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My MAC Neutral Palette… (Video, Review, Swatches, Favourites, Combos)

I promised a video on my my mac neutral palette months ago. I’m only just getting around to it now. I know, I’m a disgrace.

I’ll start with some swatches and leave the video at the bottom of the post….

Row 1: Phloof, Shroom, All That Glitters, Omega Patina, Mythology

Row 2: Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Sable, Satin Taupe, Tempting

Row 3: Antiqued, Beautyburst, Coppering, Fashion Groupie, Twinks, Embark, 100 Strokes

Row 4: Coppering, Sketch, Beautymarked, Cemetry, Club

Left to Right: Phloof, Shroom, All That Glitters, Omega Patina, Mythology


Left to Right: Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Sable, Satin Taupe, Tempting


Left to Right: Antiqued, Beautyburst, Coppering, Fashion Groupie, Twinks, Embark, 100 Strokes


Left to Right: Coppering, Sketch, Beautymarked, Mystery, Club


And for the video….


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Blush Earthy Palette & Brushes…

Blush Pro sent me a palette and a mini brush set to try out. Here’s a little lookie…

The 88 Earth Toned Palette…

And the 7 piece brush set….

The little brush set is actually usable. I wasn’t expecting this to be honest. The little round fluffy brush is lovely. It has even got its own position in my brush belt.

I look forward to giving the palette a try.

The palette and brushes are available from Blush Cosmetics. The brush set costs £12.99 and the Earth Tones palette £8.99


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The Body Shop Palettes – Swatches

I have been promising swatches of The Body Shop’s spring palettes for ages and I completely forgot.. better late than never eh! :) It’s probably time for their summer launch at this stage but the Spring palettes are still on sale.


Palette 02 – A La Mode

Shades: Minimalist White, pret-a-pink, futuristic silver and black dress


Eye definer in o1 black and brush (which is good quality!)

Some swatches…. (taken in natural light)


And Palette 01 Boho Beauty


Shades: Nude, Vintage Apricot, Boho Brown, Haute Chocolate


Eye definer in 02 Rich Brown and eye brush

And some swatches… (both taken in natural light – one near the window, one away)


The second palette is great for blue eyes, the shades really make blue pop. Personally, I prefer the A La Mode palette, it’s more fun.The liners are great quality, rich in pigmentation and handy to throw in your make-up bag.

Rather surprisingly, the little brush that accompanies the palettes is excellent.

I recorded a 5 minute make-up tutorial using some of the eyeshadows from the palettes, I will upload it early next week.

What do you think of The Body Shop’s make-up?

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Some make-up swaps have arrived!!

A few weeks ago on Twitter I gave out about the fact that Sleek make-up was not available in Ireland. It was mainly their palettes that I was interested in as I have heard so many people rave about them. For those of you that haven’t seen Sleek products, like me, it’s sold in Superdrug in the UK.

A friend of mine on Twitter swept in unexpectedly and offered to do a swap with me. My swap package arrived this morning :)

I love when packages come wrapped so prettily, it made me smile :)

I proceeded to gently unwrap the pretty paper and look what I found…

Sleek PalettesAll four palettes! I am so excited to try them out. I’ll get swatching and get back to you later on.

But that’s not all, I was spoiled a little…

L to R: Sleek Pout Polish, Sleek Kajal Eyeliner, MeMeMe Poppy Tint, Frizz Ease, Gosh Primer

I’d love to know your thoughts on any of these products and any tips for use since I plan to have a lot of fun with them today. I feel a Sleek inspired tutorial coming :)

I am working on another post simultaneously (aren’t I efficient!) so I’ll see you back here at about 11.30 if you can make it :)

Wow, I must be happier than usual today – There is a definite over-use of smiley faces in this post! Have a good morning everyone – if you’re bored pop into my forum and chat with me, it’ll stop me getting bored too haha!

So what do you think of Sleek make-up?

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Z- Palettes

I’m always on the lookout for makeup storage solutions. Enter Z-Palette. I first heard about these on Kandee Johnsons channel, they seemed like a great idea so I have just checked out their website and thought I’d share.

I have quite a few floating eyeshadows. I find I neglect them because they’re not in a palette. This won’t be the case for much longer, all of my eyeshadows will get the attention they deserve.

The Z-Palettes are magnetic with clear lids, genius! I love the idea of being able to see whats inside. They come with stick on magnets for the back of your eyeshadow pans.

I think I might order one and give them a try.They come in different sizes, the large costs $20.

You can find them here or you can buy them in London at Make-up Provisions (thanks to Emma aka Computergirl for telling us)