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Orly Christmas Collection 2010

If you like nail polish as much as me you may be interested to see the Orly Holiday / Christmas collection 2010 :)

Meet me Under the Mistletoe

Glitz and Glamour

Naughty or Nice

Rockin Rocket

Winter Wonderland

Candy Cane Lane

I like the look of Winter Wonderland and Meet me Under the Mistletoe. The other shades don’t really appeal to me. Candy Cane Lane looks delicious but it’s similar to about ten polishes I already own.

What are your thoughts?

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Collection 2000 Lilac Ice

Collection 2000 Maxiflex large nail  polishes are on offer in Boots (buy 2 for €6). So of course whilst picking up a prescription I needed to get some. I have tried some of their smaller nail polishes and although I loved the colour range I wasn’t overly impressed with the consistency. I assumed that the larger and dearer ones would be better quality.

One of the shades I picked up was Lilac Ice. It looks exactly how it sounds, a frosty lilac shade. It’s a very pretty colour and the consistency of mine is a little better than the small bottles. It dries to a smooth finish which is good, I hate the feel of gritty nails.


It says on the bottle that it’s designed to last 5 days, too good to be true? Yes. This polish needs a top coat as it started to chip at the tips after a day or so. I applied two coats in this picture…



They are definitely not amazing quality but they’re cheap and I do love the colour. I would buy another shade just for the colour fun. When I pass the pretty colours I just can’t resist. Must…stay…strong.

Collection 2000 polishes are  a little hit and miss for me. The other shade I bought was also Maxiflex but was thicker and harder to apply. A little consistency would go a long way.

Have you tried any Collection 2000 polishes? What is you favourite polish at the moment?

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Essence Nail Polish: Cheap & Cheerful Nails

I love love love Essence Nail Polish. The cost between €2 and €3 and are great quality. They are so cheap that I want them all! At the moment I have  8 in my collection. I bought them in my local chemist. They are also also sold in Dunnes. Three of which I have not included as they are French Polishes. Here are the colours and swatches:


After 2 coats here’s how they look on the nail:


I think it’s time to pick up a few more!

What is your favourite Essence Polish?

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Revlon Purple Petal – Nail Polish of the Day

I have become quite the nail polish addict lately. It could be just one of my phases but I’ve been changing my polish daily over the past few weeks.


Today’s choice is Revlon Purple Petal. I’ll show you the colour before I do a quick review..


I love the colour. It’s the perfect shade of purple for Winter. It brightens up my day!

The product itself is quite expensive for a drugstore polish (€9 in Ireland) but it is quite a large bottle. The consistency is great and it is very easy to apply without making too much of a mess. I applied two coats. It also dried quite quickly.

The downside is the chipping. This polish definitely needs a top coat. I’ve been using quite a lot of Rimmels long lastin polishes lately and haven’t needed to use a topcoat at all. Not so with the polish.

I love the colour range Revlon provides but as for the longetivity of the polishes, I don’t think so!

What is your favourite brand of nail polish?

Amy x