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Best Powder Highlighters for Glowing Skin!

I should just own up to problems, I’m Amy and I’m a highlighting product addict. How many is too many?! It would appear that I have no self control when it comes to glowing skin :-) I have tried mountains of them and here are my favourites of the powdered variety. I’ll record another on liquid and cream options and application tips since I use them in a different way.


Soap & Glory All Out Luminiser – a warm peach glow. It’s natural and really pretty. Love it! This one is the cheapest of the bunch at €14 / £11. I bought mine in Boots. Link

MAC MSF Perfect Topping – a subtle pink toned sheen. There’s no glitter in sight and the powder is finely milled. It’s very natural and subtle. It has been discontinued but I included it as it’s not very unique and is similar to a lot of cheaper pinky highlighters on the market.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer – a champagne highlight. It works really well in conjunction with a matte bronzer as a contour. It’s warm toned and is the most intensely pigmented of the five. It’s important to add a little at a time of you’ll look like you have a stairway to heaven on your cheekbone!

Urban Decay Flushed – I absolutely love this bronzer, blush, highlighter trio. This is one of my top products of 2013. The highlighter shade is  a rosy, warm pink. You can swirl all the shades together if you like (€26) Link

Too Faced Pink Leopard Highlighting Bronzer – a warm bronzy highlighter.  It’s light in tone so works on fair skin without looking dirty. I have hit pan and I will definitely re-purhcase.


If you are looking for another affordable option I recommend Prestige Sun Baked Mineral Bronzer in Pure Shimmer. It may be called a bronzer but its a highlighter. Mine is finished up which is the only reason I didn’t include it. A little goes a really long way so tread carefully.  

New Camera


I recorded today using the new Canon Legria Mini which is designed for vloggers and youtube video makers. Its really quick and handy to use. It was sent to me to see if I liked recording with it, so far I likes. Obviously not being compensated, just me and my own opinions as per usual :)

I hope you enjoyed the video! I’ll be uploading another one tomorrow :)

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A MAC haul to start off the New Year…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the festivities over the past few weeks. Like most of I’m sure, my house is still chocker with boxes of sweets and yummies. Mine will be swiftly dealt out amongst my family before I savage through them. Santa treated me to a few new make-up bits so I’ll post about them over the next few days. I am also thinking about my beauty resolutions so when I have committed I’ll share. Anyone get any new make-up?

Back to business…what better way to start a new year of blogging than with a MAC haul :) I haven’t been in MAC for quite a while so I was expecting to feel overcome with greed. Instead I left underwhelmed but with a bag containing a few items that had been on my list for a while.

Clockwise from top left – Trax, Rice Paper, Well Dressed Blush, Fillament, Shale.


Well Dressed Blush – it’s predecessor smashed into a million pieces. I popped all the remnants I could salvage back into the pan and attempted to use it as normal. I ended up with blobs of pink all over my face. This is a smooth true soft pink. It is just beautiful. If you’re after a natural soft pink flush, buy it. It’s perfect.

Rubenesque Paint Pot – Golden Peach with gold pearl. This one has been on my list for ages. I use Painterly Paint Pot almost every day but wanted one that is pretty enough to be worn alone. This is it! Pure class.

Shale Eyeshadow -Satin finish. Mauve-plum with subtle shimmer.This is a beautiful looking shade of plum with greyish tones. It’s not as pigmented as many of MAC’s other satin finish shadows. I applied it in the crease over a pink. The result was amazing unfortunately it made my eyes look sore. This is one for brown, green or hazel eyes – would make a great alternative smokey eye shade.

Trax Eyeshadow – Velvet Finish. Burgundy plum with gold shimmer. So far, quite a bit of fallout, even over primer and it’s not that pigmented. There is no intensity to this shade despite it’s beauty in the pan. However it does reflect nicely in the light. Once again, made for green eyes. I regret this one.

Fillament Eyeshadow – Lustre finish. This is described as a platinum silver, I don’t think that is an accurate description. It’s gorgeous in the pan! It’s even gorgeous when you swatch it under the store lights. Unfortunately, the fall-out is ridiculous. There is also very little colour pay-off and far too much shimmer chunks! If you’re looking for silver check out Silver Ring or Electra.

Rice Paper Eyeshadow – Frost finish. This is a peachy gold with shimmer. I Love it! This shadow is almost buttery and very blendable. Much better than a stark white for highlighting the inner eye.


