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Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Products

M2 Eyelash Eyebrow growth

I have started a little experiment this week – eyelash and eyebrow growth serums from M2 Beaute. I will update as the weeks a pass letting you know how I’m getting on but in the meantime I though I would do a little show and tell for those of you interested in these kind of products.

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Mmmm! MaxFactor Goodies

Max Factor is a brand have dipped into on occasion but have limited experience with. I love their mascaras – 2000 Calorie was a favourite of mine for a long time. I also once had a brief fling with one of their foundations – I remember recording a foundation tutorial with it way back when.

I am happy to be able to explore the bounties of this brand a little more.

24 from False Lash Effect Mascara – This mascara has a built-in primer that wraps lashes. Max Factor is a sister company of the US brand Covergirl – hence the latters infamous Lashblast being the same as the formers False Lash Effect Mascara. I have always been a fan od Max Factors mascara and I’m sure this one will be no different!

I have two of Revlons Flipstick Colour Effects Lipsticks – Bloomy Pink and Salsa Red. They are lip duos. The colours can be worn alone, blended together or used on different parts of the lips – to highlight the plumpness for example. (€11.99) “An innovative double-ended lipstick you mix, match and personalise your own lip colour”.


I have never tried Max Factors nail polishes either so I shall have some fun swatching these.

Right, I’m off to start swatching and testing!

Thoughts on Max Factor??

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Product of the month: Isa Dora Big Bold Mascara

I have been using Isa Dora’s new mascara Big Bold for the past 3 weeks. I won’t beat around the bush – it’s great.

What I liked most:

  • The volume – huge lashes! It’s also buildable.
  • Quickness – One coat and out the door. Yes, really. No waiting for layers to dry etc.
  • The softness of my lashes – I loathe the feeling of anything plasticy. This mascara left my lashes touchable
  • No smudging! Woo hoo!
  • The brush –   lifts at the roots; I have tried a few mascaras lately that add volume but leave the root flat and uncoated. The brush is  made up of long and short brushes which coats your lashes fast and evenly.

  • Fragrance free and opthalmologically tested for those of us with annoyingly sensitive eyes.
  • The price – €8.95 initially, to celebrate its launch. The normal RRP of €14.95 is fairly decent for this product though.
  • Widely available in chemists in Ireland

For this photo I applies only one coat. I tried and tried to get a photo that would show how the mascara at its best but I didn’t succeed.


It reminds me a little of Dior Show. I have recently picked up Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash and although they are completely different types of mascaras, I like both equally. Big Bold is more akin to a high-end product than a drugstore one.

I would definitely repurchase!

What’s your favourite mascara at the moment?

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NYC Show Time Volumising Mascara – Review

I have been using NYC Show Time Volumising Mascara as part of an affordable mascara comparison project (more on that later). I have been quite impressed with this one so far.


This is a great every day mascara. It coats my lashes evenly, doesn’t make my lashes look like plastic (pet peeve) or spindly. I would say that the finished effect is natural and pretty. It lasted well on my lashes too, I didn’t need to reapply.

I quite like the shape of the brush too. It grabs the lashes easily.

The use of the words ‘Showtime’ and ‘Volumising’ might be a little deceptive however. Both of these words make me think of Dior Show mascara – this mascara is not similar in any way. It does volumise my lashes though, just not to the level that Dior Show does. This isn’t a bad thing for me since I usually only wear Dior Show at night for real drama.

I find it very difficult to find mascara’s that look good on my bottom lashes. This does the job well.

I have very sensitive eyes that just love to react to mascara and stream water all day long. I am happy to report that this did not happen with this mascara. I had zero eye irritation.

This mascara is a steal at €3.49. I shall be buying more!

What do you think of NYC products?

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Video – Best and Worst Drugstore Mascaras

many of us spend a fortune on mascara’s. There are some that only suite certain occasions, times when you need a waterproof formulation but don’t have one, on top of this they need to be disposed of quite frequently. For this reason I don’t spend my money on high end mascara’s. I used to, in fact I worked my way through quite a hefty selection – YSL, Dior, Chanel, Make Up For Ever, MAC, Clinique…the list goes on.

No more.

