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NYC Nail Polish Favourites


I love NYC nail polish. It’s cheap, it’s easy too apply, it dries in no time and lasts as well as the rest. I’ve yet to come across a dudd in their polish collection. Here are a few of my current favourites – not seasonal in the traditional sense but I love them none the less. I don’t always fancy a cheery polish, sometimes I like elegance or a bit of grunge for night time. Continue Reading

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Nails of the Day…

I’m traveling today so I wanted to wear something cheery but durable on my nails. I opted for pink, surprise, surprise. It’s actually quite different to all of the other pink polishes I own (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic

Some swatches (2 coats of polish and all taken in natural light)…



Ignore the state of my cuticles, they have never been in such a bad way. You may have heard me mention the matching Lippy in a recent post. They are so pretty together…

Click here to see swatches of the Lippy and photos of how it looks on.

I’ve said this so often but I love Butter London nail polishes. They quality is excellent, the application is a dream. The finish is beautiful and they last a few days longer for me than my usual polishes. Another pro is that they dry quite quickly too.

You can buy Butter London lacquers from here or they are also on sale in Avoca or Fran and Jane (I also heard someone mention they picked one up in Oasis).

Any Butter London recommendations?

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Butter London Backstage Basics

A girl can never have too many nail polishes! Butter London are amongst my favourites. Their shades stand out a little more for me than other brands and the packaging is gorgeous.

A sample of their Backstage Basics kit arrived recently and I have been thoroughly enjoying it :)


Each kit comes with the basics and your choice of coloured nail polish.

  • Powder Room Acetone Free Lacquer Remover
  • Hardwear PD Quick Topcoat
  • Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat
  • Lacquer of your choice
  • Nail File

The basics included…

The coloured lacquer in my kit was Primrose Hill Picnic, a bright, cheery pink. Very Amy.

I should point out that all their nail polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

Application wise this goes on like a dream. It’s creamy and smooth without the mess. The dry time is pretty decent too. I often find myself reaching for a Butter polish when I’m in a hurry because I can rely on the dry time. I also have a gorgeous sample of the matching Lippy Butter – post coming tomorrow!


  • Everything you need under one roof
  • Would make an amazing present
  • You save a significant amount by buying the kit instead of purchasing the products separately


  • I can’t think of any. Once you’re willing to part with the cash that is

Would I repurchase?

I can’t imagine I’m going to run out of base or topcoat soon but I would absolutely buy this kit for friends and family. As soon as I saw it I found myslef wondering who’s birthday is coming up next and what Butter Lacquer I would choose to add to their kit.

Repurchase: Yes, I probably won’t finish the products in this set, but these would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

The kit costs €51, which is fair enough when you consider the price of these these polishes on their own. Each polish retails at €15 with the base and top coats retailing over €20! If you see the dollar price online you may have a heart attack – I saw $25 mentioned but upon further investigation I learned that this is without the lacquer. It would make a gorgeous gift or a great way to get your nail basics. You can find them online here , from Avoca or Fran and Jane stores.

Any thoughts on Butter London?

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Mmmm! MaxFactor Goodies

Max Factor is a brand have dipped into on occasion but have limited experience with. I love their mascaras – 2000 Calorie was a favourite of mine for a long time. I also once had a brief fling with one of their foundations – I remember recording a foundation tutorial with it way back when.

I am happy to be able to explore the bounties of this brand a little more.

24 from False Lash Effect Mascara – This mascara has a built-in primer that wraps lashes. Max Factor is a sister company of the US brand Covergirl – hence the latters infamous Lashblast being the same as the formers False Lash Effect Mascara. I have always been a fan od Max Factors mascara and I’m sure this one will be no different!

I have two of Revlons Flipstick Colour Effects Lipsticks – Bloomy Pink and Salsa Red. They are lip duos. The colours can be worn alone, blended together or used on different parts of the lips – to highlight the plumpness for example. (€11.99) “An innovative double-ended lipstick you mix, match and personalise your own lip colour”.


I have never tried Max Factors nail polishes either so I shall have some fun swatching these.

Right, I’m off to start swatching and testing!

Thoughts on Max Factor??

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YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes – Swatches & Review

I am in love with YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes. Love I tell you! Thought it was time for some swatches and a review of their fabulousness (yes, I make up words now).



N°4 Corail Colisée A bright coral. Sounds like so many others but its beauty is unparalleled in my books

N°29 Doré Orfèvre A unique, true gold

N°15 Violet Baroque Deep, rich, juicy violet. This oozes class.