Here are a few swatches I took in natural light…

Left to Right: Fillament, Rice Paper, Shale, Trax, Well Dressed.


Rubenesque Paint Pot


Thoughts on any of these? Combinations?

Dying to know if anyone got a any new make-up!! Off to work on my beauty resolutions. Catch you ladies later.

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My MAC Neutral Palette… (Video, Review, Swatches, Favourites, Combos)

I promised a video on my my mac neutral palette months ago. I’m only just getting around to it now. I know, I’m a disgrace.

I’ll start with some swatches and leave the video at the bottom of the post….

Row 1: Phloof, Shroom, All That Glitters, Omega Patina, Mythology

Row 2: Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Sable, Satin Taupe, Tempting

Row 3: Antiqued, Beautyburst, Coppering, Fashion Groupie, Twinks, Embark, 100 Strokes

Row 4: Coppering, Sketch, Beautymarked, Cemetry, Club

Left to Right: Phloof, Shroom, All That Glitters, Omega Patina, Mythology


Left to Right: Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Sable, Satin Taupe, Tempting


Left to Right: Antiqued, Beautyburst, Coppering, Fashion Groupie, Twinks, Embark, 100 Strokes


Left to Right: Coppering, Sketch, Beautymarked, Mystery, Club


And for the video….


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Video – Copper & Gold Makeup Tutorial for Autumn

Copper & Gold Makeup Tutorial for Autumn…

Some pics…




Products Used:

  • Sigma Brushes
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
  • MAC Strobe Cream
  • Bourjois Bronzer 51
  • Rimmel Lipstick Soft Coral
  • Estee Lauder Gloss in Electric Ginger
  • Nars Orgasm Blush
  • Collection 2000 Collagen Curl Mascara
  • Avon Supershock Eye Liner
  • MAC Coppering
  • MAC Shroom
  • MAC Brule
  • MAC Woodwinked
  • MAC Omega on brows

What I’m wearing:


Thanks for watching :)


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Bye, bye MAC Blush Creme – Hello Cremeblend!

I am obsessed with cream blushes at the moment – I sense a video coming :) I know lots of you are cream fans too.

Those of you who had horrible allergic reactions to MAC’s Blush Creme’s  can rejoice! MAC have replaced them with Cremeblends. They are an entirely new formulation so maybe those of you who hated them before might enjoy them now.


They are available in 6 shades, all of which have been added to the permanent collection.

  • Posey  (original blush creme) Warm peach
  • Brit Wit (original blush creme) Dusty, rose mauve
  • So sweet, So easy – (new colour) Bright yellowy pink
  • Something Special – (new colour) Light peachy coral
  • Tea Petal – (new colour) Mid reddish brown
  • Ladyblush – original blush creme – warm neutral coral

The difference

The texture is a little different. Creme blends are a little tackier than the old blush cremes but the colour is practically the same on.


I use the stippling technique to apply cream blushes, be it with a brush, sponge or my fingers. You could use the MAC 188, which is  smaller than the 187, it’s duo fibre stippling brush and it’s made for application of products like this. You can also use your fingers of stipple, to be honest that’s how I usually apply them to my own skin.

I’m thinking of picking up Posey, So Sweet, So Easy and maybe Something Special. Oh and possibly Ladyblush. Well, I do really love cream blushes :)

Uh oh!

They are available in the US already but we have to wait another few weeks here in Ireland.

Which shade appeals to you? Do you like cream blushes?

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MAC Wonder Woman Collection – Are you biting?

A few of you have asked me what I will be buying from MAC’s Wonder Woman Collection when it launches in Dublin on Thursday. It got me thinking…

First, let me say that I’m not a Wonder Woman fan. In fact, I’ve never seen the show, although I’m familiar with the outfit :) I pretty much hate the packaging, it reminds me of those rolls of chewing gum my parents used to bring back from Spain in the 80’s. It won’t look pretty in my handbag so the products need to be amazing for me to splurge.

I have read countless reviews and have formed an impression on the collection before I have even seen it, which isn’t good. I hear the quads aren’t great quality, the penultimate eyeliner is awkward and Golden Lariat MSF is hard to wear.

The blush duos seem to be the highlight of the collection. Amazon Princess and Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo really appeal to me but it remains to be seen whether the packaging puts me off.

I will pay my MAC counter a visit but I suspect the packaging will put me off.

