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Celebrity Makeup of the week: Sienna Miller

I have always admired Sienna Miller’s style but I have never really noticed her makeup…til now. I saw this picture of her at the Met Gala with a nice bit of arm candy, Jude Law (despite his shenanigans Sienna, I approve wholeheartedly) haha

Her make-up is reminiscent of Bridget Bardot. I had to know what products the artist used to create this look. I will also list substitutes  that will work just as well.

Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Mythic. MAC Creme de Nude is a good alternative or Boots Natural Collection Rose Petal (or Sorbet). Basically a nude lipstick with pink tones that is not lighter than your skintone.

Eyes: Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Marine was drawn heavily on upper lash line. For eyeshadow, Chanel Quadra in Bleu Celeste Continue Reading

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No Fancy Make-Up for me Today!

This weekend I decided to set myself a drugstore make-up challenge. I only allowed myself wear products that I bought in Boots, Superdrug and CVS. I wanted to keep it quite natural. Here is the look I settled on:

and the look…

PIC_0067 PIC_0069
  • No 17 Get Even Foundation in Natural
  • Beauty UK Palette No 2
  • Eco Tools Brushes
  • Rimmel Recovery Concealer
  • Maybelline Mousse Blush: Peach
  • Prestige Sun Minerals in St Tropez
  • Prestige Sun Minerals Highlight
  • Bourjois Blanc Diaphine
  • Natural Collection Lip Liner in Almond
  • Annabel Eye Liner
  • Revlon Sable Eye shadow
  • Wet n Wild Mega Shine
  • Essence Gloss
PIC_0075 PIC_0073

I really enjoy using the Beauty UK Palette. I applied the orange shade to the lid and the aqua under my eye. I used Revlon Sable in the crease to blend out the orange and Bourjois No 40 on the inner corner of my eye. I think the No 17 foundation requires a post of it’s own.

My make-up lasted as long as it usually does with more expensive products. I’m converted. For today anyway!

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How to wear Foundation with False Tan

I had a question from a reader which I decided to post since there are so many tan lovers out there.

And the question:

“I have blonde hair and fair skin but every foundation I wear on a night out always looks different compared to my tan in pictures what do I do? I see loads of girls with blonde hair and they look fine”

My answer:

The problem could be how the false tan photographs rather than the foundation. My suggestion is to bring whatever foundation you wear onto your neck, face and chest on a night out. That way you photograph evenly. MAC sell Face and Body Foundation for this purpose, Make Up For Ever sells one too.

If you use liquid be sure to powder the neck and chest so the make-up doesn’t transfer to your clothes.

Also check your powder make-up to see if it contains Titanium Dioxide as this would make your face photograph whiter.

It would also help to buy 2 different shades of the same foundation as your false tan won’t be the same colour as it fades each day.

Thank you for your questions :)


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Bridal Series: Bronzer

Applying bronzer is quite a delicate matter on a normal let alone on your wedding day. Many people avoid it like the plague, terrified of looking like an oompa loompa. Whist some of us go to town and can end up looking a little OTT.

Bronzer is an item I think you should consider for your big day.When applied well it makes your skin look sun-kissed and alive without changing the colour of your skin. Bronzer does not have to make you look tanned, in a lighter shade it can warm your skin. Adding more dimension to your face is great for photographs.

To warm your complexion  dust bronzing powder or creme bronzer along the outer edges of your face and onto your cheekbones. Bronzer is a great product for slimming the nose, sculpting cheekbones and chin.

When applying bronzer you should start at the back of the cheekbone, sweeping it down towards the lower port of the cheek then back towards your ear. If you decide to use creme bronzer, dot the colour along your cheekbone and blend with your ring finger. Applying a little bronzer to the temples helps shape the face and brings out your eyes.

Personally I wouldn’t choose an overly shimmery / iridescent bronzer for bridal wear. Matte or satin is the way to go.  If you are very fair and find bronzer too pigmented for you try a pressed powder in an ebony shade instead.

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Top Makeup Buys of 2009

I bought a lot of makeup this year, more than the previous 3 years put together! Yesterday I went through everything I bought to pick out this years favourites. I thought this was going to be quite a challenge but it was actually very easy. I was surprised how many products from Boots are in here.


Thanks for watching everyone :)

I would love to know what your best buys are


Celebrity Style/Makeup, General

Twilight Saga Makeup Artist – Robin Mathews

Robin Mathews is Kristen Stewarts Personal Makeup artist. She worked with her on Twilight and New Moon.

Robin won’t divulge the product list she used on Kristen in New Moon until Breaking Dawn has been filmed. Ah, a bit of a wait to find out what lipstick she was wearing! But she has shared some of her favourite products in an interview with Beauty Blogging Junkie, Yay! She loves:

  • Shiseido Moisturisers
  • Cle de Peau Concealers
  • Stila Convertable Colours
  • Most of the Laura Mercier line
  • Anastacia’s line for eyebrows
  • Va Neill Brushes
  • She Umeura Eyelash Curlers

Her best beauty tip “use the lightest formula of foundation you can get away with. If you have beautiful skin, don’t use any foundation at all!”

“Our motivation for Bella in New Moon was a look that would define Bella as an idolized popular literary character, surrounded by mythical creatures while still being a “real girl”. She is almost a realistic cartoon character if you will, but still natural, youthful and fresh”

To achieve her look at home Robin suggests “Keep it young, fresh, and natural; pretty but with a punch”