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Free Revlon Lip Butters on Facebook – Revlon Sweet Boutique

Though this might of interest to those of you dying to get your hands on Lip Butters!

Revlon have launched a pop-up sweet shop from their Facebook page giving fans the chance to win a different lip butter a day as well as the chance to win the complete set.

Here’s the link to their Facebook page if you’re interested :) Link!

I’ll be hosting my own Lip Butter giveaway in the next few weeks so watch this space!

Amy x


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Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer

I’m a divil for a concealer. I had a Revlon voucher from Boots so I took the opportunity to check out their Colorstay Under Eye Concealer. I used it every day for a week before writing this review – just to give it a fair chance.

My thoughts after a week of testing:

Shade range Not great. There are only 5 shades, ranging from Fair to Medium-deep. The latter is still light. I bought 02 which is a little lighter than my skintone.

Applicator / Application I’m not mad on applicators like this. I would prefer to dab the product on with a doe foot applicator and then use a fluffy brush to blend it in. I feel this applicator doesn’t add enough product or it blobs out. It’s easy to blend into the skin.

Packaging Awful, you’ll never get the entire product out. The lid also got really messy. And I can’t help but wonder how much product is lost in the applicator mechanism.

Would I repurchase? No. That’s not to say others won’t like it, it just didn’t do enough for me. It also creased on me and looked a  little cakey.

Would I recommend? I couldn’t after my experience with this product. I’m sure that are plenty of people who like this concealer but unfortunately I’m not one of them. Revlon is expensive in Ireland for a grocery brand (icky term isn’t it) and I can’t help but feel that if you added a few extra euro you could buy something better quality. In the US Revlon is less than half the price so I wouldn’t mind testing their products but I think Irish girls would be wiser to put their money towards something better.

Have you tried this? Any concealer recommendations?

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Mismatched Foundation – Hate it when that happens

I packed Chanel Pro Lumiere for my trip to Chicago. When I got there, the low humidity and -20 degree temperatures meant that my delicate Irish skin needed about three layers of moisturiser to look human. Unfortunately Pro-Lumiere did not adapt well to these extra layers.

I decided to buy something cheap and cheerful in Target to get me through the rest of the trip. I settled on Revlon Photoready, which I love.

It only cost me $9 in the Target which is about €6.50! Holy moly it’s expensive here in Ireland, three times the price.

That being said we have a major benefit that here in Europe that they don’t have in the US. We have testers. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to choose an appropriate shade without testers. At least in the US when someone buys the wrong shade, opens and tests it they can still return it – that isn’t acceptable here. Boo hoo!

Anways, I settled on shade 004 Nude which seemed to have a yellow base rather than a pink. When I got back to my hotel room and tested the foundation it about two shades too light. I had to get the metro to the nearest Target so I wasn’t about to head back over $9.

All of this made me realise that I really miss having Photoready in  my collection. I’m going to Boots tomorrow to test the shades they have and settle on one that suits my skin right now. The Natural Beige shade I wore in the Autumn is now far too dark. Maybe Nude will suit me in a month or two when my skin lightens a little more.

Do you like Photoready? What foundation are you using now?

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Yes, I bought more nude lip products!

Before I went away I ordered a few lip products on ebay. Three of them arrived in this mornings post and I felt the need to share them with the world – Ok, so maybe not the world, rather the beauty junkies who inhabit it :)

Did I branch out and try something exciting? No, in fact these three are pretty similar but I know you will understand.

Yes, they are all nude shades. At least I branched out and got different tones. Ha!

Revlon Colourstay Lipstick 350 Smooth Nude – A pinky peach. It’s creamier than Nude Attitude and a little sheerer. For me it’s also more wearable than Nude Attitude.

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipgloss 520 Unlimited Nectar – A true peach with very fine peach reflects (smells like peaches too!)

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Gloss 110 Peach – A creamy pigmented true peach. Review to follow but for the moment let me just say that I love this!

Here are some preliminary (crappy) swatches

Revlon is my favourite “drugstore” brand for lip products – I know we don’t use the term drugstore over here but there is not equivalent  that does not contain the word ‘grocery’.

I like ordering Revlon from Ebay because it’s way too overpriced in Ireland. In total I spent €9.50 including shipping for these three. I ordered them from different sellers and all three came from the US.

Reviews to follow!

What is your favourite brand for buying affordable lip products?

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No Fancy Make-Up for me Today!

This weekend I decided to set myself a drugstore make-up challenge. I only allowed myself wear products that I bought in Boots, Superdrug and CVS. I wanted to keep it quite natural. Here is the look I settled on:

and the look…

PIC_0067 PIC_0069
  • No 17 Get Even Foundation in Natural
  • Beauty UK Palette No 2
  • Eco Tools Brushes
  • Rimmel Recovery Concealer
  • Maybelline Mousse Blush: Peach
  • Prestige Sun Minerals in St Tropez
  • Prestige Sun Minerals Highlight
  • Bourjois Blanc Diaphine
  • Natural Collection Lip Liner in Almond
  • Annabel Eye Liner
  • Revlon Sable Eye shadow
  • Wet n Wild Mega Shine
  • Essence Gloss
PIC_0075 PIC_0073

I really enjoy using the Beauty UK Palette. I applied the orange shade to the lid and the aqua under my eye. I used Revlon Sable in the crease to blend out the orange and Bourjois No 40 on the inner corner of my eye. I think the No 17 foundation requires a post of it’s own.