What do you think of the collection? Have you any purchases planned?


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A Friday Waffle!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m feeling quite crappy today thanks to a chest infection so I decided a ‘Friday Waffle’ was in order since I can’t seem to focus, or string sentences together for that matter.

So here are some shallow things that are belting around my bunged up head:

1. Packaging – No, you do not need this!

I am an absolute sucker for packaging. I know it’s ridiculous, I know it’s fickle but I just can’t help it. These days I tend to refrain from buying something for such a stupid reason but hey, that won’t stop be admiring beautiful things. I came across this image of L de Lolita Lempicka this morning whilst perusing perfume reviews online.

This has my name all over it! A few thoughts ran through my head – wouldn’t it look gorgeous on my dresser, I need a new perfume (LIAR!), this bottle was made for me… you get the idea. It occurred to me several minutes later that I hadn’t even considered the fragrance itself. Put your credit card down Amy!


2. Kitch Kitchen items – I just can’t stop

My kitchen looks like Cath Kidson threw up all over it.

I do love kitch items for my kitchen. They make me smile. They also make my tea taste nicer :) I have to keep myself out of shops like Avoca and Cath Kidson at this stage, I have enough and I need to stop.

3. MAC’s  Peacocky Collection

I got all excited on the Irish launch date, headed in to Brown Thomas, swatched everything, left with nothing. Tweet Me was the Mega Metal shadow that caught my eye but it looked too similar to shadows I already own. All of the colours are gorgeous but they are very similar to existing and previously released shades. 

4. A spoof video that sums up Ireland right now – gene for alcoholism, illegal activity masked by the term ‘the craic’, mass immigration… couldn’t be more true!


The Eleventh Hour 19th Minute RTE

and finally for something less shallow…

5. It’s election day – woo hoo!

Now I need to bundle up in this fine Spring weather, pack some tissues and head out to vote. Ah, the things we do for our country :P


Being sick sucks! I hope you all have lovely Friday plans, let me know so I can sulk.


MAC Painterly Paintpot – A Necesity!

Why oh why did I wait so long to buy Painterly Paintpot by MAC?! I finally picked it up in Chicago in December and have used it every day since.

I have a few paintpots in my collection and to be honest this is the only one I own that I would recommend. I once had Delft and Girl Friendly which are gorgeous but not very practical. I prefer Painterly as it can be used every single day, regardless of the shade of eyeshadow you choose.



And some swatches…



Bear in mind that I swatched Painterly on my inner arm and hand, both are a few shades lighter than the skin on my face. When applied to my lids it’s pretty much the same shade as my skin, it may be a little lighter actually which is ever better.

It keeps your eyeshadow on all day, it doesn’t crease and it ensures the shadow you apply looks true to the pan colour when it’s applied to your eyes.

In my opinion, discoloration on eyelids is something that always needs to be corrected before you apply eye shadow. Many people have a purple or blue hue tot heir lid that makes them look tired and older. If you prepare the area and  get rid of the discolouration your make-up will look a hundred times better.

I used to apply concealer and powder to my lid before eyeshadow and that’s really the reason I never bought Painterly. I wondered why I would need it that technique worked fine. I was very wrong. Painterly is much thinner and easier to apply than concealers and setting powders. Most days I don’t even look in the mirror when I apply it.

Bottom line – do you need this? Yes, yes and hell yes!!

What are your thoughts on paint pots?

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MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush

I have had an on off love affair with MAC’s Ladyblush over the years. Since I use it so often I thought it was about time it got a mention on my blog. Very often my most used products are the ones that are over-looked.



Ladyblush is a cream product that works best when applied over foundation and under powder.

It’s foolproof to apply. I tend to use a duo fibre brush to apply, like the MAC 187. I dip the brush in lightly, be careful a little goes a long, long way. I them stipple the colour on the apples of my cheeks. When the majority of the pigment is placed there I gently stipple the brush up towards my cheekbone. It’s worth bearing in mind that the area you first apply the brush will have the most pigment.

Here’s a little swatch, I took the photo in natural light…

Ladyblush is described as a ‘demure, cool pink flush’ on MAC’s website. I think that’s probably the best description. It’s perfect for fair skintones although you can build the colour up if you have darker skin. I should point out that here is no shimmer or glitter, woo hoo!

I find MAC’s blushcremes very long lasting, although I always apply a sheer coat of powder or some Fix+ to set my make-up.

