skin care products I wasn’t willing to put the time in to pamper my skin. Well, I’m a changed woman. I bought myself a Liz Earl Skincare set and got the Clinique Acne Care set for Christmas so I’m set. I have been really enjoying giving my skin some time and care. It’s quite theraputic. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this!

MUFE HD Foundation: I’m converted. I don’t even need primer under this foundation. I’m very happy I gave it a second chance.

Saving: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m looking forward to saving up some money this year. I’m not going to buy obsessively. I’m going to enjoy what I have and save my money for a nice holiday. I won’t deny myself the occasional makeup product though :)

Snow: I’m loving the drop in temperature. I love the fresh air that comes with snow days, it reminds me to breath.


Stress: Hairloss, weight loss, sleep deprivation. Enough is enough.

Migraines: Damn photo-sensitivity! The low level sunlight in Winter triggers awful migraines. I look like such an eejit wearing sunglasses whilst walking the dog this time of year.

Taking down Christmas Decorations: I loathe this task, with a passion. It’s so much fun putting up the decorations. Taking them down is bit miserable. I think I’ll tackle it this evening. I”ll put on a movie as I’m boxing things away to take the edge off it :)

I love reading these posts so if you have done one leave me a link, I’d love to have a read of yours!