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Amy’s been making Summer beach skincare :) …

I had many requests for a more Summer appropriate wash bar, exfoliator and cream. I originally just made these for myself  to prepare my skin for a beach holiday. I ended up bringing them all with me and used them for the whole trip. I was was so delighted with myself that I decided to add them into my shop.

Boho Summer Beach Set:

Ocean Breeze Wash Bar – Moisturising whilst leaving a lingering scent of the ocean on your skin.

Sandy Beach Exfoliating Bar – Refreshing and zingy with oats for gentle exfolaition.

Caribbean Coconut Lotion – Helps prolong your tan, leaving you skin smelling like coconuts

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€3.50 worlwide shipping (shipping costs stays at this price now regardless of how much your order)

Thanks for all your support and ideas cailíní!

Le grá,