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The Balm |Hot Mama Blush & Plump Your Pucker Gloss

The_Balm_Hot_Mama_Plump _Your_Pucker_Gloss

I have fallen head over heels for The Balm. Granted up until these two products I have only tried the Nude Tude Palette and the Mary Lou-Manizer (reviews to follow), but the quality of the products is very impressive and the price is great. Hot Mama Blush and Plump Your Pucker Gloss arrived recently from I have been using them both daily for the past month so it was high time for a review. Continue Reading

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Lippy by Butter London Primrose Hill – Review & Pics

Butter London make gorgeous nail polishes, this we know. But I hadn’t heard anything of their Lippy’s until one arrived through my door a few weeks back. It’s in Primrose Hill Picnic, what a whimsical name. It’s a bright pink and I’m just in love with it!

Before I get to the review I’ll add some swatches and show you what it looks like on my mug. The great thing about this Lippy is that it can be worn in its intense form or a little lighter. I photographed both.



I applied two layers for the intense look. Now I have I have heard it said that there is no point in a lip only picture when swatching lip products, that you want to see what it looks like with the rest of the makeup. Here goes…

Now on with the review.

Texture Lippy’s remind me a lot of the Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. It is thick and well, tar like. This means it adheres very well to the lips. This isn’t one of those sheer, smoosh it on over everything glosses. You need a mirror to apply since the colour is intense and you want to keep it within the lip line.

Pigmentation Amazing. ‘Nuff said.

Finish It looks like you have gone to the bother of applying both lipstick and lipgloss but you haven’t. It looks creamy, opaque and glossy. It’s more lipsticky than lip gloss if you know what I mean.

Staying Power I have found this to be the most long lasting gloss I’ve come across. I would put this down to the texture – which you will either love or hate. It will be reliable on a night out or special event, for a gloss.

Price and where to buy €17 from here. Well worth the price tag in my opinion! Top notch stuff. Butter London is also on sale in Avoca or Fran and Jane.


What do you think?

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Houston Minty Lip Gloss from e.l.f

I had a few requests for do a follow up with some swatches on the e.l.f Minty Lipgloss. The shade I have is Houston.



A closer look at the shimmery particles…


On the lips it’s a sheer pink shade with a touch of Magenta. The colour in the tube had me all excited but that’s not how it goes on the lips. It does keep a hint of the colour however.



This gloss actually wears quite well, better than most of the cheaper  lip glosses I own. I didn’t touch up for a few hours. Admittedly I wasn’t eating or drinking during this time but I was talking a lot and that usually stretches a gloss too far.

Consistency wise, it’s not too sticky and it’s not sheer, it’s in the middle somewhere which is great.

I like the minty smell and taste – I know that you’re not supposed to ingest it, it happened by accident. I swear!)

Overall it’s a nice gloss and definitely worth the price tag  . But if you get excited by the colour in the tube you may be a little disappointed.

On another note, if elf had been around when I was in school I would have wanted everything they sell. This gloss would be perfect for those on a budget who want something pretty and sheer.

I would happily use this gloss  over a pink lipstick for added dimension. In fact, I’m off to try that now!

You thoughts?

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Greedy lip gloss lover strikes again…

After a hectic day I came to a Delivery Notice’s from the postman. I begrudgingly drove around to the sorting office, they must be sick of seeing my mug at the hatch every day. I collected the packages, not expecting anything exciting.


One of the packages contained a little Estee Lauder make-up bag which housed 6 of the Pure Gloss collection. Woo Hoo!

A picture of the box I received..

I have bought quite a few Estee Lauder skin care products over the years but I haven’t dabbled with their make-up. So for me this is also an introduction to their cosmetics.

From left to right:

  • Electric Ginger (Shimmer) From the nude – brown family. Mirrored shine with shimmer.
  • Praline Paradise (Shimmer) From the coral-red family. Mirrored shine with shimmer.
  • Tempting Tea Rose (Shine) From the nude – brown family. Glossy finish
  • Passion Fruit (Shimmer) From the coral – red family. Mirrored shine with shimmer.
  • Simply Pink (Shine) From the pink- berry family. Glossy finish
  • Mod Poppy (Shimmer) From the mauve – plum family. Mirrored shine with shimmer.

My first impressions are that they shades are wearable, the packaging is nice but I wonder if they are better quality than cheaper brands like Bourjois and Revlon.

I will post a full review next week.

What are your thoughts on Estee Lauder cosmetics?

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Yes, I bought more nude lip products!

Before I went away I ordered a few lip products on ebay. Three of them arrived in this mornings post and I felt the need to share them with the world – Ok, so maybe not the world, rather the beauty junkies who inhabit it :)

Did I branch out and try something exciting? No, in fact these three are pretty similar but I know you will understand.

Yes, they are all nude shades. At least I branched out and got different tones. Ha!

Revlon Colourstay Lipstick 350 Smooth Nude – A pinky peach. It’s creamier than Nude Attitude and a little sheerer. For me it’s also more wearable than Nude Attitude.

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipgloss 520 Unlimited Nectar – A true peach with very fine peach reflects (smells like peaches too!)

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Gloss 110 Peach – A creamy pigmented true peach. Review to follow but for the moment let me just say that I love this!

Here are some preliminary (crappy) swatches

Revlon is my favourite “drugstore” brand for lip products – I know we don’t use the term drugstore over here but there is not equivalent  that does not contain the word ‘grocery’.

I like ordering Revlon from Ebay because it’s way too overpriced in Ireland. In total I spent €9.50 including shipping for these three. I ordered them from different sellers and all three came from the US.

Reviews to follow!

What is your favourite brand for buying affordable lip products?

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Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss

I know it’s a rip off, I know its just another neutral lipgloss but god I love Nars Turkish Delight! I bought it in Selfridges in London for £17 sterling last August. I have no idea how much this costs in euros, probably about €28. It’s quite a lot for a lipgloss.

The thing I like most is the colour. It’s a pinky nude sheen. I have never come across a lipgloss that is similar to this one. I’ve checked out peoples ‘dupes’ but they don’t come close in my opinion. I also love the texture. It’s creamy not sticky and very smooth. It doesn’t leave my lips dry at the end of the day.

There’s a con with every product and this gloss is no exception. The staying power is poor. It’s one of those glosses that belongs in your handbag, at hand for constant reapplying. It last longer when paired with a lipstick.

My favourite way to wear Turkish Delight is with MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick and a neutral liner. I also love it over Hue and Pretty Please. Hell I love it over everything!

This is expensive, with little staying power yet I adore it. It’s a mystery!

What do you think?