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iia Net Visionary Award Win, thanks to you all!!!

I need to say a  huge thank you to all of you that took the time to vote, leave me lovely comments and tweet me. Thanks to your support I won an iia Net Visionary Award last night for Makeup & Beauty.

Left to right: Maeve Kneafsey, IIA Chair; me; Keith Mahon, – category sponsor; Ray Walsh, Enterprise Ireland – headline sponsor.

It was a great night and a huge honour. I met tonnes of lovely people, photos to follow :)

Congratulations to all the other finalists and winners!

Le grá,




Update – Net Visionary Awards

Negative people make me sad


As you may already know I have been nominated for a few Net Visionary Awards. It’s a huge honour and I was delighted. I did a blog post thanking you all for your support so far and mentioned that as a thank you for your unbelievable support I would choose one reader to win a few MAC items. This appears to have irritated some people in the social media world.

Firstly let me say that I am horrified Continue Reading


Nominated for 4 Net Visionary Awards! Eeee!

I can’t really believe this but I have just found out that I have been nominated for 4 Net Visionary Awards. I’m a wee bit shocked to say the least. This is all thanks to you ladies, you’re truly amazing!

This is where I need your help. The winners are decided by votes. Voting closes 30th April It would be utterly fabulous if you would cast your vote. I have been nominated in 4 categories:

  • Best Business Blogger
  • Best Business Video & Podcasting
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • Best Use of Social Media

Click here to vote for me (don’t forget to vote for the 4 categories) They ask for your name, email address and company, so just enter “None”, make up a company name or put in the company you work for.

Thank you so much ladies,

Grá mór,



*Update; WINNER: Alanna B