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Isa Dora Spring Make-up..

You have probably heard me yapping about my love for Isa Dora cosmetics when I was a teenager. Last year I made a Product Rave video about their blush (posted below). Well now they have a few products lined up for Spring and I have been dabbling. Oh how Amy likes to dabble.

The collection is called Pearls of Passion


Wonder Nail Polish (€7.95)


Eye Shadow Quartet ‘Rainbow Pearls’ €13.50


Glow Stick Blusher – Rose Petal (€15.50)

Twist-up Metallic Eye Pencil (€10.95)

This bracelet comes free with any 2 purchases…

Some swatches…


Here is my Porduct Rave video on the Glowstick – I also apply it on camera to show you what it looks like.


And a swatch on my arm for shade reference – one needs to be thorough :) …

My thoughts so far:

  • Love the nail polish. At first glance I thought it was just another lavender shade but when I saw the reflects I was thrilled. It looks absolutely beautiful on (I’ll swatch it later and post in the morning). If a garden fairy were to choose a nail polish this would be for her.
  • The bracelet is completely wearable. In fact, I have worn it twice this week. It’s good quality – not what you expect for a freebie.
  • The blush… well, the video speaks for itself. I also included it my Spring favourites video before I knew they were re-promoting it.
  • The eyeshadow palette isn’t like the ones I used to collect as a teen. This palette in particular is very shimmery. If you’re into shimmer than you might like. I would also recommend an eye base to avoid fallout. I like the goldy shade the most. I applied it over a paint-pot and it looks beautiful on blue eyes.


Isa Dora is available in pharmacies around Ireland. (My local Unicare stocks the full range).

Any thoughts on Isa Dora?

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Product of the month: Isa Dora Big Bold Mascara

I have been using Isa Dora’s new mascara Big Bold for the past 3 weeks. I won’t beat around the bush – it’s great.

What I liked most:

  • The volume – huge lashes! It’s also buildable.
  • Quickness – One coat and out the door. Yes, really. No waiting for layers to dry etc.
  • The softness of my lashes – I loathe the feeling of anything plasticy. This mascara left my lashes touchable
  • No smudging! Woo hoo!
  • The brush –   lifts at the roots; I have tried a few mascaras lately that add volume but leave the root flat and uncoated. The brush is  made up of long and short brushes which coats your lashes fast and evenly.

  • Fragrance free and opthalmologically tested for those of us with annoyingly sensitive eyes.
  • The price – €8.95 initially, to celebrate its launch. The normal RRP of €14.95 is fairly decent for this product though.
  • Widely available in chemists in Ireland

For this photo I applies only one coat. I tried and tried to get a photo that would show how the mascara at its best but I didn’t succeed.


It reminds me a little of Dior Show. I have recently picked up Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash and although they are completely different types of mascaras, I like both equally. Big Bold is more akin to a high-end product than a drugstore one.

I would definitely repurchase!

What’s your favourite mascara at the moment?

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Light Touch Foundation by IsaDora

I am a self-professed foundation addict. Ironically, I wear very little of the stuff but I do like to try them…all of them.

I’m a fan of  the natural but flawless foundation effect. This is notoriously hard to come across. I have found Nars Sheer Glow meets these requirements for my skin type but it hasn’t stopped my search for a more affordable option.

With that in mind I have been testing Light Touch Foundation by IsaDora.

The shade I have is 54 Almond which doesn’t really suit the undertones to my skin although the colour isn’t far off. I recommend testing the three closest shades to your own skin before you buy.

The foundation itself is for natural radiance and designed to be a protective moisturiser It’s very sheer, not unlike a tinted moisturiser. Although this is not comparable to my beloved Sheer Glow, it does stand on it’s own. I found that it evened out my skin tone, which is what a foundation should do primarily. It didn’t provide a whole lot of coverage though but then again it’s designed to a ‘light touch’ product. It’s not one for those of you who like medium to full coverage.

My skin is far from perfect and so I require a little more coverage on my chin (thanks the heap loads of scars from old spots!). That being said, I like to keep my overall base sheer and build the coverage or add a concealer to the dodgy areas.

This is fragrance free, tested for sensitive skin  and contains SPF15 which is always a bonus.

This is a good day to day product for those who like sheer coverage.

IsaDora is available in pharmacies nationwide, including Unicare. It costs €19.95.

What do you think of IsaDora?

Tanning Products

Another great product from Isa Dora – Matte Bronzer & Body Brush

Another winner from Isa Dora. This time it’s  Matte Bronzing Powder & Body Brush.

Holy moly, it’s big. I’ll start with the bronzer itself before moving on to the brush.

The best thing about this bronzer is the that it is matte. Bronzer fans will know only too well how hard it is to find a good matte bronzer that isn’t orange. As far as I’m aware, Isa Dora sell some other bronzers which have more sheen and shimmer too.

It’s pigmented but isn’t too over-powering for light coloured skins. It warms the complexion without adding ruddiness (yay!) and made me look healthy. I have been also using it as a contour powder, since it’s it’s matte it’s idea. I used to use Benefit Hoola for this purpose but the Isa Dora version is cheaper.

