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New coat – Roadtested in Howth

I have always had a variety of coats in my wardrobe but last year I had to do a major clear-out. Nothing in my press fit me anymore and as result every coat that was even a tiny bit too big went to the charity shop. Replacing my clothes was an expensive pleasure but basics took priority. When it reached Spring and my winter coat was too warm I realised that I had no Spring coat. As we in Ireland know, we often need a light coat in Summer. On Anna’s recommendation I wanted a navy mac. Every one I tried on was too wide on the shoulder or too long (the petite ranges out there are deplorable!). I finally found this one in Diesel.

I spent the afternoon in Howth and a coat is nearly always required in Howth thanks to the wind. The mac cost €80 and I picked mine up in the Blanchardstown centre. Ignore the walking boots, I was trudging through sludge.


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Yes to Carrots Eye & Face Make-up Remover: Yes, Yes, Yes!

In my next video – my favourite affordable make-up and beauty products, I declare undying love for Yes to Carrots Eye and Face Make-up Remover. It’s a string statement to make about a cleanser so I thought I ought to explain myself.

The good:

  • Paraben Free
  • Creamy
  • Affordable –  €8.91 for 250ml
  • Decent amount of product – 250ml to be exact
  • Nice soft scent
  • Doesn’t irritate my current sensitive skin
  • No need for cotton wool, it washes off (I use a muslin cloth for added exfoliation)
  • No oily residue – I haven’t been toning! Oh the horror!
  • Gentle on eyes
  • Removed every screed of eye make-up
  • Easy to find; chemists, Boots, some Supermarkets. It appears to be sold worldwide. Check out their website for more information:

The bad:

  • I can’t think of any! I suppose the bottle is so big that it would be no good for traveling (but that’s really reaching for a fault! Maybe they offer travel size options)

According to the website Yes to Carrots products are for normal to dry skin. I have combination skin; normal with an oily chin (annoying) and this product hasn’t made my skin oily or greasy at all. Apparently Yes to Tomatoes is for oily to combination skin, Yes to Cucumbers for normal to sensitive skin.

As long as this cleanser keeps my skin in it’s present condition I shall be repurchasing this til the cows come home! Thank you little sister for buying me this one.

It makes me wonder about the rest of the All About Carrots range. Have you tried any?

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Bridal Series: Midday Brides

Brides who are getting married in the afternoon should factor in that the Midday sun can cast shadows on your face. There are a few steps I recommend to help your make-up photograph well.

Foundation: Choose a light weight foundation without sheen. Dewy make-up is best for morning brides. Wear as little foundation as you can get away with as this is the time of day that it will show most. Blending is the most important step with foundation. Ensure your foundation matches  collarbone. Bring the foundation on to your neck so your face and neck photograph the same colour.

Powder: Use a finely milled matte powder to finish the skin. It will keep your make-up on all day and ensure that your skin looks great in photographs. Some translucent powders contain Titanium Dioxide which tends to make the face look whiter in photographs. It is best to avoid these powders on your wedding day. Blending is key here.

Blush: Use a soft shade that compliments your skintone. Powder blush is best for oily skin whilst normal or dry skinned brides can get away with cream blush.

Eye Make-up: As the light casts shadow at this time of the day it is important that your eye make-up isn’t too dark. You could end up looking like your eyes are pieces of coal in photographs, not a good look. Use a highlight shade to open your eye (nothing frosty, shimmery is ok) I would recommend that you keep the  lid shade and crease shade matte to avoid an over shiny eye in your photos. click here to read about what eyeshadows accentuate your eye colour

Eyeliner: If you decide to wear some keep it thin so it doesn’t take over. For a softer look press some eyeshadow into the lash line. Avoid lining the water line as this will close in your eye and it will dominate your look at this time of the day.

Mascara: Ensure you coat both sides of the lashes. People often forget the back of the lashes, this can look odd. Particularly if you have fair hair. False lashes look amazing on every bride. They can be very subtle but make an enormous difference to the size your eye appears. They also add a touch of glamour.

The most important thing is to blend, blend, blend.

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Sale Shopping

Christmas sales are in full swing. This means that I have been on the hunt for the ‘good sales’. The ones that don’t take old stock from a decade ago, put it on the rack and expect us to pay €10 for it, I don’t think so! In a good sale I expect to see this seasons stock on sale, not random bikini tops (without bottoms) from 1999…Ms Selfridge, take note!

With that in mind here’s a little guide to the Christmas sales

  • Boots have halved the price of all their Christmas gifts.
  • Debenhams sale is worth a look, good bargains. If you don’t fancy queuing check out their website.
  • McCabes pharmacy is selling off their perfume gift sets at a reduced price
  • A-Wear seem to have a good sale on at the moment, at least it doesn’t appear that they have dragged out old stock from 1992!
  • H & M have quite a number of sale racks. Granted they seem to be summer stock, but I did pick up a pretty lemon blouse and a nice scarf.
  • I always enjoy the Next sale. They discount a lot of their stock. I got quite a few nice staple pieces last year. (Although I haven’t heard great things about their sale this year)
  • are having a 50% sale at the moment. I’m off to have a look in a few minutes, can’t wait!
  • I have been informed that Jane Norman have 50% their sale stock
  • River Island have some good offers on at the moment, but the nice stuff is going fast!