N°22 Beige Léger Deemed this seasons ‘it’ shade by YSL.


N°4 Corail Colisée



N°22 Beige Léger



N°15 Violet Baroque



N°29 Doré Orfèvre

My thoughts

Colour: Whenever a nail polish comes with a hefty price tag I expect a bit of magic. Lately I have been disappointed by a few high end offerings – Estee Lauder Pure Color being one of them. Well, with these beauties there was no disappointment. These shades are intense and vivd. I couldn’t love them more. In fact I rooted through my collection to look for dupes and couldn’t find any that lived up to the quality and vividness of colours. When I applied Corail Colisée I spent the entire day looking at my nails. I’m a fan of coral shades anyway and find they work well with my skin tone but this just plain outstanding.

Application: Vividness aside, the application of these polishes are a dream! The brush is wide, tapered and smooth. It worked perfectly with the shape of my nail bed. I find that I can vary the pressure of the brush and get one whole nail coated in one swipe. The polishes I tried are creamy and smooth and were foolproof to apply. I would go as far as to say that I had the easiest application I can remember.

Dry-time: Rapid. I managed three coats in a few minutes. I didn’t need more than two coats for any of the above. In fact, the coverage was great after one coat. I just needed two for perfect coverage.

Finish: Creamy with a high shine (less of a shine with the gold because of the finish)

Staying Power: The polish and the shine last. I didn’t need to apply a top coat. They are also enriched with Chilean Rose bush and extract of Corallina that is source of Calcium, the formula fortifies and protects nails.

Packaging: Again, pure luxury

Price: Expensive at €24. These nail polishes are a splurge but from the few I’ve tested the quality is outstanding. It would be a special sort of nail purchase. After all, luxury comes at a price (although in my experience price definitely doesn’t always mean luxury!)

Wow, that was bit of a rant. If I was to root for any negatives I would say that the gold shade suits my skintone least. But I have big plans for this one during tan season! I also picked up a bottle for a friends birthday – it would suit her tanned skin perfectly.

If I could grade these they would received a big fat A+


Nail Polish/Care

Sally Hansen’s new Spring Shades

I liked the look of Sally Hansen’s new lady like shades at first glance. Sure, they’re like other polishes I have but that just means I’ll use them!

Soft and creamy is the order of the day…

  • Nude Now – A subtle peachy, pink hue.
  • Greige Gardens – A grey jelly creme with a purple tint. Love!!!

And now for some swatches (the worst swatches ever! My hands are so dry this time of year)…

Greige Gardens (natural light)

Nude Now

I like both but I think the grey is more me. It’s the sort of shade you can apply and wear whatever and go wherever you want without thinking twice until it starts to wear. Speaking of wearing, I find Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes last very well. I had the grey shade on for 4-5 days before it showed any signs of wearing. That’s a miracle for me.

For those you unfamiliar with their Complete Salon Manicure range, they’re basically designed to be an entire manicure in one bottle  – no need for bases or top coats. That’s a bit of a tall order but they do last well. They also apply like a dream. The brush is tapered and flat – my favourite brush type by far.

They cost €8.95 and are available in pharmacies, department stores and grocery stores.

Love them! Any nail polish recommendations for me?

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Issues with Blue Nails!

I once hated blue nail polish with a passion. Blue is one of my favourite colours and yet I couldn’t bring myself to wear it on my nails. For some reason it felt unnatural, like a blue Smartie! It also reminded me of being fourteen and those memories really don’t need to be conjured – Think mini disco’s wearing a skin tight dress inspired by Posh spice – only to realise many years on that I looked rather skankish rather than classy. Let’s not even think about the fake tan!).

I’ve had a change of heart and now can’t get enough. I picked this Collection 2000 one for €3.50 in Boots. It’s in the shade Blue Hawaii. I thought it looked a little garish to be honest but was attracted to its brightness. After application I decided I quite like it.

(Ignore the state of my cuticles! Manicure desperately needed this evening)…


I like Collection 2000 polishes in general. They’re cheap, come in a great shade range and add new shades regularly. That being said, I find the finish a little hit and miss. It depends on the shade but most of the polishes I have bought are well loved (on my third bottle of Button Moon). They’re quite easy to apply although I would prefer if the brush was tappered or a little smaller. Lasting power on this shade was ok, nothing to write home about though. It started to wear after 3 days on my nails and chipped on the fourth. I should point out however that I was lazy and skipped the top coat.

Anyone else like blue nails at the moment? Any recommendations?