The brush is just fabulous. I was expecting it to be a  little scratchy since most body kabuki’s are. I was very wrong. It feels so smooth and soft that I kept swiping it over my face repeatedly :) It’s very big and dense which makes it perfect for applying the bronzer to your body. I had my legs done (knee and under) in a couple of swipes. The brush costs €19.95, worth every cent if you use bronzers on your body.

To give you an idea of how absolutely humonous the bronzer palette is I took a picture of it next to a full size mascara.

The bronzer costs €25.95 which  might seem a little steep but I’m getting an awful lot of product in comparison to other brands.

The packaging is quite sturdy – I dropped it when I first opened the lid, typical Amy, but it survived.

Quite a few of you were asking me where to get the Isa Dora glow stick and pink lipstick that I fell for.  The products are on sale in pharmacies around Ireland.

What bronzer are you using at the moment?

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Isa Dora Glow Stick – Swatches

I recently recorded a video rave on Isa Dora’s Glow Stick. I’m officially a huge fan. I thought it best that I swatch it for you. The review video can be found below the swatches.

The colour reminds me of Nars Deep Throat (awful name, but cult blush). It’s the same tone, it could be worn by many skin tones. I prefer the finish of these glow sticks to the nars multiples.

And here’s how it looks on the cheekbones….

And here’s the review video and a little demo of how I apply it (in case you missed it!)


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Lipstick Love – Isa Dora Pink Parfait Review & Swatches

If you watched my recent product rave video you will have heard me rant a little about an Isa Dora Jelly Kiss lipstick I have recently fallen for.

It’s a beautiful pink (what a shocker) in 53 Pink Parfait. You can find swatches below and photos of what it looks like on me for reference.

And here are some swatches. It looks a little matter here than it is in real life.


And a little close-up…

I would say that the colour above is quite true to life. It looks like a vibrant pink with a hint of coral.

Here’s how it looks on my lips….

As you can see, it swatches lighter on the lips that in the tube. I’m quite happy about that – I doubt I could pull off a very loud pink.

For me, this is a perfect shade of pink for Spring and Summer. I mentioned in the my video that it reminds me of MAC’s Colour Crafted lipstick, which I love but it was part of a limited edition collection. I actually have a back-up to mine in my drawer but with the lipstick I don’t think I’ll be reaching for it any time soon.

Finish wise, it’s glossy and moisturising. It has a little but of a jelly look on the lips. It doesn’t dry out my lips, it leaves them looking fresh and youthful.

Jelly Kiss’ lipsticks are presented in a sleek silver metal case which is magnetised, which is really handy.  It is also fragrance free for those of you who have an aversion to lipstick smells.

I would be keen to try some other shades so if you have any let me know what you think. They cost €12.95, cheaper than MAC and just as lovely.

As I mentioned in my video I buy Isa Dora from my local Unicare pharmacy (which they have all over Ireland). I did a little research and those of you in the US can order from their site.

What lipstick are you loving at the moment?

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Video: Product Rave!

I have been loving this product for weeks now – Isa Dora Glow Stick.  I can’t seem to make myself use other cream blushes. Here’s a review and a little demonstration showing how I like to apply it.

I’ll post some photo swatches next, with some pictures of what the lipstick looks like on.

Thanks for watching!

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Preview: Isa Dora ‘Fanciful’ Spring Collection

Here’s a little look at Isa Dora’s ‘Fanciful’ Spring Collection which will be on sale on the 7th of February. It looks so pretty.


Lilac Daydream – Eye Focus Eye Shadow €9.95



Glow Stick Blusher ‘Rose Bud’ €14.95


Jelly Kiss Lipstick €12.95

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the blush stick, the lipstick, the blue polish, ooh and maybe some eyeshadows :) They look so pretty!

I found Isa Dora products in my local Unicare pharmacy. I used to buy the eyeshadow quads and lipglosess a few years ago from Roches Stores, ah Roches – we miss you.

What are your thoughts?


Review – Isa Dora Wigwham Mascara

I have been using Wigwham Mascara by Isa Dora for the past month now.  I thought it was high time for a little review and some pictures.

My experience started off a little dodgy but did a little turn around after that. I’m glad I held on! Here are some images of what the mascara looks like after one coat (top lashes only).

For me this mascara definitely needs eyeliner – I just don’t have enough lashes. The mascara bunched the lashes together from the base which leaves them looking spindly yet heavy. Once I had shadow and liner on this mascara looked great. For me, this is one for full face of make-up days rather than ‘au naturel’ days. I love the volume.

Colour wise it’s very black.  It also didn’t smudge throughout the day. It’s also quite resistant to tears – I wore it whilst walking in the dogs in gale force winds last week. I also have quite sensitive eyes and sometimes experience sensitivity to mascaras but my eyes were fine with Wigwham.

This mascara will divide people, it’s definitely not generic and is original. It just won’t be for everyone. Think of marmite – You’ll love it or hate it!

Would I purchase this? Yes. It’s not a mascara I would use everyday – a bit much for wandering around the house. But for evenings and days that I requite a little more glamour I would happily grab for this one.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?