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Human+Kind Review: All-in-one Anti-Ageing Cream

Being an advocate of natural skincare I have certainly worked my way through a hefty number of natural moisturisers. It was time to try a new one.

Enter All-in-one Anti-Ageing Cream by Human+Kind.

This cream is designed for women who lack the time for lengthy beauty rituals. It is a multifunctional product designed to work as:

  • an anti-ageing cream
  • an eye cream
  • a protective moisturiser
  • a night cream

It evens out skin tone reduces fine lines and wrinkles, softens the skin and reduces the appearance of age spots. The cream is packed with concentrated active natural ingredients which are designed to heal and rejuvinate.It contains jojoba oil, marshmallow, onopordum, centella, rosehip oil and shea butter. It also contains achmella oleracea, which is apparently known as nature’s botox.


I have been using this cream for ten days. I’m quite impressed. Not only is this a great all rounder it also helped even my skin tone. It didn’t break me out but left my skin soft and moisturised. This one is definitely for normal to dry skin types. If you’re oily I recommended stearing clear of creams and looking at lotions, gels or serums instead.

It costs €29.95 which is a fair price for a product that contains so many good ingredients. It’s always cheaper to buy creams laden with lab made chemicals as those ingredients are often cheap. If you’re a fan of natural skincare this one is definitely worth a look.

You can find Human + Kind products in health stores and pharmacies or at

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Egyptian Magic Skin Cream – If Kate Hudson Loves it, I need it!

As soon as I heard that Kate Hudson is a fan of Egyptian Magic Skin Cream I had to try it. Besides the fact that I love that woman I would also die to have skin even half as pretty as hers. Sure, she has beauticians and dermatologists at her finger tips. Since that’s not attainable for most of us, I’ll stick to trying out her favourite cream.

Egyptian Magic cream is one one of those all-purpose type products. So far I have used it  in the following ways…

  • On the dry ends of my hair
  • As as night time moisturiser
  • After shaving my legs
  • On my cuticles
  • On sunburn
  • On my scars and stretch marks
  • As a lip balm

I could also see myself using this on a chapped nose during Winter flu season. I friend of mine swears by it as a great eye cream too. I might have to test that out. I haven’t had the guts to apply it near my acne prone areas yet though.

When I wake up in the morning after using it my skin feels so soft.Other bonuses are that the pot is larger and a little goes a really long way. There are two downsides for me are (1) the packaging and (2) the fact that this is a solid product. It’s hard to get product out without it getting stuck behind my nails. I’ve resorted to using the back of a teaspoon. Of course, a spatula would be ideal. Although the cream is solid in the pot, the heat of your skin melts it into an oil-like consistency. I should point out that although it is an oil, it’s not greasy.

It contains these 100% natural ingredients

  • olive oil – moisturise and soften skin with eczema
  • bees wax – Anti bacterial emollient, locks in moisture and forms a barrier on the skin
  • honey – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • bee pollen – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • royal jelly – vitamins A, C, D, E, B5 and B6 and also provides anti-aging functions
  • bee propolis – a natural anti-biotic

I’m seriously loving this product! It’s expensive (€44.95) but if it’s good enough for Ms Hudson, Madonna and Emily Blunt, tis good enough for me :)

*Available at Avoca Suffolk St, Rathcoole and Kilmacanogue. In the UK it’s available from Whole Foods.

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How fun! Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum

I just had to do a post on Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum. How fun is this!

Like all of Lush’s products, this one is eco friendly – there are no preservatives or packaging used. I’m all on for that.

Like most solid similar products the bar begins to melt upon contact with skin. Holding the bar between my hands does the trick for me. I then pop it back in the tin and massage my hands together.

The bar contains cocoa and shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil and marigold petals. It also contains talc which is added to prevent hands feeling too oily, nothing worse than greasy hands. One of the best things about this gem is that there are no synthetic ingredients.

I obviously adore the shape but it also smells quite pretty too – soft vanilla and gentle florals maybe?

The bar costs €4.94 which I think is a steal considering all of the high quality ingredients you are getting. It will also last ages if you store it in one of the Lush tins (€3.90) or some Tupperware.

Loves it :)

What products do you rely on for your hands?

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My Favourite Moisturiser – Liz Earle Skin Repair

I have been using Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser for the past two weeks. As always, no beating about the bush – I love it. I can’t believe I’ve had this is my drawer for nearly a year and hadn’t given it a decent try.

