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New: White Musk Smoky Rose






Blackcurrant/blackberry scents are very popular at the moment. The Body Shop’s offering, White Musk Smoky Rose, has been on my locker for the past few weeks. It’s not unlike  Lanvin Couture or Lancome Midnight Rose but of course it’s far cheaper.

Does it smell like the original White Musk? Absolutely not. It’s quite a delicate scent, rose of course but much more than that. It’s warm and spicy, sweet yet a little mysterious.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, blackcurrant
  • Middle notes: Tobacco blossom, black rose, orange blossom, immortelle
  • Base Notes: Olibanum and white musk

Smokey rose is the the perfect name for this fragrance. The dry down is nice and nowhere near as musky as the first spray. It doesn’t wear very well on my skin unfortunately, four hours at most but other people may have better luck! I’m usually a fan of light scents, they suit my personality better. Musks and seductive scents aren’t really me. This one is for fans of heavier perfumes.

Definitely a stand out fragrance for The Body Shop.

  • €15.95 edt 30ml
  • €23.95 edt 60ml
  • This gift set is €32
  • €13.95 body lotion
  • €15.95 shower gel

Available from The Body Shop stores or online

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Review: Own the Throne! Killer Queen by Katy Perry


Well the Katy Perry’s television adds are in full swing today to let the world know of the launch of her new fragrance Killer Queen. I’m not usually big on celebrity fragrances but the press images I saw a few weeks back really appealed to me. Ok, ok so it was her shoes that really appealed to me :) Well this morning a sample of Ms Perry’s perfume landed in my outstretched arms. Continue Reading

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New fragrance! Beyonce Pulse edp Summer Edition Review

BeyoncePulse Summer Edition found it’s way to me a few weeks back. I was excited to try this out as I have heard people comparing it to EAU MEGA by Viktor and Rolf. I thought a review might be in order.  The scent is described as fresh, playful, optimistic and an upbeat summer time compliment to the original.

This is essentially a floral – fruity scent. It has fresh sparkling top notes and a creamy base.

*Top notes: Icy mandarin, pear and pink pepper

*The heart: Exotic and floral, featuring ginger orchid, jasmine and orange blossom

*The base: Creamy. Sapphire woods, musk and benzoin

How does it compare to the original?

It is similar to the original but lighter, less sweet and more refreshing. If you like the first you will like the second. It does stand alone, to my nose anyway. The dry down is fresh and fruitier than the original , less creamy maybe? What pops out at me most pear and pink pepper. It might be useful to point out that although it’s more refreshing than the first edition it’s not fresh in the ‘clean’ sense. It’ll be good for Summer evenings, lounging at a beach bar sipping a Margarita – or a virgin cocktail in my case :(


The packaging and bottle are definitely suited to a  younger audience. I quite like the main body of the bottle but I would pass on the pink petal like lid. In fact I think I may just remove it.


If you like Viktor & Rolf or Thierry Muggler but are tight on cash or have a thing for celebrity fragrances then you may very well like this. It lacks the complexity of the former but it’s a cheaper fragrance by far!

Lasting power

I got 3-4 hours of strong scent then it dd down. I could still smell it on my skin for a few more hours though.

It  is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

What is your thoughts on celebrity fragrances? Have you tried this one?

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New Fragrance! Guess Seductive Sunkissed

I love Summer fragrances. As soon as I see sunshine I raid my perfume collection and remove all the Wintery scents – I’ll get excited about taking those down again come Autumn. I have mentioned before that perfumes have always been an indulgence of mine. I used to save my pocket money as  young tween and buy Davidoff Cool Water :)

This is the time of year for fragrance releases. One that has landed in my collection is Guess Seductive Sunkissed.

This fragrance is in short is floral and fruity with a sweet, powder, woody base. It’s definitely one for Summer and more a daytime fragrance. Although the powdery, woody base could take it nicely into evening.

  • Top notes: grapefruit, black currant, raspberry and pear
  • Middle notes: jasmine, vanille and orchid
  • Base notes are violet, ebony wood and musk.

Although it smells sweet and fresh it does have a lot of warmth to it. The staying power is quite good – I got most of the day out of it yesterday, although it did fade.

This is definitely one for Britney Spears fragrance fans! It reminds me a little of Britney Believe. It might be too sweet for some noses if you are looking for something clean, citrus based aquatic, steer clear.

All in all, I like!

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Out Today! Elle 2012 Limited Edition Fragrance (Review)

Elle 2012 Limited Edition fragrance hits the shelves this morning!

Sensual and refreshing, the fragrance of elle 2012 Limited Edition opens on a transparent veil of peony, heightened by sparkling notes of grapefruit before allowing sambac jasmine to invade the heart, impelled by the spicy savour of pink pepper berries. At the twilight of scents, the vibrant presence of vetiver and the warmth of benzoin blended with amber become irresistibly addictive.