My make-up lasted as long as it usually does with more expensive products. I’m converted. For today anyway!

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My Favourite Matte Shadows

One of my lovely subscribers recently asked me to recommend some good matte shadows. I decided to dedicate a post to matte shadows since they are often left out.

Matte shadows are an integral part of your makeup collection. I like to incorporate a matte shade into each look as to many shimmery, sheeny shadows can look a bit much together.

My favourites are:

  • MAC Embark; Intense reddish brown
  • MAC Wedge; Soft muted golden beige
  • MAC Swiss Chocolate; Mutted reddish brown
  • MAC Omega ; Soft Muted beige taupe
  • MAC Charcoal Brown; Mutted taupe brown

Here are some neutral palettes that I have in my collection and are well loved.

  • Face 2 Neutral Palette ( Professional quality. They are amongst the most pigmented shadows I have ever tried.
  • Coastal Scents Neutral Palette is also fantastic (cheaper alternative to the Face 2 palette, not the same quality but still good)

I also really like Revlon Matte shadows, they are great quality!

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Make-up on a budget


I am often asked about what make-up to buy if you’re on a tight budget. I get asked this question so often from Irish ladies that I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think there is any one great drugstore brand. I tend to pick and choose from each brand. After much testing (haha) I have decided that each brand has their strengths and weaknesses; for example Natural Collection make great lipsticks but poor eye-shadows.  Revlon is my overall favourite drugstore/pharmacy make-up brand. However, it is more expensive in Ireland (colourstay costs €17! Add a few euro to that and you could buy yourself a high end foundation)

  • Concealer: Essence Trio, Maybelline
  • Nail Polish: Essence, Rimmel
  • Powder: Rimmel Silky Loose Powder
  • Lipgloss: Essence, Bourjois 3D
  • Foundation: Revlon, Boots 17, Rimmel, Max Factor
  • Blush: Collection 2000
  • Mascara: Collection 2000 (purple tube) if you’re after Dior Show but can’t afford it. Maybelline Lash Stilleto is my favourite.
  • Lip Liner: Natural Collection
  • Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel
  • Eye liner: Loreal
  • Highlight: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer
  • Bronzer: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer , Barry M, Rimmel, Natural Collection
  • Eye-shadows: Ok this is the one area I recommending spending a little more. I am happy to buy cheaper brands for most make-up items, but not eyeshadow. The reason for this is that they tend not to be very pigmented or long lasting. I do love Barry M Dazzledusts though.

What are your favourite drugstore items?

Nail Polish/Care

Revlon Purple Petal – Nail Polish of the Day

I have become quite the nail polish addict lately. It could be just one of my phases but I’ve been changing my polish daily over the past few weeks.


Today’s choice is Revlon Purple Petal. I’ll show you the colour before I do a quick review..


I love the colour. It’s the perfect shade of purple for Winter. It brightens up my day!

The product itself is quite expensive for a drugstore polish (€9 in Ireland) but it is quite a large bottle. The consistency is great and it is very easy to apply without making too much of a mess. I applied two coats. It also dried quite quickly.

The downside is the chipping. This polish definitely needs a top coat. I’ve been using quite a lot of Rimmels long lastin polishes lately and haven’t needed to use a topcoat at all. Not so with the polish.

I love the colour range Revlon provides but as for the longetivity of the polishes, I don’t think so!

What is your favourite brand of nail polish?

Amy x

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Revlon Tropical Temptation – Perfect for a Summer Holiday

I’ve been wanting to buy this Revlon nail polish for months! I saw it in Cosmopolitan Magazine in February and I loved it. However, when I went into Boots to get it, it looked insanely bright under the harsh lights and I chickened out!

I’ve had it in my hand at least 6 times since then and always put it back on the shelf.

Yesterday I decided to give in and just buy it and I love it!! :) Perfect for summer! It’ll be perfect on Holiday!

What’s your favourite nail polish?

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Summer Beauty Tips


Hi ladies,

Summer Beauty Tips:

UV Filter Hair Spray is essential for anyone who doesn’t eant their hair to lighten in the sun but especially for those with coloured hair. Coloured hair has already been damaged by chemicals and is prone to dryness so it’s probably best to avoid any further sun damage.

Here are my two favourites:

  • Redken UV Rescue Blonde Guard
  • Schwarzkopf Bonacure Sun UV Protection Spray

I love the Avon UV Filter Sprays too! They’re in the perfume section. I bought one last week that’s scented like their Tahitian perfume…Yummy!!

I always use a separate SPF for my face. My favourite is Ambre Solaire Hydrating Protecting Cream for the face spf 15 or 30. I also love Avon Face Sun cream and Piz Buin (oil free)Make sure ut mentions both UVA and UVB protection on the bottle!

To avoid the Monica frizz hair I mentioned :) …I love John Frieda Anti-Humidifier Spray and Frizz Ease (they now sell a mini bottle for travelling)

Summer Make-up:

  • Revlon Primer
  • MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
  • MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Engraved – Waterproof!!
  • Telescopic Mascara
  • MAC Creme de Nude Lipstick
  • MAC Love Nectar Lip gloss
  • Prestige Bronzer – St Tropez
  • MAC eye-shadow – Woodwinked


Amy x