The reason it spent so long in my drawer is that when I first tested it it seemed quite rich, despite being for normal / combination skin. If you’re a regular reader or you watch my YouTube videos you will know that I am plagued by breakouts on my chin. I am always afraid to use heavy moisturisers on this area, fearing that it would lead to more clogged pores.

Imagine my surprise when I resurrected this moisturiser and found that after a week of use the acne on my chin looked better! I am absolutely delighted. My breakouts are thanks to hormones but also skin sensitivity. I don’t have oily skin, rather combination / sensitive. I wouldn’t recommend this moisturiser for those with oily skin, it would be too much.

What I like most is that it is light yet richly moisturising. It hasn’t blocked any pores and has actually eased the breakouts.

According to the tube, Skin Repair contains active ingredients – Borage oil, Avocado oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E.

It doesn’t have a very strong scent, it actually smells quite natural – more like natural oils (not essential oils).

I bought this as part of a Liz Earle set on ebay (the seller sold it as an unwanted gift). I always check ebay for unwanted gift sets, I often find things I like for €10. I’m going to buy the full size from the Liz Earle site this afternoon. €19.75 for a 50ml jar or tube. I have the 15ml trial size right now (€7.50). Handy to try it out first instead of wasting money on a products that doesn’t suite your skin.

I’m still using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (click here to read my thoughts on this gem) morning and evening with my muslin cloth. It’s just plain fabulous.

Have you tried any Liz Earle products?

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Skin Care Favourite’s

I’ve changed my skin care routine up a bit over the past few weeks. I was suffering from breakouts go leoir but also dryness and sensitivity. My new routine has improved the situation enormously.

It’s a fickle world so no doubt I will change my routine again at some stage in the future, but for the moment I am delighted with the results of using these. What skincare products are in your arsenal at the moment?


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Olay Touch of Sun Moisturiser SPF15

According to the box Complete Olay Touch of Sun Moisturiser SPF15 provides your skin with everything it needs to be healthy whilst adding a little self tan to you skin each day. That’s a bit of a tall order but I do like Olay creams so I decided to give it a whirl, it was also on special in Boots last month.

The lotion felt a little too thick and greasy for my liking. Although it didn’t break me out, it certainly has the potential to break someone out. The good news is that it didn’t leave a film on the skin. It also doesn’t smell like fake tan which is always a bonus.

This cream contains DHA to tan the skin. I didn’t have high expectations for this part of the deal but I was pleasantly surprised. I used it before I jetted off to the sun and found that it added a very subtle glow following the first application. After the second day it provided a light tan. It wasn’t orange or streaky on my skin.

It comes is light/medium and medium/dark. I bought the latter, light tans don’t show up on my skin. I recently read a review written by a very fair and sensitive skinned lady who said that it made her skin look a little orange and broke her out. I haven’t Continue Reading

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Is it that simple? Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising cream

This post is fro Tasha who asked me about Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising Cream. Instead of posting a comment response I thought I would do a post on this product since many of us have tried Simple products. I have done some research.

This product claims to give long lasting moisturisation for dryer skins, contains a sun filter and Vitamin B5 which will lead to soft skin. Will it?

According to some experts in the know, the ingredients in this cream are very ordinary. It is also almost identical to other simple moisturisers. The same experts believe that the sun filter cannot be relied upon to protect the skin from aging and damage as it doesn’t have a sunscreen rating.

Have a look at the host of potentially toxic chemicals in this product:

Propylparaben: Strong evidence supporting that this ingredient can be toxic to the skin and lead to allergic reaction (Cosmetic Industry Review) More worrying there is evidence showing developmental and reproductive disruption (Oishi S, 2002)

Methylparaben – Stong evidence showing this ingredient is a human skin toxicant which can cause reaction  (Nagel JE, Fireman P, 1977). I have been informed that this comes down to the quantity of this ingredient used.

C13 -14 Isoparaffin: Mixture of mineral oils that come from petroleum. Mineral oils can lead to excessive dryness.

Petylene Glycol, Panthenol: Emerging concerns over these ingredients.

Personally I think a range of potentially harmful ingredients without SPF or anything nourishing or of benefit to the skin is a waste of our time and our money.

And we wonder why our skin is breaking out!