I’m a fan of the original Elle fragrance so I was delighted to have the opportunity to try the 2012 Limited Edition version. I have the most unsophisticated nose on the planet. I would do an evening course on fragrance appreciation if such a thing existed in Ireland! I operate on two levels… it smells pretty …. it smells ick. Very articulate.

I’m going all out today –  this perfume smells absolutely beautiful! It’s light and floral (in the youthful sense) thanks to the peony and grapefruit but with a peppery undercurrent. If amber features in a fragrance, I’m in. It gives a lovely warmth to the delicate top notes.

It is an eau de toilette but I find it lasts quite well on my skin. As far as when to wear this one, I feel that it’s suitable for day or night wear – it’s light enough for the daytime but warm and sensuous enough for night.

It costs €45.00 for 90ml at YSL counters and fragrance outlets.

Perfume addicts, noses at the ready! Let me know what you think once you have a smell!

Amy x

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Some Goodies from The Body Shop…

The Body Shop has launched a few products for Easter and Spring. Now, you know I can’t resist a body butter but I have never tried the strawberry version. Perfect for this time of year. There is a lovely strawberry lipbalm too along with a new fragrance for Summer.


Chocomania Body Lotion 250ml – If you like the smell of Palmer Cocoa Butter then this one is right up your street. The lotion left my skin soft and smooth and it absorbed like a dream. As a happy side effect, wearing chocolate scented lotion put me off sugary snacks for the day. Maybe I’ll smear myself in this on Easter Sunday!


Strawberry Body Butter (€18.95) – Oh how I love a good body butter. I have yet to try one I like as much as The Body Shops.

Born Lippy Pomegranate Lip Balm – These are new to The Body Shop. They also sell Born Lippy Jars. I was expecting this to be sheer in colour and texture. Turns out it’s sheer in colour but not in texture. It’s rich and kinda buttery for a stick lip balm. It left my lips looking moisturised and juicy. I want to try more! Colour wise, does it remind you of Nars Orgasm?..

Lovely, sheer and pretty. I have been wearing it all week. The colour in the tube is deceptive so don’t be put off my the loudness.


White Musk Sun Glow (60ml €23.95) – Notes of lemon, peony and musk. This smells nothing like the original White Musk. It was created by Domitille Bertier, the woman behind Chloe’s Lavender Flower Water and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. This is perfect for Summer evenings. It’s quite sensual and seductive without being heavy or opulent. I like!

Bought anything nice from The Body Shop lately?

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Monday’s Most Wanted: Vera Wang Princess Night

Oh my God!

Yes, I just started a blog post with those three words. I have not been this excited about a fragrance since I first smelled Stella waft from a girl who worked in Korky’s shoe shop all those years ago! I was handed a fragrance card spritzed with Vera Wang Princess Night in Arnotts yesterday. I cannot stop smelling it! I should point out that I have been handed quite a few fragrance cards over the years and I rarely like the scent – the worst was in Macy’s when a lady handed me Magnifique, I put my fingers on it and couldn’t wash off the stink. Ick.

Ok, a lot of waffle today. Apparently I talk rubbish when I’m excited… or so I have been told :)

Be prepared. Those three words are about to be used again… Oh my God look at the beautiful tackiness of the bottle.

Image from

This was born for my dresser. Even looking at the image lifts my heart. Ridiculous.

The nocturnal edition of Princess perfume came on the market this January. Princess Night is described as a blend of exotic flowers, fruits and woody tones.

“The top oozes with wild berries, watermelon and raspberry. The composition’s core is formed of jasmine petals, spiced orange blossom and a touch of passionate rose, while the intensively sweet base features crushed sugar, vanilla and musk”.

My sister is a fan of the original Princess, it suits her perfectly but didn’t quite feel grown up enough for the likes of me. This one is the perfect balance – it’s still sweet but also has a depth to it.

It comes in three sizes 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and costs between €42 to €75 here in Ireland.

Must have. Nuff said.


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Spring Fragrance Review: Benefit Garden of Eva

I have been wearing Garden of Eva from Benefit’s Crescent Row collection for the past few weeks. This is my first experience with a Benefit fragrance (any fragrance recommendations welcome!)

Garden of Eva is described as a crisp citrus floral with notes of pear, watermelon, ozone accord, muguet, rose, jasmine, violet leaves, freesia, sandalwood, musk and cedar. It’s basically a fresh, clean and pretty scent. It’s a perfect fragrance for spring. It’s quite soft so in my opinion it’s more suitable for day time wear.

When I read the description of the notes in the fragrance I was expecting something exotically floral. It’s not that sort of perfume at all. It’s much cleaner and rather innocent. It is perfectly named.

As with all Benefit products the packaging is also a winner…

Each fragrance from the Crescent Row collection comes in a cute little box making them idal to collect – although I will try to resist :)

Even the gift box was adorable!

It costs €44 for a 3oml bottle which is what I would expect considering it’s a Benefit product. The fragrance itself mellows within a few minutes and wears quite well on my skin.

I think that this will be my go-to Spring fragrance.

Have you tried any Benefit fragrances? Any recommendations?