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My Favourite Make-up Brush

I was cleaning my brushes this morning and I found myself wondering if I had to pick a favourite brush what would it be.

The MAC 187 Duo Fibre brush wins hands down. Sure there are other brushes in my collection that are essentials and much more necessary than this one. But this really is my favourite, even if it’s not a staple.

This brush makes foundation application flawless. When used properly it can leave the skin looking airbrushed.

The brush is made from 2 different fibres of different lengths. The white bristles seem quite porous so using this brush to apply foundation directly to the face is not ideal as it gobbles up a lot of product. The flawless effect comes from the blending.

I like to apply my foundation sloppily with my fingers and then blend with this brush.  My foundation has never looked so close to natural skin. I am a happy girl!

It can be use a brush like this with any foundation type. The downside is that it is expensive but I am happy to report that I love my Sigma SS187 just as much and it costs a fraction of the price.

What’s your favourite brush?