I have heard that some people have an allergic reaction to Blushcremes so it’s worth testing some on the the inside of you wrist before you buy. That being said, I have very reactive skin and have had no problems. I have heard that they are going to remake the Blushcremes due to large amount of customers who have experienced reactions. I wish they’d do the same with Studio Finish Foundation, I love the coverage but it always ends is an allergic reaction for me.

If you have oily cheeks I think I’d pass on cream blushes and stick to powder and I would definitely keep this one away from large pores – it will make them look like potholes!

What I love most about this products is that it gives that appearance of a natural flush, that kind of ‘lit from within’ effect. I like to pair it with a bronzer, usually Bourjois, Prestige or Benefit Hoola.

On another note I would just like to let you all know that normal blogging has resumed :) I’ll have my 3 posts per day tomorrow. It’s been crazy lately but I am back in the swing of things. Thanks for all your support.

What are your thoughts on cream blush? Any recommendations? (cos you know I needs more!)

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Bargain Find #1 – the €1 Dazzleglass

I have come across two great finds this week. Thought I’d share!

Find #1

I picked up a very cheap gloss today that reminded me of a MAC Dazzleglass. This rather surprising find came from Penneys / Primark.


It’s called Gilt and it’s a shimmery, sheer gloss with gold iridescent particles. Sounds gaudy right! When I swatched the gloss on my hand it looked very pretty. I have layered it on quite thick for the swatch. It’s not something I would wear all over my lips but rather useful for a dab of poutiness in the centre of my lips.



It  also reminded me of MAC’s Dazzleglass in Goldie Rocks. Then I saw the €1 price tag. Yes please, I’ll have two thank you very much. I think they are usually €3 but are reduced at the moment, they may be Christmas stock so get in there quick if you’re interested. I should point out that this is by no means a dupe for goldie rocks but it does have a very similar effect on the lips – that works for me!

I have tried glosses from Penneys before and have completely unimpressed, this one is a different formulation and finish to the ones I have tried before.

It smells and tastes like a stick of rock (the edible kind!). It also tingles like a lip plumper but doesn’t sting.

If you like shimmer free glosses then you should definitely pass on this one. But if like me you are a fan of MAC’s Dazzleglasses or you would like to try one but can’t part with the cash, then this gloss may be for you!

I love a good make-up bargain. It reminded me of my over-reliance on Claire’s Accessory shimmer glosses in 2009; no matte how many fancy ones I bought I kept reaching with the peach and pink cheapies. They just did the job.

I’ll be back in a little while with my second find!

Have you come across any good finds in the sales?

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Video Tutorial: Silver & Brown Smokey Eye Using MAC

I had so many requests to record a tutorial on the look I was wearing in my video. It’s very easy and requires no skill what so ever – a bit of smearing-on really!

I have listed all of the products below the video.

Products I used:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
MAC Select Cover Up concealer NC25

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
MAC Silver Ring eyeshadow, Embark eyeshadow, Texture eyeshadow, Shroom eyeshadow as highlight, Sable under eye

Benefit High Brow on cupids bow
Mien Lipliner in Clover Leaf (Debenhams)
MAC Viva Glam VI Limited Edition with matching gloss

MAC Sincere & Peaches

Thanks for watching :) x


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Night Divine! Viva Glam I

I recently picked up MAC’s lipstick in Viva Glam I. Two words, sex pot!


This red is not just any red. It has a deep, dark layer to it. It’s rich but cool toned (yay for Irish skintones!).

Even red lipstick lovers I know are a little intimidated by this one. Some swatches online make it appear lighter and more true red than it really is. It’s dark and bold.

For me, I need guts to wear it. But given the right mood, and the right lingerie under your clothing, it works. I best explain that statment – on an average evening where you are wearing an average dress and you’re feeling, well, pretty average, I sometimes like to add fancy underwear, just for myself. No one else need know but I feel much better about myself. On these rare occasions a lipstick like Viva Glam I is expected! :)



I always use a liner with this lipstick, usually a plummy red.  As it’s a matte shade it also benefits from a little dab of clear gloss on the pouty part of the lower lip.

Here is a little swatch of Viva Glam I. It is quite true to life but on my skintone the plumieness reigns.



My skin is in the middle of a breakout so I’ll be back later this week with a Face of the Day post whilst wearing this. Ok, well maybe a Face of the Evening would be more appropriate.

Would you wear a shade this bold?