In my experience ‘drugstore’ (for want of a better word) mascara’s perform just as well as their high end counterparts. It’s a little hit and miss though so here is a little video on the best and worst of my drugstore mascara collection.

Thanks for watching :)

What drugstore mascara’s do you rate?


Review – Isa Dora Wigwham Mascara

I have been using Wigwham Mascara by Isa Dora for the past month now.  I thought it was high time for a little review and some pictures.

My experience started off a little dodgy but did a little turn around after that. I’m glad I held on! Here are some images of what the mascara looks like after one coat (top lashes only).

For me this mascara definitely needs eyeliner – I just don’t have enough lashes. The mascara bunched the lashes together from the base which leaves them looking spindly yet heavy. Once I had shadow and liner on this mascara looked great. For me, this is one for full face of make-up days rather than ‘au naturel’ days. I love the volume.

Colour wise it’s very black.  It also didn’t smudge throughout the day. It’s also quite resistant to tears – I wore it whilst walking in the dogs in gale force winds last week. I also have quite sensitive eyes and sometimes experience sensitivity to mascaras but my eyes were fine with Wigwham.

This mascara will divide people, it’s definitely not generic and is original. It just won’t be for everyone. Think of marmite – You’ll love it or hate it!

Would I purchase this? Yes. It’s not a mascara I would use everyday – a bit much for wandering around the house. But for evenings and days that I requite a little more glamour I would happily grab for this one.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

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Preview – Isa Dora Wigwham Heavy Lashes Mascara

I love trying new mascaras. Even when I find a mascara that I like I tend not to repurchase, which is a little pointless. It just proves that as a make-up addict when I find a product I like, I can’t stop there. I need to try new products. God forbid I miss something. Ha!

I heard through the grapevine that IsaDora are releasing a  new mascara called Wigwham Heavy Lashes. Ok so the name isn’t exactly glamorous. Judging from the image I found the name must be inspired by the brush. I am intrigued by the “heavy lashes” reference.

The reason this mascara has grabbed my attention is that the sales spiel promises dramatic, smudge proof lashes and clumping. Clumping? It’s said to thicken the lashes and clumps them together – I’m not sure what to think considering we run around trying to find clump free mascara’s.

This is one that I will have to try. The idea that it is designed to clump scares me a little. I would imagine the idea is to create thick, heavy lashes that are grouped together. It could be one of those weird products that I end up loving. We’ll see.

I’ll buy it, try it and get back to you!

Isa Dora was my favourite make-up brand in my late teens. I still have a few of their eyeshadow quads, which I loved. My favourite was Crystal Mauve Eye Shadow Quartet – beautiful! I also repurchased their 3-D Glitter Gloss is Sparkling Crystals about 5 times. Other than gloss and eyeshadow I have never tried any of their other products.

The mascara will be available in pharmacies that stock Isa Dora products for €9.95 from mid September.

Have you tried any Isa Dora products?

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e.l.f bargain mascara – better than expected

I have had el.f’s  Waterproof, Lengthening & Volumising Mascara in my mascara drawer for six months now. It has remained unused and therefore unloved. I decided it deserved an opportunity to impress.

I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I’m far from being a make-up snob but when I mascara costs €4 I make some assumptions. In this case I was completely wrong. I shall judge no more.

The mascara is from the studio collection and claims to be lengthening and volumising – a bit of a tall order. Having worn it for a few weeks I would say that this mascara’s strengths lie in its lengthening ability. It didn’t add too much volume to my lashes but it certainly did lengthen.

The wand is long and narrow. I always apply mascara to the backs of my lashes and the narrow brush made this easy.

I have quite sensitive eyes but the mascara didn’t irritate. I would point out that it isn’t really waterproof, more water resistant – It is quite windy today and whilst running with the dogs my eyes started to run like crazy and the mascara smudged a tiny bit. Far from black tear stains running down my face but I needed to point it out all the same. Basically, if you plan on crying or swimming don’t wear this mascara.

I would say that although the mascara is cheap you are buying a much smaller tube than your usual mascara. But since we’re supposed to throw out our mascara’s every three months that might not be a bad thing.

For me it’s definitely a day time formula. There is not enough volume for night-time make-up.

There is also a non-waterproof formula available. They are sold in black and brown.They are available from elf’s website .

What are your experiences with e.l.f make-up?