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Finally! A Clear Skin Day for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser…

The day finally came! My skin was clear enough this morning to wear a tinted moisturiser. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. The reason being, I bought Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in December and there hasn’t been a day that I felt my skin could go with so little coverage.

I have the half size tube that comes in the kit

This is not one for foundation addicts. It is, as the name suggests, a tinted moisturiser. I say this because over the years I have pondered purchasing it and I expected it to be similar to a foundation but with lighter coverage. It’s definitely a tinted moisturisers. That being said, it has the most coverage out of any similar product I have come across.

Here are my thoughts on the oil free version

What it does Helps even out my skintone with light coverage. Basically, it looks like my skin but slightly enhanced. It  offers spf 20 too. There are ten shades available.

Coverage Light. Even on a good day I would need some concealer around my nose and chin. If you have spots of scars this won’t do a thing to minimise them. You will need concealer. And although it helps even the skintone a little it wouldn’t do a whole lot for someone with discoloration issues or redness.

Packaging Nice. No pump means no waste. I like the tube

Finish Satin. No residue or claminess (that accompanies many tinted moisturisers). By the end of the day I had no oily patches, which was impressive considering I was chasing a one year old for hours. There was also no product stuck to any dry bits – also impressive, it must still be moisturising.

Lasting Power This is where I was surprised. It actually lasted well on my skin. Any other tinted moisturiser I have tried doesn’t last more than an hour. I should point out that I did apply it over a layer of Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer and I also used a very light dusting of powder to set it. All in all, I’m delighted that it’s still on my face 7 hours later.

Price It’s very expensive – too expensive I think €53/£33/$42

Would I recommend it? If you are someone who doesn’t need more coverage, yes.  I would also recommend it for ladies (of any age!) who don’t wear foundation but would like a little but of coverage to even out their skin tone. My mum doesn’t wear foundation but sometimes needs something to even out her skintone – this would be prefect for her, or the non oil-free version rather.

Would I repurchase? I would have said probably no except two people have  commented on how lovely my skin looks today. I think I need time to adjust to the lighter coverage look.

The bottom line If it’s a tinted moisturiser your after you would be hard pressed to find anything better. If you need more coverage than ‘light’ this would be a waste of your money and would inevitably end in disappointment.

I was very unsure about this product but I’m a convert!

I didn’t post photos of me wearing it but I recorded a video instead. I’ll upload it this week!

Thoughts on tinted moisturisers? Found any decent ones?

* I just updated my Bump & Baby Blog if you’re bored or that way inclined :) Link!

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Haul Video…

Time for a little haul :) I picked up some Laura Mercier, Benefit and some Make Up For Ever products with a few other Sephora goodies.

Thanks for watching! x

Glitz & Glam Swatches Link!



Too Faced Pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer
The Best of Make For Ever kit
Sephora Glitz & Glam
Benefit mini kit
Make Up For Ever Matt Velvet Foundation
Snag Free Hair Bands


*Disclaimer: All of the opinions expressed in this video are entirely my own. I have not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this video.

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Laura Mercier Christmas 2010

I’m a fan of Laura Mercier products. They are expensive though so I tend to wait until Christmas and ask Santa :) Well I am very good after all!

I was having a little snoop at the Christmas collection for this year. I’m excited about the travel brush set. The palette also looks nice although I have never tried Laura Mercier eye shadows. Maybe you could advise :) *Update – I hear the palette is quite small!

Eye Colour Sampler (Limited Edition)

Portable case with a double-ended Eye Colour/Smudge brush with 8 shadows.

Shades Include: Sparkling Dew, Chocolate, Latte, Pink Tulip, Ultra Violet, Pink Copper, Mica and Black Ice



Travel Brush Set (Limited Edition)

Four double-ended Laura Mercier brushes and a Finishing Brush presented in a zipper case.

Set includes: Brow Definer/Brow Grooming and Finishing Brush, Secret Camouflage/Camouflage Powder, Flat Eye Liner/Smudge, All Over Eye Colour/Ponytail.




Mini Lip Glace Set (Limited Edition)

Five-colour collection for sparkle, gloss and shine.

Shades Include: Sparking, Violet, After Hours, Bare Beige and Rose


Do any of these stand out to you? Do you like Laura Mercier products?

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Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

This foundation is award winning; Allure Best of Beauty Editors’ Choice – Best Foundation – October 2009 and In Style Best Beauty Buy – Best Oil-Free Foundation – April 2009.

I had to try it. Had to I tell you! Here’s what I think:

The Good:

  • Good Coverage
  • Feels Soft

The Bad:

  • It made my skin look flat and lifeless. I can’t stand make-up that makes me look 1 dimensional.
  • It transferred to my shirt.
  • Poor Range of Shades : There are 11 shades in the range. The make-up Assistant at the Laura Mercier stand had difficulty finding a shade to match my skintone. There is not a wide enough variety of shades.
  • Price: Very expensive. A foundation in this price range should be without fault.
  • It smells like plasticine
  • Dried out my blemish. My make-up looked crusty over the top. Yuck!
  • Tricky to apply because of it’s consistency
  • The cap doesn’t stay on

Would I buy it again? I think the long list of ‘bads’ above answer that question.  I would like to try their foundation for normal skin though.

What do you think?

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What is happening with my Concealer!

I have mentioned Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo many times. It’s great for oily skin, it had brilliant coverage and it doesn’t move. It’s expensive but worth it, I thought!

I use this on a lot on clients with oily skin. It holds up well under studio lights and has great staying power. I also have one in my personal collection in SC3. If I had a breakout on my chin I happily smeared  it on for skin perfection.

Bet your wondering where this is going…

Well I wore it on my chin yesterday and after a few hours I passed a mirror and got a fright. And what is it that I saw?


Caking of the worst kind! I tried to blend it back but there was no saving it. I grabbed a makeup wipe from my bag and soaked it all off. I’d rather a bare chin than a caked one!

I am not happy about this. I don’t have a chin breakout at the moment, for a change, so it has left me wondering whether it only works when my chin is oily. At the moment the skin there is normal.

The caking may have occurred due to the mixing of the concealer with my foundation. An oil based product over an oil free one could cause problems. I will have to investigate this further!

I have to say that this has scared me off this concealer. It’s very off putting and even if it was a once off caking incident I won’t ever wear it with confidence. If I wear it again, I’ll feel the need to check it constantly to make sure it looks good.

Although this has never let me down before I’m not into high maintenance make-up and caked make-up is a beauty nightmare!

Have you tried this concealer?

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Current Foundation Routine

I always enjoy other peoples Foundation Routine videos so I decided to record mine. I tend to be a bit faddy with foundations but this is what is working for me at the moment.