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Sephora Nano Lip Liners – My thoughts

I have been meaning to pick up some of Sephora’s Nano Lip Liners since I read Lollipop26’s review. She loved the shade Native Nude (the name was enough to make me buy it).

When I was in Chicago I popped into Sephora – okay “popped” is not the right word, perused intensely is more appropriate – and tried out some of the liners on the back of my hand. I settled on Native Nude and Candid Candy.


I was initially taken aback back the size of these liners – they’re tiny. They are roughly half the size of an ordinary lip pencil. But at $5 each I probably shouldn’t complain.

Consistency wise, they aren’t overly soft and creamy but aren’t dry either, in my opinion they’re just right.

Here’s a little swatch…

Native Nude is my favourite – shocker. The colour is a beigey nude (comes off lighter on the lips than in the swatch) and although it has a brown base it’s doesn’t come off brown on the lips. It is the exact same colour as my lips, which is what I was after. When I apply it I layer it over most of my lip. It provides subtle definition and helps keep my lipstick and gloss on longer. What I like most about it is that it works with every single lipstick shade.

Native Nude

Candid Candy is exactly what it sounds like – a candy pink shade. It lasts quite well and works with all pink lipsticks and glosses. It even works well with some nude shades. It does have a lavender hint to it which may not work so well with medium to darker warm skin tones but it works a treat on my complexion (NC25).

Candid Candy

So all in all I love these. If only they were longer!

What is your favourite lip liner?


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NYX Lip Pencils – Swatches and Review

I mentioned in my latest haul video that I picked up three NYX lip pencils whilst in the US. I had actually intended to buy more but the local Ulta didn’t stock the entire line, boo hoo. I had 8 shades to choose from, none of which were neutrals. I eventually settled on these three.

Dolly Pink, Rose, Flower

These were extremely cheap (around $3 I think). They are very pigmented and have a nice texture – not too dry or chalky but not too creamy that they might smudge. They won’t last all day on your lips but honestly neither do any of the other liners I own so this doesn’t put me off.

Dolly Pink, Rose, Flower

Here are some swatches to you can have a look at the finish and the shade. Bare in mind that these products are applied designed to be applied to lips (with more pigmentation) rather than hands :)


Top to bottom – Dolly Pink, Rose, Flower

The palest pink shade really isn’t for me, it reminds me of Pat Butcher when applied to the lips. That being said it would be a good base for a medium tones pink lipstick that you wanted to tone down. Rose is easy to wear and works with pink and plum lipstick shades. Fuschia is the prettiest of the three in my opinion.

I’m happy with my purchase and I’m definitely going to try some of the nudes, neutrals and plum tones next.

Any recommendations?

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Tips for making your lip colour last

I hate long lasting lipsticks. They’re too drying for me and I never like the finish. If you’re interested in some ways to keep your lip colour on without resorting to long lasting formulas (that often don’t last long at all) here are a few tips:

  • Use pencil on top of lipstick. The wax acts like a barrier. Just make sure you blend away the line. I never use a freshly sharpened pencil for this, a rounded one works best.
  • Blot a little powder on top to keep the lipstick in place for longer. Less is more in this instance. I like to use a little blush instead of powder for added colour depth. On occasion I have used an eyeshadow.
  • Press lip colour into the lips using your finger. This creates a stained satin effect.
  • Completely fill in the lips using a  lip pencil that is the same colour as your lips. This acts as a base and ensures lipstick stays put for longer. I use Continue Reading