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I bought myself a new perfume..

‘Next’ is not a shop I frequent but I was on the hunt for a gift this weekend. I was pretty glad that I decided to pop in. They had their fragrances on sale, left over from Christmas I presume. I didn’t find a gift in there but I did buy myself a new perfume :)

I sampled them all and settled on ‘Pure’.


What drew me to this scent is that it is fresh and clean. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if you enjoy clean fragrances you will probably appreciate this one. It also wears surprisingly well.

It reminds me of fresh laundry blowing in the breeze. This is definitely a day time scent. I would put it in the same family as Banana Republic Classic and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. The former being spicier, the latter being sweeter.

I predict that this will be a favourite of mine this Summer.

The best part is that I only paid €7.50 for my bottle, a bargain. There were a few others I really liked too, I might consider them in the future.

Any recommendations?

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Sale Shopping

Christmas sales are in full swing. This means that I have been on the hunt for the ‘good sales’. The ones that don’t take old stock from a decade ago, put it on the rack and expect us to pay €10 for it, I don’t think so! In a good sale I expect to see this seasons stock on sale, not random bikini tops (without bottoms) from 1999…Ms Selfridge, take note!

With that in mind here’s a little guide to the Christmas sales

  • Boots have halved the price of all their Christmas gifts.
  • Debenhams sale is worth a look, good bargains. If you don’t fancy queuing check out their website.
  • McCabes pharmacy is selling off their perfume gift sets at a reduced price
  • A-Wear seem to have a good sale on at the moment, at least it doesn’t appear that they have dragged out old stock from 1992!
  • H & M have quite a number of sale racks. Granted they seem to be summer stock, but I did pick up a pretty lemon blouse and a nice scarf.
  • I always enjoy the Next sale. They discount a lot of their stock. I got quite a few nice staple pieces last year. (Although I haven’t heard great things about their sale this year)
  • are having a 50% sale at the moment. I’m off to have a look in a few minutes, can’t wait!
  • I have been informed that Jane Norman have 50% their sale stock
  • River Island have some good offers on at the moment, but the nice stuff is going fast!

I know where I’m heading :)

Did you find any good bargains in the sales?