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Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Palette, Polish & Eyeliner

I’m not ashamed to admit that if Urban Decay release a new palette, I have to have it. I love the quality and pigmentation of the shadows, adore the packaging and well I honestly I get sucked in by the limited edition part. There is a par of me that also loves a gimmick. Their latest palette was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Pulp Fiction. Continue Reading

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May’s Lust List

As you may already know I’m mad about notebooks and lists. My longest list by far is my make-up wish list. No surprise there but there are usually a handful of products I’m on the urge of buying but am reasoning with myself for whatever reason. Here are a few I am lusting after, and am considering buying. Let me know what you think of these – if you think they’re worth it or not.

Let’s get started!

Sleep-In Rollers I saw these in the window of my local Nail & Beauty Bar the other day and was intrigued. I googled them as soon as I got home and I discovered that they are huge amongst the desperate scousewives community – I’m afraid I’m out of the loop on this one as I have never seen it. I was very interested in waking up with big hair though. They cost €21 for 20, apparently that’s plenty for even thick hair. Not an issue for me – I’ll probably have some left over. I’m off to check YouTube for videos on how to put them in. Majorly sexy obviously.


Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star Amber Diamond Powder

This has been on my list since last November. I had evey intention of buying it at Sephora in Chicago but the sales assistant talked me into Too Faced Pink Leopard Highlighting bronzer instead. I love highlighters but I have quite a few. I’m not sure if this is going to stand out enough to warrant the purchase. It’s €40.25 on Debenhams website with free delivery to Ireland at the moment. It’s usually €44.73. I’m finding it hard to resist. Do I need it?



Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF15

This one is top of my foundation wish list. I filled in the questionnaire on Chanels website to see which foundation was most suited to my skin type and this one was recommended. I have been meaning to try it out anyway so I’m delighted it suits my skin – medium coverage for combination oily skin in need of a radiance boost. That’s me. Have you tried it?



The Balm Nude Tude Palette

I was talking about buying this on Twitter and Facebook last week. I actually ordered but found out the following day that my order didn’t go through. I held off on ordering again, I’m not too sure why. I suppose it feels like a complete over-indulgence to buy something you have so much of – neutral shadows! Let’s face it, I need this like a hole in the head. Yet, I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s the matte shades that really appeal to me. The shades seem quite unique when I checked out the swatches too. Of course I may be just justifying myself :) €33.8o from Feel

What should I splurge on? What’s on your Lust List?

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Make Up For Ever Smoky Palette Swatches & Review

Love, love, love!

Make Up For Ever Smoky palette is going to be a favourite of mine for a long, long time.

When I first saw the palette I thought it looked quite small but upon opening I oohed and aahed like nobody’s business. There is no filler in this palette, just poor beauty. There are 8 shades, a highlight, a peach, brown, rust, blue, green, purple and a very intense black.

Here are some swatches…

I was expecting the browns to be a little boring after seeing how gorgeous the rich toned shadows were. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They are unique, pigmented and have a gorgeous satin finish. As mentioned, the black is extremely intense – any smoky eye fans will adore it.

There are no shimmery, glittery shades. This palette is pure business. Most of the shadows are between a satin and a matte. They are easy to work with, intensely pigmented. The best thing for me is the combination possibilities – any one shade in the palette works in harmony or contrasts with any of the others. For these reasons it’s money well spent. It’s €45 which isn’t bad for 8 Make Up For Ever shadows. This is an investment in my opinion. Something I will have for years and will come back to again and again.

The palette also comes with two brushes. Usually the brushes in kits are a bit crappy but these are professional quality. My only criticism is that both brushes are flat shaders, although they’re both different sizes. A fluffy brush would have been useful since it’s a smoky eye kit and blending is key.

I know Make Up For Ever can be hard to get a hold of in the UK but luckily for us we have a MUFE shop on Clarendon Street in Dublin. Of course it’s widely available in Sephora across the US – when can we have a Sephora? Seriously.

Video tutorial to follow me thinks :)



e.l.f 32 Palette – A little look at some swatches

I have had the  e.l.f 32 Piece Eye-shadow Collection palette for a week now. I have really been enjoying it, a tad unexpected to be honest. Usually palettes like focus on quantity and less on quality, not the case this time around.


The palette itself is a little bigger than a MAC palette and smaller than an 88 palette. There is also a decent amount of each shadow in the pans.



Here are some swatches, I photographed them row by row so they correspond to the picture above.


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4

All in all quite a versatile palette with mostly wearable colours. I never like palettes that have bright yellows and oranges. Even the brighter shades in here are usable.

Inconsistency is to be expected with a palette that costs this little. But I have to say that most of the shadows are pigmented. Some are more smooth then others (partly down to the differences in finish). There are three shades that are poor in pigmentation – you can see yourself from the swatches.

The green, blue and navy on the third row, the rust shade on row two and the silvers on the last row are my favourite. The lightest shades on the first row aren’t great, the same goes for some of the charcoal greys on the last line.

The palettes are also accessible, €10 / £9 from the e.l.f website. They also sell a 100 Eyeshadow palette. Neither seem to be available on US site.

Personally I prefer this to the 88 palette, which I never use. I know I will use this one. I feel a tutorial coming on :)

What do you think?

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MAC eyeshadows to De-pot & Z Palette

My MAC palettes are at full capacity. They have been this way for many months and I have yet to buy another palette. This means that some of my newer shadows have not been enjoyed.

There are a few I need to depot. I have been putting off doing this too as it’s a bit of a chore. I always buy MAC shadows in the refill form rather than the pot. This is not an option if you buy limited edition products.


For those of you who have never heard of depotting – it involves taking the pan out of the eyeshadows packaging using a knife and a hair straighteners. Sounds perilous right! I will blog about the process with a step by step when I finally do the job.

That leaves the problem of palette space. I have been waiting for my MAC Pro card replacement for three months now, I have been assured it’s on it’s way, so popping into town to replace it is not on the cards. I could of course take out the insert from one of my existing palettes and make some more room but I hate cluttered make-up, especially if I’m on a job.

Enter Z Palette.

I’m sure many of you have heard of these gems already. They are magnetic palettes with a clear top. They are fantastic. A few months ago I depotted lots of single shadows from different brands and popped them into the palette. This way they might actually stand a chance of being used!

They come in this size and smaller. I have ordered myself a second one which should arrive any day now. I suppose I should depot the mac shadows soon so. Ugh!

They are easy to buy in the US as you can order from the main site right to your door. For those you you here in Ireland here is a link to a distributor. They are €19 for the large palettes and €14 for the small. You can also buy magnets for the back of your pans there too. For UK customers their on sale at Love-makeup (they probably ship to Ireland too). I bought my second one from the US site and had it sent to my bundlebox, expect a haul later this week!

Have you tried a Z palette? Do you think they’re a good idea?