I know where I’m heading :)

Did you find any good bargains in the sales?

Bath & Body

You can now buy my natural goodies!!


I’ve decided to give the people what they want! Haha I got so many comments telling me to put my homemade natural goodies up for sale, so I did as you asked. I’m a good girl :)

I’ll leave them up for a few weeks and see how it goes. Everything will be handmade to order so please bear that in mind.

A big thank you to my best friend for putting the paypal part of the site together and taking pictures of everything. And another thank you to my little sister Eimear for being such a huge help.

A HUGE thank you to all you for your encouragement and ideas. I never would have tried this without you! Your support has been amazing.

Click here or go to the Amy’s Bath & Body link on the right hand side of my blog page.

Amy x


Natural Products Update

A few weeks ago I posted a piece about my natural bath and body experiment. For anyone who didn’t read that particular post, I started making my own natural, essential oil soaps and cream. Click here to see the post and some pictures.

I couldn’t believe the response I received, it was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback, I was delighted to see so many people shared my views on natural skin care.

I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my skin since I’ve stopped using chemical laden products. My skin is no longer dry and the bumps on the backs of my arms are gone (as you all know by now).

The general consensus from you all was that I should sell them on my blog. Well this got me thinking. I thoroughly enjoy making my soaps and lotions. I could stand over a pot for hours, stirring and blending oils. It’s very therapeutic.

Thanks to all your encouragement I have decided to put my goodies up for sale on my blog. I am so excited about this. I love all of the therapeutic soaps I’ve been making (well at least the ones I have made again and again!) and they are now the only products I use on my skin so I am so happy to be able to share the love :)

Thank you all for your support and encourgement. I would never have thought to do this without you!

Amy x

Links to past video about my experiment:

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Make-up on a budget


I am often asked about what make-up to buy if you’re on a tight budget. I get asked this question so often from Irish ladies that I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think there is any one great drugstore brand. I tend to pick and choose from each brand. After much testing (haha) I have decided that each brand has their strengths and weaknesses; for example Natural Collection make great lipsticks but poor eye-shadows.  Revlon is my overall favourite drugstore/pharmacy make-up brand. However, it is more expensive in Ireland (colourstay costs €17! Add a few euro to that and you could buy yourself a high end foundation)

  • Concealer: Essence Trio, Maybelline
  • Nail Polish: Essence, Rimmel
  • Powder: Rimmel Silky Loose Powder
  • Lipgloss: Essence, Bourjois 3D
  • Foundation: Revlon, Boots 17, Rimmel, Max Factor
  • Blush: Collection 2000
  • Mascara: Collection 2000 (purple tube) if you’re after Dior Show but can’t afford it. Maybelline Lash Stilleto is my favourite.
  • Lip Liner: Natural Collection
  • Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel
  • Eye liner: Loreal
  • Highlight: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer
  • Bronzer: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer , Barry M, Rimmel, Natural Collection
  • Eye-shadows: Ok this is the one area I recommending spending a little more. I am happy to buy cheaper brands for most make-up items, but not eyeshadow. The reason for this is that they tend not to be very pigmented or long lasting. I do love Barry M Dazzledusts though.

What are your favourite drugstore items?

Giveaways / Competitions

This Weeks Giveaway – Crystal Rocks Lipgloss



Hi ladies,

This weeks giveaway is Maybelline Watershine Lipgloss in Crystal Rocks

To qualify to WIN you must

  • Follow the site
  • Leave a comment on the give-away post (open all week)
  • Tweet about the competition (or blog post on your site)
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Last weeks winner is Lisa T Submitted on 2009/11/09 at 5:08am. Congratulations, if you email me your address I will pop your Maybelline Lipstick in the post tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who entered last weeks giveaway. Good luck this week :)

Winners will be announced at the end of each week. Open Internationally.

Good luck everyone!

Amy x

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Personalised Video Make-Up Consultations

I’m so excited to offer tailor made personalised make-up makeover videos. These videos will be created based on your needs, look, style, colouring.

Watch this quick video to see why I decided to offer this service. People say I talk to much haha!

[flv: 454 255]

To find out more or to contact me click here

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Revlon Tropical Temptation – Perfect for a Summer Holiday

I’ve been wanting to buy this Revlon nail polish for months! I saw it in Cosmopolitan Magazine in February and I loved it. However, when I went into Boots to get it, it looked insanely bright under the harsh lights and I chickened out!

I’ve had it in my hand at least 6 times since then and always put it back on the shelf.

Yesterday I decided to give in and just buy it and I love it!! :) Perfect for summer! It’ll be perfect on Holiday!

What’s your favourite nail polish?